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Date: Nov 28, 2008
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From Cath

My 3 year old son would love to see his photo in an addition of Spiderman magazine. I tried sending an e-mail and attached photo to specspidey (at) panini (dot) co (dot) uk but it got sent back to me as unknown server!

Can you give me the e-mail address so I can try again please!

Well, I can't see that email address listed in the magazine. You can't just make up email addresses, you know!

I don't have a direct contact for Panini. Anyhow, they probably don't like us very much since we're often rude about the dumb plotlines in their stories!

They do have a physical mail address printed in the magazine which they say you should use for sending competition entries and fan content like letters and photos. Yeah, I can't remember either how to send letters. I know my mum used to send them. Do they still have post offices these days? If so, send the post office an email and ask them to send you a PDF instruction booklet on how to post letters.

From Debbie

My son is writing themes for DS games. Who would we submit the information to?

My daughter writes poems. In crayon. Who should I contact?

Actually, she writes about ponies.

In black crayon.

Dead ponies.

Hmm... maybe I'll call a psychiatrist.

From Deana

I'm writing to you today on behalf of Meebo – which is an embeddable chat technology. I think that live chat functionality on Spiderfan.org will increase your reader engagement and help drive traffic- similarly to how Meebo has partnered with TMZ, TheInsider, and PopSugar. Developing live chat rooms around specific categories or just directly on the homepage would increase users' time spent on the site (users average 13 min per Meebo Room visit) and interactivity between your users (TMZ.com exhibited a 21% increase in the number of comments).

So... people will come to our site... and stay longer... but they will spend that extra time in a chat room. Watching ads?

From Connie

Could you tell if you know of a site ?were I can make a green goblin card and put a face in the green goblin.

Dammit! Doesn't anybody here have any questions about Spider-Man?

From Pumeshalan

Is spiderman's major enemie is venom

So... DS games, you say?

From Spider-Agent

I need help locating English, and Spanish copies of amazing spider-man vol.2 #32

I want to capture images on this comic book issue , and wonder also if you have suggestions for me about marvel policy. Got any experience dealing with their policy? Any tips will be helpful. In mean-time, I'll learn from Marvel on their policy.

Please give any referal you have to locate issue #32 above. Actually, I would like that issue in chinese, hebrew and aramaic also.

Thanks, and 'have a lot of fun'.

I'm not sure we can help you with much of that. As per our Inclusion Guidelines we don't actually track an information about foreign language versions of Spider-Man, unless they feature an original story that isn't otherwise available in a U.S. edition.

As for Marvel Policy for protecting their copyright... well, that's whole 'nuther story. We always tend to err on the side of caution here, and Marvel has never complained. The "Fair Use" rights allow you to review material, and to reproduce limited parts of comics for academic or critical purposes. But if you're planning to scan and offer entire comics, then there's no doubt that is illegal. On your own head be it.

From Manuel,

I have 128 action figures related to Spider-Man, his allies, and his enemies and was wondering if you have a list of Spidey-related action figures somewhere on the website?

I have searched your site for quite a while but I can't locate any section which include this information.

As I'm always on the lookout for new Spidey action figures, I thought it would be great if this site had a reference section.

Well, no, we don't include action figures in the database - despite having a Spidey action figure fanatic (Mike Fichera) on the staff.

We could easily add an "Action Figure" section. That's the easy part! But then we'd have to put some content in it. And since I don't own any figures, Mike is too busy with work for Marvel, the section would sit there empty and out of date. A bit like our Spider-Man Software section.

It's all well and good to want a section, but who has the time, energy and skills to enter the data? It takes all the focus of our current staff just to try and keep the comics database mostly up to date!

But I'll make you a deal if you like. I'll create the Action Figure section, then you have three months to enter complete lists of figures, dates, and photographs of all 128 figures you have. If you do that, then the section can stay. Otherwise, at least you'll better understand why we don't currently have such a section!


From Brad

I was wondering if you'd like to be a guest on a future podcast? I think it'd be fun to have all the major Spider-Man website webmasters on a show.

Hey, that's a really kind offer. Unfortunately, I'm not actually a very interesting speaker, and I have a kind of insipid, whiny sort of voice that is painful to listen to. I also tend to ramble terribly, in spite of (or perhaps because of) the fact that I don't tend to have anything much to say.

I really don't think I'd help your ratings very much.

Oh yeah, and there's the Tourette's Syndrome too...

From rcord

I read the rave Stan Lee Wants My Money. It reads well but I do have to tell you that Roger Garriott is not an agent or representitive of any kind for Stan Lee. If he is telling you that he is not telling you the truth. FYI

Well, yes and no. I take your point. I understand that he's not Stan Lee's registered agent. But he is out there trying to get money out of people by using Stan's name. He's selling "intimate" chats with Stan, and trying to get people to sponsor those chats - essentially sponsoring Stan to appear in those chats.

So we can argue semantics. But Agent or Not Agent, what he is doing is quite clearly "Selling Stan".

From darkgob

Some time back, the Games section had a PC game that was downloadable that seemed fairly old (I'm guessing 80s), but I can't seem to find it on the site now. I'm sorry my information is so sparse but I don't remember much about it. Ring any bells?

You're no doubt thinking of The Amazing Spider-Man (1990 Paragon Game). Once upon a time way back we did have a cracked EXE of this 25-year old classic PC game available for download. However, we pulled it as part of our drive to be 100% squeaky clean on the legal front.