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Date: Oct 29, 2008
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From Alex

Um... usually I'd be nice, but in all honesty the OMD parodies/Joe Quesada tirades are really starting to bore me.

Listen...as I'm going to be near to a scanner in a few days, how about I send you one or two of my own fill-in Spidey strips? I've a few ideas to broach on Secret Invasion, Ultimate continuity, Spidey's continued presence on the New Avengers, all those 'replacement' Spider-Men who we never heard from ever again...just a whole lot of non-OMD-related stuff.

Tirade? Tirade!?!

Actually, I think we've been rather gentle on BND. Compared to the feedback on the bulletin boards, we've been quite calm and collected. Rational, thoughtful... pensive almost.

Yes, I agree that we need to give BND credit where it's due. I've actually enjoyed the recent stories, when I've been able to put the whole One More Day thing aside. Which isn't often. I'm just really hoping that Quesada has something up his sleeve still. Surely there must be more to it than just "let's make Spidey young and single again..."

But I agree, we should give JQ a bit of a break while we give him a fair chance to come up with the goods. In the meantime we actually do have a couple of non-BND strips lined up in the pipeline, and I'd definitely love to look at any guest strips you might be prepared to share with us!

From Gyro25

Spider-Man Joke.

Spider-Man enters the bar with no name to find the bookie; he findss a book-ee

Don't give up the day job, bud.

From Edward

Here's a comic suggestion. the idea is preety simple, i'm not sure if anyone already suggested it. if it has cool. but basically about the BND and Secret Invasion.

Aunt May says she has to talk to Spider-Man and she's looking kinda skrully. then Spider-man goes to Mephisto and complains that, Aunt Skrull May was not part of the deal he wants MJ back. and then i guess mephisto pulls out the contract and in fine print it says skrull impersonators included per the request of Joe Q.

Yeah, or some gag where Mephisto assures Spidey that in return for MJ, the woman in the hospital bed gets to live. Then it turns out to be a Skrull woman.

Problem is twofold here. First up, I think we've kind of done the BND thing as far as I want to take it for now.

But secondly, the reason that Fans : Spider-Fun has fallen behind is (surprisingly enough) not because I've run out of ideas for gags. The problem is that Heather who does the awesome artwork for Spider-Fun has had a few real-life things to deal with that have made it impossible for her to get enough time to draw the ideas I send her.

Writing a script for Spider-Fun takes me about thirty minutes. The artwork, text placement, coloring and clean-up takes Heather several hours. And recently, she just hasn't had that time. That's why we've been having long gaps and a few filler strips featuring my clumbsy clip-art.

The good news is that Heather may be back on the job in the near future! Keep checking the site for new Spider-Fun!


I think you should do a joke about how people generally seem to not care for the details of spidey's adventures in his teenage days. I also think you should do a joke about how people who do the reprints always change the colors.

Actually, your suggestions really helped!

My next joke will be about me doing a joke about people who make lame suggestions about what I should do a joke about.

From Rachel

I was wondering which celebrities and famous people are fans of Spiderman? I thought you might be a good site to ask as you seem to be pretty definative.


Like, those people who for whatever reason get randomly picked out from the masses to become the target of infatuation, admiration, grainy paparazzi and fictitious photo-shopped magazine covers? Idolized and glorified despite the fact that basically they're just people - no smarter, no more special and surprisingly often no more physically attractive than any other healthy, fit, mentally capable specimen of humanity?

No, we don't spend a lot of time worrying about how many of them are closet Spidey fans. To me, a fan is a fan.

Hey... Rachel... mmm... that's a very pretty name. Can you possibly send me an autographed photo of yourself? It's for my daughter. Please sign it "To Jonathan, with tender thoughts..."

From Brian Jacks

Brian Jacks here with MTV. In light of the news today that Sony is eyeing a "Venom" spin-off as the next Spider-Man film, as a member of the Venom/Spidey comics community yourself I wanted to see if you could give me your thoughts on the matter. Would love to get the comics point of view in front of our audience.

What are your initial thoughts to hearing the news? Do you think Venom can carry a film on his own? What ideas or storylines for him would you like to see them pursue for the film?

I'm speaking purely personally, rather than entirely on behalf of the team here. But there's a few things I could say.

  1. Venom was of course hugely popular in the comics when he was introduced, appealing strongly to the core market of young teen boys. However he was quickly used and abused - he was the star several mini-series bearing his name (lots of mini-series allowed there to be frequent #1! issues, fooling fans into believing those comics were more valuable).

    All of those stories without exception were complete crud. The initial cool factor almost instantly evaporated with the mindless, poorly-written over-hyped drivel they called stories. In fact, Venom's most recent resurgence in his 19-part series written by Daniel Way was equally bad, over a decade since his original excesses. There just seems to be something about Venom which makes it impossible for anybody to write a good mini-series about him. Let's hope that doesn't extend to the movies.

  2. The last spin-off movie was Elektra, which was heavily panned by the critics. Did it even make it into theaters? I haven't even bothered seeing it, based on the critics reviews.
  3. I do, however, love the idea of movie team-ups. I was disappointed that Hugh Jackman didn't sneak a cameo into Spider-Man 3, or that Spider-Man didn't sneak into Iron Man (which I though, BTW, was possibly the best Marvel movie so far). I'm greatly looking forward to the Avengers getting together on film.
  4. Finally, though. I'm not entirely certain that Topher Grace has what it takes to carry a movie by himself. In Spider-Man 3, I felt he was rather too slight of build, and just a little short of menace. In fact he was rather upstaged by the spectacular performance from Thomas Haden Church as Sandman.

    Topher was supported by some strong work from the rest of the cast, but in a solo outing, I'm really not sure that he has the raw power to make Venom credible as a standalone character.

From Gerald

Hello Jonathan, I have an own Marvel site, called www.marvelguide.de. Here are all German Marvels comics listed from the beginning in the 60s. I'm working together with the UHBMCC Markus Miller in Vienna. Now my question: Do you have any listing about the "Amazing Spider-Man Dailys" in newspapers?. I only have infos up to 1985: 1977

We've been doing a bit of work on this. We've created a "title" which collects the newspaper stories, and we're slowly getting the info together. You can see what we've got so far in our Spider-Man Newspaper Strip title.

From RtKat

Can you put in a request to have Caesar Cicero, Freak, Menace, Mister Negative's bio? Freak, Menace, and Mister Negative debuted in the storyline "Spider-Man: Brand New Day"

Sure, send in your proposed bio content in the standard section breakdown, and I'll proof-read it. If it looks good, we'll upload it.

From Chase

I'm just wondering if you know when marvel will bring back carnage. Also can you tell me details about anti - venom.

You want carnage? Check the stock market! Marvel's shares are down 30% on their 52-week high!

As for Anti-Venom... well, we reviewed all the issues he appeared in, starting with Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #571.

Is that not enough? Would you like us to print them out, make you a nice glass of warm milk, find you a nice cookie, and read you the reviews out loud while you fall asleep?

From Santos

I'm sure this has been asked before, but have any of you watched "The Spectacular Spider-Man" animated series? It's a really good show. Much better than the movies, in my opinion. The first season ended, but they're still airing reruns and some episodes were recently released to DVD. You should check it out if you haven't already.

From Paul

How big a geek am I to recognize Scott Leva as the model in the poster that Armado asked about in the recent Spider-Oracle Petitions 11/06/2008.

Oh, about 11.6 on a scale from 1 to 10.