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Date: Jan 16, 2008
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From Aigin

why dosn't spiderman fight with a women???

Are you kidding me? He's married, broke, and always under stress. You think him and Mary-Jane never argue? Heh...

From JDSandy

hello, i am new to the whole comic book scene, my question concerns reprints. how do i tell if what i have is a reprint or the real thing. on your site you mentioned that not all comic books have bar codes, sooo

It's pretty easy to tell if a comic book is a reprint. The reprints are nearly always made with a lower grade of paper. This simple experiment should make it pretty clear if your comic is a precious original, or a worthless reprint.

About half-way up the right hand side of the comic, make a small half-inch cut with a pair of scissors. Then grab above the notch with one hand, and below it with the others. Yank hard in opposite directions.

A reprint will tear easily, with a soft sound. An original will be tough to tear - the paper will often twist and the edges will be clearly jagged. The sound will be much harsher and louder. Any comics expert will instantly be able to tell the difference.

From Jesse

you asked in your poll do you want more sex in spider-man,i do i want some hardcore xxx sex with mj in a unrated spider-man 3 dvd and in the comics!!!!

Well... sometimes we don't talk about the things we want.

From Allan

please put me in touch with your spiderman games
send me some spider games

OK, here's one called "The Spider-Man and the wall socket". You'll need a glass of water, and fork. You'll also need some pliers to bend the fork.

Or how about "The Spider-Man Highway Crossing Game". Can be played on any highway, though it works better with a busy highway. Bottle of Tequila is optional but recommended.

From H_Kandola

What do you think about the pencils being handed over to Immonen in the Ultimate Spider-Man series? I personally think he is an inferior penciler compared to Mark Bagley and lacks the depth and character that Bagley's artwork brings to the series.

To be honest, I don't really give a damn about the artwork in general. I care about it as much as I care about the font chosen for a novel. There are so many talented artists out there, and each one has their own style.

Myself, the things I remember are the stories. Of course in comic-writing, the "story-telling" overlaps into the layout and dynamicism of the artwork - how well does an artist articulate the plot he is given.

But in general for me, a good story will carry an average artist must more than a good artist can ever hope to do anything useful with a mundane story.

Just my 2c.

From Andrew

You guys have me hooked on the reviews as I work my way through the back issues mostly via Essential TPBs. It's to the point that it feels incomplete when I read an unreviewed issue. I especially enjoy yours, Al's, and Scott's.

Wow. Well, that's just... really kind!

From Kumush Chopra (Online Affiliate Executive)


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Ooooh! Synergistically Aligned! That sounds excellent!

From Peter

Could you give me your expert advice on the Ultimate timeline. The following are some questions I have on it.

  1. In Ultimate Spider-Man #49 (pg 17) and Ultimate X-Men #34 (pg 11), we see Peter getting dress after being Spider-Man. I thought he got dress, met JJ at his door (usm#49), then found Logan in his basement (uxm #34). But the timeline doesn't show that.
  2. How could Peter fight Wolverine in Ultimate Marvel Team-up #1 if Wolverine was in the Savage Land with Magneto (uxm #1)?
  3. Isn't the Ultimate Spider-Man videogame from the Venom arc to the Sivler Sable arc?
  4. Doesn't Level 5 of the Ultimate Spider-Man video game take place durning or before Ultimate Spider-Man annual #1?

I asked the author, but he just called me a moron. Am I crazy or is timeline wrong?

Ah, it's No-Prize time! OK, let's see what we can do. First question, Peter got dressed, the decided to change, got undressed, but then changed his mind again and decided to wear the same clothes because everything else was in the wash.

Second, Wolverine left his cigars behind, came back to get them, fought Spidey, then went back to the Savage Land.

Third. I used hacks to play the last leves of the video game first, then went back to the first levels.

Four. No points. In non-Jeopardy, your question must be phrased in the form of a question.


From Coronati100


[Note: approximately 300 exclamation marks removed for formatting reasons].

Thanks. We'd love to Bring Back Ben, but unfortunately we forgot where we put all the pieces.

From Ralph



Wow, that's an awesome idea.

Suggest it to Marvel, they might just do it... THREE TIMES!

From Zeller

I am so hoping you can help me. I have an almost 4-year old grandson who just loves the Spider-Man board books illustrated by Bryan O'Malley. Would you be able to help me out to locate a way to contact Bryan? Jake and I have started a signed illustrated book collection that stays at gramma's for now but will be his for his children later on.

We try to get the books signed that have meaning to him now so when is is older, he can pick them up to read to his children and say "Wow, I remember gramma reading this book to me when...." Would you be able to help me out? This particular board book is from the Neighborhood Heroes series and is Doctors. Your time and help are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

According to our database, Bryan O'Malley worked on only ONE book for Paradise Press, Spider-Man: Doctors.

But putting that aside, it's absolutely amazing how many people write to us here at SpiderFan asking how to buy Paradise Press books, or how to contact Paradise Press creators, or submit work to Paradise Press. Truely it is staggering.

We have no association with them at all. However, with about twenty seconds work on Google, I did manage to find what appears to be a Postal Address for Paradise Press, Inc.. Google is very good. You should try it.

From Dale Sharboneau

I recently got 3 presidental dollar coin books from Paradise Press Inc. Please let me know if I have the correct business because I would like to purchase 10 more.

Oh, Holy Hobgoblins! It's enough to make a dead clone weep!

Fine, yes. This is the right business, please send cash in unmarked bills to my address as follows...

From Eilis

My son is going to be 12 soon and is longing to find out what comic book #s and titles have the origins of Venom, Hob Goblin, Electro and Sandman.

I have explained that different writers may have come up with variations.

What do you suggest we look for to satisfy him???

You might want to try the Ultimate Spider-Man version. That's probably good for his age. We review Ultimate Spider-Man, but we don't keep character profiles for the villains. But you can probably find most of the information you want on that page, just by browsing the one-line summaries for each issue.

These stories are reprinted in Trade Paperback Format, which you can find quite reasonably-priced at Amazon - about 6 issues per soft-cover volume.

From jbluvsbball22

If their is going to be a Spider-man 4, who should the villian be?

And why is peter going out with Kitty Pryde in the modern comics. Everyone knows Peter ends up marrying MJ.

I think the villain should be... Aunt May! That would be way cool. Though, she would probably need a stunt double for all the big action sequences.

As for Peter and Kitty? Well, the fact is that Kitty is Booty-licious! Mmmm...

But yes, you're right. Peter and MJ are married. That's an absolute given, nobody in their right mind would attempt to reverse twenty years of comic history and change that fact now. That would be plain stupid, as well as being an insult to the comic book readers.

From spraiseu

can you tell me how to contact stan-lee so i can make, my own video game thank you.

Dang. I was round at his place for drinks last night, and totally forgot to mention this to him. But I'll see if I can remember to drop it into the conversation during our squash match next weekend.