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Date: Jul 21, 2007
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From Francois

Hallo, it's me again.

I'm sorry to bother you (as always), but I need your opinion on what you think of this:

Spidey close quarter fighting tactic no. 1, dealing with opponents who are superstrong like the Hulk, She-Hulk, the Blob (his size count), Kingpin, etc. I know Spidey uses his powers to win in these kinds of situations, but keep reading. What Spider-Man should do is to focus/target the person's eyes, the person's ears, the throat (both externally and internally [by using a web-ball]), neck and under the person's arms, more specifically under the shoulders.

If you want to know how, go to www.youtube.com and type in Ultimate Kung Fu Fight and/or Jet Li in that site's search engine, you'll see what I mean.

Spidey close quarter fighting tactic no. 2, dealing with heavily armored opponents, like Crimson Dynamo, the Thing, Collosus, etc. Fighting these kinds of opponents with closed fists will only cause severe damage to Spidey's hands, so instead he has to attack with open hands or palm stikes to the head. He could try throws or grappling techniches. You wear a helmet (or ask a friend) and see if palm strikes to the head does have an effect on him.

Next Spidey close quarter fighting tactic no.3, dealing with opponents who wears capes. If you saw Jackie Chan's "Who Am I?", then you'll know what I mean.

Just so you know, I'm not a fighting expert, but still I need to know from you if these tactics would work.

Can't wait to irratate, er... I mean read an e-mail from you again.


What do I think?

I think you should stop eating so much sugar, and should spend a lot less time in front of the TV screen. That's what I think.

From Taylor & Aunt Wendy

Hi My name is Taylor, I am six years old and your (spiderman's) number one fan. Spiderman I like when you swing your webs on bad guys to put them in jail. I like when you kick doctor ops butt and i know that you are spiderman and i your biggest fan.

Spiderman you will have another adventure on spiderman 3 and venom has the same powers as you now be careful because his webs are more stronger than your webs and you.

From Taylor
For Spiderman and Peter Parker

Send me letter back of you being Spiderman.

Typing helped by Aunt Wendy

Well, it's a very special letters month here at SpiderFan!

Thanks Taylor. It's great to have fans.

From Andrew

i was wondering. I know that eddie brock as venom has the powers of spider-man and with greater strength. but i've wondered: can venom use the symbiote to attack people? i know carnage can. Ultimate venom can shoot his synmbiote at people, but can the regular venom do this too?

thanks: Andrew

No, Venom can only use his powers to do good. In issue #304, he used his suit to arrange flowers for an old lady's Thanksgiving party. In the following issue he used it to serve ice cream for small orphan children who had never eaten ice cream before.

Venom would never, ever, shoot his symbiote strands at people. That would be mean.

From Asher

I figured you could use [a new cover scan of Amazing Fantasy #15 because your current one isn't very (no offense but) good looking.

I have a reprint I can scan a reprint I have and take the "not for resale" text out with Photoshop or does it need to be an actual Amazing Fantasy 15 cover.

Nah, it doesn't need to be a real cover scan of AF 15. We could just use the scan of Amazing Fantasy #16 and use Photoshop to change the 15 to a 16!

Or I could just do it with crayon, that would be even quicker.

From P.M. Bradshaw


I have found a girl who is not only unfazed by my comics/music/sports addictions, she has more than willingly agreed to my idea of having a Spider-Man/Mary Jane cake topper on our wedding cake this October!

The problem is I don't see that one exists!

We'll be married close to Halloween, but there's no way I can use the Diamond Select's "Marvel Zombie" statue, or the Christmas-themed Spidey/MJ "holiday set." It seems like Mighty Marvel would be cranking out figures based on the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #21 by the truckload by now!

Short of breaking the groom off a regular topper and gluing a spidey figure in its place, what's a heartbroken arachnid to do?

P.M. Bradshaw

Spidey/Mary Jane Wedding Cake Topper !

Well, I Google'd as best I could, and couldn't find any Spidey wedding cake toppers. But it doesn't matter, and let me tell you why.

You foolishly put your phone number at the bottom of the email - you think you're going to get to marry that woman now? A woman who loves Spidey so much that she's prepared to have Spidey on her wedding cake? Sorry Bud, but she's MINE!

First thing this morning I withdrew all my savings, then called your former fiance. She's meeting me at the airport and we're off to Paris to get married. So long, sucker!