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Date: Dec 7, 2006
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From jag

Im writing about youre description of venoms birth on spiderman, you have written about his birth through the hidden wars episodes which is true but, there is also another version from "the venom saga" part of "the amazing spiderman episodes" where the son of peter parkers boss (J. Jonah Jameson) is on a space shuttle returning to earth from a mission on another planet in space what the crew dont realise is that they are carrying an alien life form on board (a black slime which will later be reveiled as a symbiote and finaly venom) it begins to attack the crew and they lose controlle of the shuttle as nasa and JJ watch helplessly.

the shuttle then crashes into the hudson river, spiderman soon arrives on the scene and rescues the crew from the shuttle unaware of the alien, it attaches to his suit and he mistakes it for muck from the river, he takes the crew to safety before swinging off. later, back at his house he dumps his suit in the bin (following a failed attempt at getting the slime of it) and goes to bed. During the night the slime attaches itself to pete. He wakes up from a nightmare hanging upside down looking at his reflection in a window he is now fused with the symbiote in his black suite. he decides to keep it but after it starts taking controlle of him and making him evil he decides to get rid of it using the church bell............. the rest is history hope youl add this version to the venom section

Heh, thanks for the erudite and succinct reconstruction of the TV series episode, jag. But the fact is that while we all enjoyed the TV series, we are very careful to keep the continuity from that series entirely separate from that of the comics. We're a comics-based site, and the TV & Movie version of Spider-Man doesn't get included in our database. We have a bit of info on the shows, but we don't mix it in with the comics at all.

In fact, our Characters database is even more carefully segregated. While we review the alternate universe comics (E.g. Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Girl, etc.) we reserve the Characters section purely for regular continuity Spider-Man. Why? Well, to be frank, it's a matter of our limited resources. We struggle to keep up with the regular continuity characters. There's really no way we could cope with more - especially with all the challenges of separating them to avoid confusion!

From Diaz412

I heard that the first live action appearance of the Green Goblin was the 1982 Atri commercial and so I've been trying to find it on the net with no luck . The closest I got was this sentane only :The Green Goblin's first live action appearance (beyond a 1982 television commercial for the Atari video game) could you lead me to a site that may have this commercial on it oh its not listed in the spiderman film index.

Youtube has a pretty impressive collection of commercials for 2600 games. Alas we haven't seen the Spider-Man one show up on it yet. Your best bet might be to just keep an eye open. Search for 2600 on YouTube.

From Tom Russell

Long time reader of the site, and (if only briefly) one-time reviewer. I've recently posted a video of mine on youtube, in which I (briefly and somewhat glibly) highlight some of the things I see in the Lee-Ditko run of Spider-Man specifically related to Angry and Antisocial behavior. I thought you might be interested in it; feel free to embed it on your site, if you like.

Heh, well, if you're into essays on social and philosophical issues inspired by Spider-Man, you might want to check out the new "Smart Pop" book by BenBella, entitled Webslinger. You'll find plenty more in that vein.

From Michael


(this job Only has esoteric perks (I lift weights for a livin'...sorta) SO you get your jollies where you can)

I googled: Janitor, Super Hero hoping to get an image of a truly bad bad janitor for the wall. I ended up here, Can you help me get a bad (like as in cool) pic of a Janitor you just would Not wanna mess with? (Or ask to change the towels in the B-room)

Well, if you want Spider-Man related, there's Joseph "Crusher" Hogan, who Spidey fought back in Amazing Fantasy #15 to test his new Spider powers. He was a wrestler then, but in Amazing Spider-Man #271 he had abandoned wrestling and become a janitor.

But for real bad-ass, you need "Edifice Rex" from the Marvel limited series Damage Control.

From Merv Johnson

What happened in What If #20-21 where Spidey married Black Cat instead of MJ?

Well, there's a story about what might have happened in the hypothetical case where Peter/Spidey might have not married Mary-Jane, but instead married the Black Cat.

If you really want to know the details and can't wait for this comic to get to the top of our "review old comics" list, then you can buy a copy for a couple of bucks on eBay or any of the other popular online comic shops.

Alternatively, we do offer a customised "comic reading service". Any comic that you don't want to read for yourself, we will happily read on your behalf for a very reasonable rate of US 25c/page. We typically skip advertisements, but for 10c/page we'll skim-read ads for you too. Letters page carries a charge of 50c. Taxes are additional. Note that stories by Kavanagh or Mackie are subject to a surchage. Enquire for details.

From Paul

Over at the Blog "Polite Dissent" there's a rather funny little post reguarding some dubious science in the Ultimate Clone Saga arc.

"This is a chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes). It is a member of the family Hominidae and lives in the wild in Africa. According to a recent study, chimpanzee DNA is 95% identical to human DNA.

This is a clone of Peter Parker. According to Reed Richards, the clone's DNA is 94.2% identical to that of the original Peter Parker.

So in terms of DNA, the chimpanzee is closer to human than the clone."

Heh, well, clearly Reed knew that - and assumed you were aware of that. What Reed was obviously saying in fact was "Of the human DNA strands, there is a 94.2% correlation."

Even then, I suspect that 94.2% is a very low number. When DNA is used in crime analysis, a good match is a 1 in many millions likelihood that the sample and the individual are the same. This does just seem like dodgy science.

From JSmith

Your site doesn't seem to work to well with the Firefix Browser, specifically jpeg images. These all appear as broken image links, which lead to a "403 - Forbidden" message.

This is because you have somehow managed to configure FireFox to not pass the Referrer header. Check our new FAQ item, How come all the JPG images are broken in FireFox?.

From Cirencester

Shouldn't you be getting a few reviewers onto Exiles, as Spider-man 2099 is now one of them? Isn't it a bit ironic that he only joined them because his identity was exposed to the public, almost half a year before his 2006 equivalent's was?

Yeah, we need to get somebody to cover Exiles. I'm looking for somebody at the moment. I didn't actually pick up Exiles, so I'm not familiar with the story. But you know the famous quote: "Art Imitates Art all it's Life". Or something like that.

From JNE

You have such a wonderful, useful and 'amazing' site - would there be any chance of putting together a spiderfab pod cast?


From Mark "Flaming Wolf Skull" Brown

Hello my name is Mark Brown and I started a web site. And I am useing Stuff From you web site to tell the origoins of sertan charicters. I dont know if it is plagerism or what. I thought id tell you. (If you want me to take it off please tell me and i will.)

I dunno Mark. Does it sound like plagerism to you?

From Baseballsd625

How are you? I am a huge spider-man fan and I would like to know where to get the old amazing spider-man comic books from the 1960's at a good price. If you know a websight or a store can you please tell me because I have to know what happens next. And can you please give me some stores around Putnam county in New York. I look foward to hearing back from you and have a nice day.

Sure, let me check my list of small-town comic shops that are trying to go out of business by purchasing high-value antique comics and selling them for under market price.

Let's see, Pashall, Peckham, Pettuawky, Pudney... damn, nothing in Putnam, sorry!

From Nick

What does Spider-man stand for?

The playing of the national anthem. And also for old ladies, when all the seats on the bus are taken.

From Nick

okay let me explain myself a little better. what i mean when i say what does spider-man stand for, i mean ethically speaking. does he stand for peace and courage and so on. i am doing a speech on him in college and i would appreciate an answer from your point of view. thanks a bunch

Peace? Courage? Oh, I don't think so.

It's a pretty dangerous business, trying to go around saying what other people stand for. I'd stick to talking about what you stand for. Just be careful, because somebody might pull your leg, and then you wouldn't have a leg to stand on. And nobody can stand that.

From nothing

TO THE WHOLE STAFF : Dear Spiderfan staff, I really enjoy your reviews. That said, you (the whole staff) need to be more prompt in writing them. I also enjoy letters to the editor, raves are somtimes funny. Please keep up the good work ! I also heard you (the owner of spiderfan was trying to sell the website if this is true please dont I love this website !!! ) were trying to sell the website*. I will shut up now and gobac to reading my comic stash . Thanks ! PS Please post this on "letters to the editor" It would be a blast to see that my writing would be on "letters to the editor" ! I guess I diddnt shut up, oh well. Bye thanks for reading this. Your fellow Spider Man comic book lover !

Sell the site? Heh, that's a cool rumour. Sadly there's no truth in it. As for the reviews, well, I'll go crack the whip once more!

From Edward

I just had a look at your latest Rave, 'Spider-man vs Cap'. It seemed to be written by a ten-year-old. Certainly it possessed a toddlers style, shouting, spouting off points at irregualr times, using extremely small paragraphs and multiple insults. You should have labelled it a 'rant'.

You're quite right. I had a good think about what to do with that Rave/Rant when it arrived. Should I post it or bin it? If I post it, should I edit and clean it up to be semi-rational?

In the end, I decided that we were a "Spider-FAN" page, and it couldn't hurt to let the fans speak in their native tongue every now and again. I have had a handful of emails like yours, pointing out the rather dubious writing style. I'll bear it in mind.

From Alexander

I am the best spider-man fan ever! you insulted him on the strip that part with rabbit and everything about the pervert!and the boob grabbing what a load of crud!

Ah, the adoring fans! Actually, if you read Spider-Fun #29 again you'll see that the White Rabbit was just tricking Spidey by saying that he grabbed her boob.

Man, it really kills a joke when ya have to explain it!

From Ferminc

Hi! This is how the reading order of all Spider-Man timeline is! This reaches up to The Pulse 2, I'll probably do a continuation of this after some more comics. I wrote it on the usual initials you see on the internet. (E.j. ASM for Amazing Spiderman, @ for anual...) I hope it is useful for you!

You can use it on the web giving me kudos!

Strangely, when I replied to this guy and pointed out that the "work" he wanted kudos for was stolen directly from the Marvel Chronology Project, he didn't reply.

Meanwhile, we're actually working on our own Spider-Man chronology. We'll be unveiling that before too long!

From Jacqueline RGN RM M(CommH) PGCE

REF : Training materials - free resources for schools and for homeschool students - Samples of promotional items - free comic books for charity

I am writing to inquire about receiving, possibly free, multiple copies of the items as teaching materials advertised on your website and in your publications list for distribution to homeschool students and studnets on healthcare courses. Can you help get me started ? I would be happy to promote the excellent work of your organisation and its products, highlighting the substantial contribution of your company to health care and to education - this would be a great way to distribute your samples and my students would lvoe them, I am sure. I would be pleased to receive as many items as possible to the following postal addresses :

I was walking home late last night, and saw this guy looking for something on the ground under a streetlight. I asked him what he was looking for, and he told me he'd dropped his car key. So I helped him look.

After a couple of minutes, I asked him roughly where he dropped it, and he pointed to a spot about ten yards away, and said "Over there somewhere. But's it's dark over there, so I thought I'd look over here where the light is much better."

From Daniel

I think this is a excellent site!! You guys have some great stuff here. One thing I think your missing though. MORE VENOM PICS!!! You can never have enough Venom pics. If you know of a site where I can find some really goods pics of Venom, please let me know. Thanks!!

So, you can't have enough Venom pics, eh? Well, yesterday I started feeding my cat Venom pics. She choked to death half way through number eight. Goes to show what you know!

From Frank

What is a hero? This is what I want Spider-Man to ask himself and the other heroes: "What is a hero?" I'm sorry, I know it's a dumb question, maybe THE most dumbest question of all, but would you mind answering this in your own way, in your own opinion of what a hero is and he (or she) should be doing?


From Eslam

May peace and God's mercy and blessings
im living in egypt , cairo
Topic :How you you Spider-Man?. I want to know the answers to some questions. Is Spider-Man story true or imaginary? Is it possible to keep the imagination? What is the same spider, which stings Peter Parker in the film? What is the name of Spider, which stings Peter Parker in the film?

And on that note, it's time to wrap up another Letters to the Editor page. Thanks for dropping by, y'all!