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Date: Sep 19, 2006
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From seijiroi

How come Morlun was alive in the "The Other"?

A fine question. No answer has yet been given as far as I am aware. Morlun was brought back as a plot device, a "McGuffin" if you will. However, you'll notice that Marvel have very quickly and decisively turned their back on all of the consequences of "The Other". To my mind, that amounts to a tacit admissal that The Other was a lame and pointless storyline, and I would be very surprised if any official clarification of any aspect of the plot is ever offered.

Marvel seem to want to forget the whole thing. I suggest you do the same.

From lcreddevil30

I am sure you are familiar with inserts in the newspapers the past couple of weeks. I missed out on getting the first insert on August 20th. Do you know of anyway of getting one?

I'm sorry, but I'm not aware of any convenient way of getting a hold of these. All I can suggest is maybe contacting your local newsagent, and seeing if they can put you in touch with their distributor. Other than that, you'll be looking to eBay I would imagine.