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Date: Sep 4, 2006
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From Spider-Man

I am the real Spiderman. I was a huge fan of the comic books and decided to become a 'spiderman' and fight crime in my local town. I conducted an experiment where I was bitten by a radioactive tick, and from that moment I was blessed with amazing strength behind my 4'11 stature.

I have my own costume (happy to show you it if you give me your email address), made out of soiled matresses and jiffy bags. My arch foes Dr Squid and Antidote are currently in jail or hospital (Dr Squid may never wake up), and I hope to gain some form of sponsorship or article in your website as the No 1 spiderfan!

Obviously I cannot divulge my real name, as that would ruin my secret identity as a top shelf photographer. Just call me...Pete

Heh, at 4'11 you might have trouble reaching those photographs on the top shelf. Hmm, though now I come to think of it, I seem to remember that the photographs on the top shelf were all the grown-up pictures!

From Anonymous

I had gone to the Women of Marvel comics web page to view the pics and maybe gather some clues on shading which seems to be my problem of the moment. Anyways the pictures next to the bio's of Elecktra would not pull up as would alot of other characters. Just giving you a heads up. If you happen to know of any places online that would show me the techniques of shading characters to give them that 3-D look of jumping off the page and great muscle tones please let me know.

I believe that Jeanne's Women of Marvel web page is not updated very often these days - unfortunately. I would guess that it is no longer maintained.

To answer your second question, here's some information on Holograms. For great muscle tone, join a gym.

From Abel

I've enjoyed your site for a while. I was wondering if you'll have an RSS feed for it soon.

An excellent question. The answer is "not for a while". There are a number of parts of the site that are still managed by hand. We have plans under way to convert them to automated processing. Once that is complete, we could look at an RSS feed.

From Trowa

Are you going to add a bio or section for Spidey's new Red/Gold costume?

This is one of the "manually maintained" parts of the site I refer to above. Currently, adding a new costume to the page is a very time-consuming process, which only the site editor can do. We're working to automate this so that fans and staff can easily add new costumes. Until then, everything is on hold in that area, sorry.

From Craig

I was just wondering if the demise of PPP also means the demise of the Spider Oracle and letters pages. I always enjoyed those as much as the reviews.

Nope, rumours of their death have been greatly exaggerated!

Actually, we did have almost a year without Letters or Oracle. It took a while to get some new automated systems in place to make it even easier for staffers to reply online to emails. But if you're reading this, then the new system works!

From RyMayer

On your Macfarlane spidey page, you don't have issue 324 of amazing spiderman (vol 1). He did the cover art. Here is a link to another page wit that cover.

Very good. However, we don't have a McFarlane Spidey page. The link you sent us refers to somebody-else's website entirely. You great steaming nong!

From Jason

Back in the 1980's I recall watching a live action TV show starring various superheroes, including Spiderman and what I remember to be Spiderwoman. My memory on the details is vague and I am not sure what the show was about. Are you able to help me identify the name of such a TV show (and if such a TV show existed)?

Yes. The show was called "Spider-Man".

P.S. Spider-Woman wasn't in it.

From Dr. Peter Coogan

Neil King from Portsmouth University emailed you in 2003 to say that he was working on a dissertation on Spider-Man. I wrote my dissertation on the superhero genre at Michigan State University in 2002. (The Secret Origin of the Superhero: The Evolution of the Superhero Genre in America from Daniel Boone to Batman). I was wondering if you could put me in touch with Neil if you somehow still have his email address. He had written to you about possible sources and I can point him to some useful materials, etc.

Well, seems there's a whole academic network out there studying this field! I'll send you what contact information I can find for Neil. In the meantime, it's great to see people out there recognising that the super-hero phenomena is something worthy of study.

Now, if only we could persuade them that comics can be quality literature... though that argument is hampered by the fac that 99% of them aren't.

From Alexander

well, i have been reading this wonderfull site for about a year (yay!) but, i (who's a HUGE fan of the symbiotes) can't understand why that half the rewiews from "Maximum Carnage" have been gone.

i mean, i've been gone for 3 months or something and then they're gone... why ? OH WHY ?!

i have seen that u in particular don't like Carnage/"Maximum Carnage", but i (who's 13) have never even touched a comic with "Maximum Carnage" or as it's called in my country "splatter maler byen rød", and then i'm very depressed that all the rewiews have been gone :'( so please: Get them back !

Heya Alex. The old Maximum Carnage reviews were rather small and scrappy. We deleted them so that we could write new ones, even more vindictive and unkind than the last ones!

From Araña

Do you know by any change why is no longer being published? I cannot find anything after her #12 issue.

Check your bible for the eleventh commandment. That might shed some light on the matter.