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Date: Aug 26, 2006
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From websight99

Real simple question.

In ASM 196, in the list of characters, after Aunt Mae you have "(BTS)". I am sure there are other such abbreviations used as well.

Is there a glossary of sorts that define what this -- and other -- abbreviation are that are used on this site?

Short answer. Nope. BTS is, of course, Behind The Scenes. But I guess it could be more obvious. I'll put it on the list of things to do!

From Dom

Do you know if you can still get the marvel spiderman desktop theme for windows if so could you let me know.

Sorry, we gave up on that stuff ages ago. I even deleted my personal copies. Try google, that's all I can suggest. Sorry.

From Shand

My wife is creating a birthday cake including Spiderman. However, we have forgotten what city we are working with! Can you tell us quicker than we can find it??

Well, since most U.S. high school students can't find Florida on a world map, I guess I shouldn't be surprised to learn that you're having trouble finding Manhattan.

From Mother of a Devoted Fan

My 4-yr. old son has loved Spiderman since he was 2 years old. We don't even know where/how he learned about The Great One, since we didn't have any Spidey stuff around our house or on TV. He is very telepathic, and just now as I was typing this, he said to me: "I saw Spiderman games when I was a baby." OK. Well, anyway, as he reminds us and everyone we know frequently, he is "a big fan of Spiderman." His sisters were playing princess and they had an argument about who was better...princesses or Spiderman. And my son replied, "Princesses just get to dress up and look beautiful. Spiderman saves the world." He really wants to go to New York City and see Spiderman. But since that is not possible for us at this time, he decided it would be OK to write a letter to Spiderman. Is there a way for us to write a letter to Spiderman, and would he reply?

Well, until recently your dilemma was complicated by Spider-Man having a secret identity. Secret being the source of the major problem. However, recent events as per Civil War have exposed Spider-Man to in fact be a young science graduate, photographer and occasional teacher by the name of Peter Parker.

There is still one major problem you will however struggle to overcome, and that is the difficult obstacle posed by the fact that Spider-Man is in fact fiction. As I know, and as you will come to learn, most fictional people are very poor indeed at answering letters.

From Niles Day

There was a sneaker ad that came out with Spider-Man from the first movie that coincided with the movie's successful box-office rampage. Could you tell me what the name of this sneaker was?

Marvin P. Jr, the Third?

What, are you talking TV ad? Movie ad? Comic book ad? Give us a chance here! I know that Payless ShoeSource did sponsor some reprints of Ultimate Spider-Man #1, which was around the same time. I also seem to recall that Skechers Inc. was running some comic book ads around then. Can't offer much more than that.

From Jason

Can you list how many Spider-Man issues (or any other comic for that matter) that either recreate or borrow from the original cover artwork from Amazing Fantasy #15?

No. I can't. Can you?

From Jose

I have created an excel spreadsheet that is a carbon copy of your checklist. Would you be interested in having it so you can post it on your website for other users to download. I find it easier than printing out the page and checkmarking (if thats a word).

Wow! Then I could maintain TWO checklists, doing twice the work!

From Ed Death

I just checked out Marvel.com. Though you may not wnat to release it, march 22nd releases evidence of Spidey with ' A New lease on life, New powers, and a new costume, thanks to Tony Stark!' The rest seems indecipherable.

In my opinion, the worst that can happen is him being able to moprh into a spider or become lots like the thousand, and the new costume being a containment suit. That would be really stupid.

Well, now that you know what's happened, perhaps your ideas of "The Worst that could happen" need to be reconsidered. How about the idea that he gets a new suit that gives him powers like a watered-down Superman, his identity is exposed, and he becomes just another brand-X super-powered guy in a team of heroes?