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Date: Aug 17, 2006
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From seijiroi

Did Aunt May have a child?

Possibly. This was a dangling plot thread from Spectacular back in the 90's. From memory, Aunt May thinks to herself something like "All very well for you, but you never lost a child like I did."

I'm sure we'll get a flood of replies pointing us at the exact comic.

From Josh

Hello, I was wondering if you guys accepted scans of comics that have costumes you don't have on your site. (For instance Flash Thompson as Captain Spider or J.J.J.'s son as Spider Jameson.) I just got the What If?... #7 that those costumes appear in and thought you might consider putting them up in the alternate universe section of Spidey's costumes.

We're not currently accepting entries for the Alternate Costumes section. That section is currently managed entirely manually, it's not automated - which means that any updates take a lot of work. We're working on a plan to automate that section, and also the Software and Cards sections - which will allow us to accept updates online. Keep an eye out, within a month or three we should have some news in that area.

From DTI

Wonderful incident you are importer and we are manufacturer, why should not cooperate with each other.

We have the pleasure to inform you that we are engaged in the manufacture-cum-exporter for a complete line of Leather goods having special production of SKI GLOVES, MOTOR CYCLE GLOVES, WINTER GLOVES, CYCLING GLOVES, MOTOR CROSS GLOVES, Golf Gloves LEATHER JACKETS/TEXTILES GARMENTS etc since 1985.

Anything you have in the red-and-blue line, we're very interested in!

From Colin

I have been reviewing your want list and note that you are looking to purchase a copy of Amazing spiderman #1. I have a copy which I am looking to sell which I would rate as very good to mear mint condition. It is a "pence" edition as it was sold in the UK shops, I don't know whether this makes any difference to you.

Well, I didn't know about the Pence edition. I've done a little research on the UK editions, and you're quite right, a number of those early books have UK priced versions released at the same time. Of course, there are also plenty of UK reprints, but this isn't a reprint, it's just an alternate edition.

In general, it seems that most Spider-Man comics sell for the same price for UK or US editions. However, those very early Amazing Spider-Man books seem to be a bit of an exception. Spider-Man being an American icon, there's a bit of a stigma attached to the "pence priced" versions - and they tend to sell for perhaps a third or a quarter of the equivalent grade US version.

I must admit, I think I'm going to hang out for a US version too - but hopefully this clarifies a few things for you.

From Kristie

The Green Goblin makes me scared. It might not be a good idea for little kids to see him. He made me scared. I had a bad dream about him. I know he is not real, because Daddy told me. But, he is still scary. Maybe you should tell everyone that little kids shouldn't watch him. OK?

Dear Kristie. Let me read you a little bed-time story about a boy named Kletus, and his favourite chainsaw named Mavis.

From LStarking

Hi! i Just want to say your site is hella awesome and how great it is you spend a lot of time on Spidey! I just want to ask is Carnage appropriate for kids or not?

Oh, Kletus just LOVES little children!

From CWhite

Is there anything like a spiderman birthday call for kids. Nick Jr has character calls. Is there anything like this for Spidey

Oh MAAAVISS!!! It's time to visit the little chiiiildren!!!

From Billy

Thanks for the great info on the Fantastic Four Bag-Head costume! Now I have a project for you. I am completely obsessed with the black symbiote suit. How about a checklist that features only the titles in which Spidey wears his black costume. That would be a great help, and an all around good addition to this amazing site. Write me back and let me know what you think.

P.S. Don't forget about the occasions where he donned the black suit but it actually was not considered the symbiote. This is going to be great!!!

That sounds like a GREAT project. I'll get around to it soon... I've put it on my list of things to do - right beneath "sorting my toenail clippings in order of curvature." In the meantime, if you get off your lazy ass and do it, I'd be interested in the results!