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Date: Aug 1, 2005
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Welcome to our letters page. These letters are answered by Jonathan Couper, who uses them as a chance to sharpen his otherwise dull wit. If you want a serious response, your chances will be increased by posing your question, respectfully, to our Spider-Oracle.

From Kevin

why does peter parker attend empire U. if he works for the daily bugal? i guess what i'm trying to ask is what is pete studying, what is he trying to accomplish in college ? ?? ? ?

Well, I spent five years at University, and I can speak from my own experience and say he's trying to get laid, get drunk, and avoid real work for as long as he possibly can!

From Danny

I am the producer of A sketch comedy show in canada called " Dare To Be Stupid" and I featured Spiderman in two skits, one called spiderman 3-the hobgoblin, where a guy sneaks onto the set of spiderman 3 and a skit where spiderman gets beat up by teenager, and a skit where spiderman crosses a local picket line of striking telephone workers.

I have a few photos from the episode if you would like me to send them and you can visit the shows site at www.daretobestupid.piczo.com.

Sorry, as a proud working man, I could never support somebody crossing a picket line. Not even a Canadian one.

From Chris McAvey

To whomever this concerns,

A few months ago, I had written a petition to bring back the Spider-Man balloon or set up a Marvel Comics-themed float for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I have been trying to get signatures for my petition, but progress has been a little slow. I was wondering if you and the rest of your staff would be kind enough to sign my petition, and perhaps post a link to it on your website.

You can sign the petition online.

Now that sure sounds like a worthy cause. Go sign that thing, SpiderFans!

From Yaju

i am a chinese student
i am doing a report about tourism and comic books
and i have to write some impotant characters of USA

Impotant characters of USA? Must... restrain... satirical... instincts...

From Danny Wall

Hi there! It's been over a year since I first emailed you about this project that some friends and I took on - to create an Unofficial Spider-Man supplement to the defunct Marvel Universe RPG. Well, if you haven't heard, we've pretty much got it complete and have been slowly publishing our progress online. Check it out if you like, I'm pretty proud of what we've accomplished. Also, feel free to send a link to whoever you think would like it (and I'd love if you'd consider posting a link on SpiderFan.org, although I'd understand if you prefer not to with the copyrights, etc. that you mentioned previously)

Here's the online link to the Unofficial Spider-Man Supplement to the Marvel Universe RPG.

Well, nice effort guys. I had this advance ordered on Amazon for the longest time. Maybe one day Marvel will pick this back up and put it in print... but I guess that's just a dream for now.


mrs. i dont know your name but you made marvl right if you see spiderman tell him thisim his bigest fan in the world some kids at school said he is gay i said there gay n said they should wach what there saying becaes spiderman is real they just walked away but no mater what kids say i will always bileven you spiderman im 9 and thats to old for me to belevin you but i think your real my room is full of spiderman posters and spidy toys i have a lunch box thats spiderman my big brother went to tywon a country and got me lots n lots of spidy stuff my room is a collecshon of stuff its a great thing totalk to my hero .p.s. your fan EDDIE

Thanks, Eddie.

From Anthony

On Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, I try to update Spider-Man's powers. I type in that Spider-Man can lift 10 tons or more if under stress, info that I found when I still collected comics way back when. (And info gathered from Web sites such as yours.)

Anyway, some person keeps erasing my info, and saying that Spidey's strength numbers (10 tons) won't be listed on Wikipedia because nowhere in the comics does it say how much Spider-Man can lift, or how high he can jump. (Isn't it five stories straight up?) So, if you could please give me the comic title and number that shows how much Spider-Man can lift and jump, I would greatly appreciate, so I can show these guys I know what I'm talking about.

Heya Anthony. As the guy who wrote the Spider-Man Encyclopedia, I can assure that the 10 tons is "official". And yes, he can lift more under extreme stress, that's also official and well document. If you want something in writing, check out the recent Spider-Man 2005 Official Handboook of the Marvel Universe.

From JLL

Hey, so ya think ya know alot about Spiderman? Help my brain, please. In the 80's, I'm thinking., there was a TV commercial for spidey and the only phrase I can rememember is "Captain America shoots, Spiderman ricochets".

I am going out of my mind, can you help me?

Sorry to hear you're losing your marbles, but I don't recall anything like that, and neither does any of the staffers. Can any fans out there help?

From Hueso

This is not the typical question. More of a complaint. What are they doing with Alex O'Hirn aka The Rhino? Seriously, what the hell is Marvel doing to him?

I understand that he's the prototypical brawns over brain villain, but I think he's getting as much exposure in Marvel as Spidey and Wolverine. I wouldn't have a problem with it, were it for the way in which it happens. His dumbass is always escaping jail, getting his ass handed to him, and then returning to jail. I don't get it. Don't the frickin authorities realize the danger in his brute strength and short temper?

He was in Uncanny two years back in a She-Hulk-Juggernaut affair story. He was in Hudlin's first run of Black Panther. (Which since he was beat and captured there, it would make sense he shouldn't ever be seen again, because he'd be a political prisoner of Wakanda for trying to overthrow the government) He was Gravity's first test. He's later next year to have his ass handed again to him, this time by the Daughters of Dragon. He was even beat up by the POWER PACK!

I know Rhino's a laughable villain, and nothing played on that better than Tangled Web...but enough is enough. No villain, realistically speaking, would ever put themselves through so much.

Remaining in prison would make sense. The only good take on Rhino's come from the House of M.

First up, let's just squash that Alex O'Hirn thing. It's now official (see the Spidey 'pedia and subsequent Spider-Man Handbooks) that the Rhino's real name is "Aleksei Mikhailovich Sytsevich". The O'Hirn was a dumb joke made on his fake passport when he first arrived via Mexico. The guy is Russian, not Irish! That's clearly shown in Spectacular Spider-Man #190. We also learn that his family is back in Russia, and he has been following his life of crime in order to try and support them.

In terms of appearances, up to and including the Tangled Web stories, Aleksei has appeared in 60 issues. Compare that to Spider-Man's 4000+, and it ain't that many. Kaine had 47, Sandman 120. So, Rhino is more of a Kaine than a Sandman.

But as to why he keeps coming back for more? Well, there's plenty of habitual crims in jails around the world that fall back into their habits as soon as they get out. If you ain't got the brain juice, I guess you just do what you know... and for the Rhino, that's smashing stuff!

From Majid

hey, im a pretty big fan of spiderman. and i always liekd the romita and ditko drawings, i never really liekd the new story lines with clones and all thet, but i am quite interested in learinging about tthem. usually if i dont get something i let it go, but this one is really puzzling me! in the profile for the angelo fortunado venom, u have a few panels from a comic, WHAT'S GOIN ON! THE DUDE RIPS OUT SPIDEY'S HEART!!i mean is htis all a bad dream or whats happening?!?!?!

Well, it's quite simple. Venom (Angelo) rips out a guys heart. You need me to explain the effect that has on the victims physiology, or can you visualize the basic consequences?