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Date: Jul 1, 2005
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Welcome to our letters page. These letters are answered by Jonathan Couper, who uses them as a chance to sharpen his otherwise dull wit. If you want a serious response, your chances will be increased by posing your question, respectfully, to our Spider-Oracle.

From Mike

I have been making a small trading card game which combines Marvel, DC, and other superheroes in a free little game that I find quite fun.

I was wondering if you could be of assistance in helping me find some people to help me make up stats for the characters? I have no intention of turning this into a big thing, it's more of a personal project that i'd like some help with. In return, you and anyone who helps is more than welcome to retain digital copies od anything made for the game, and you can do what you like with it.

Does this sound like something that you could help with in some way? It would be much appreciated.

Sure thing Mike, here's your free advertising. Anybody wanting to help can write directly to "cot_server at yahoo dot com".

From Jonathan and Ryan

Dear:Mr.Stan Lee and editors

I know you have been working on Spiderman Ultimate but me [Jonathan Gray]and my friend Rayn Dopson have been thinking about what if all the superheros joind together and played football.It may or may not sound strange but think about it. The Haluk running over BATMAN and Superman trying to stop the Haluk in his trake.Hopefully it sounds nice.I am 12 and when I grow up I want to be a gamecreator and desinger.Sometimes it's alot better to play the game you created than the game someone else created.Not saying that persons game is not good.I just have so much imagination that I want to use.I could have chosen any gamecreator/cartoon creator in the world but I choose you.Why you might ask when you hade the spiderman idea no one belived it was going to work but soon as you put it in a magazine everybody liked even the person that said he did not like it asked you to put it on the air.Mr.Stan Lee I'm not asking you to see me in public or nothing of the sort just give me a chance and write back if you like it write soon if not thank you for reading my message.I hope I was not a waste of your time thank you for reading this idae of mine

Whaddya think, Stan? Any legs in that?

From Steven

i want to get my hair cut like dr octavius but i cant find a good picture to get it done. is there a name for the cut or do u know ne websites that would have pictures.

Dude, any cooking bowl roughly the size of your head will do just fine!

From John

I realize this message may go completely unnoticed but I had to try. I am a dedicated comic book fan who collects everything from spider-man and the x-men titles to 100 bullets and hellblazer. Not often does a writer's entire run stand out to me, especially when it is with a character of deep history. Nothing is more difficult than to take a story so embedded in the minds of readers and re-vamp or transform it into something you can claim as your own.

That being said, I have just recently re-read Daniel Way's original run on Marvel's Venom series and can honestly say the writer has achieved just that and more. Who can remember much of Venom other than his desire to kill Peter Parker/Spider-Man because of the symbiote's initial rejection and Eddie Brock's own jealousy? No one had ever really given a reason behind the symbiote or why it would attach to Eddie in the first place. No one had given a reason as to why it truly desired Spider-Man or why it felt so jealous of him and his abilities. Way had created a very honest, very horrifying look at the origin of such a great character and the comic world, as a whole, seemed not to notice. Daniel Way (along with Francisco Herrera, Paco Medina, and Skottie Young) created a story that was terrific, original, and true to it's characters.

I am writing because I have found no other way to reach Daniel Way himself and feel that he has not gotten the credit due for his 18 issue arc. It was expertly written, suburbly drawn, and a fantastic story. Credit is long overdue here. I hope that you can either reach Daniel Way himself and let him know that there is someone who appreciates his work or, at the least, bring this excellent series to the attention of other longtime Spider-man fans.

Err... this is a gag letter, right? Daniel, are you taking the piss out of us?

From Anonymous

Hey..... i`ve been Spidey`s fan for pretty long time and heard bout spiderman 3 and remembered that Black Cat supposed to be there.......Well in from Russia and VERYYYYY(!) simular to Felicia Hardy, practically the same like in comics or 90s cartoon, ya know..... all the people i know say im acting like a Cat. Really..... not kidding... The thing is that im kinda actress in my country and..... well (dont laugh!) wanna be threre in Spidey3 as the Back Cat actress! D`ya thing that`s possible?????!!!!! i really need to know.... and when the filming starts????!!!!!!

Filming starts about 10:20. You'd better huuuuurry!!!

From Noah

I would like to know why absolutely NO ONE has been reviewing Toxin.

Because nobody wants to have to read it? I finally managed to bribe/cajole one of our reviewers into covering this story, you'll see it's up on the front page as we speak.

From Villain Watch

I'm one of five student journalist, whom have formed a group called 'Villain Watch'. We are a small team trying gain experience in investigative reporting and writing. Our source tells us Raimi, Arad, and Sony are secretly planning to do a 'Sinister Six' story, and is disguising it, in the form of announcements of just Church(Sandman) and Grace(Electro). There is no mention of Sony possibly casting Miguel Ferrer(Vulture) and Cole Hauser(Eddie Brock, cameo appearances only-no Venom). As well, the fact Sony has no need to 're-announce' previous cast members, whom is secrectly being cast as villains. James Franco will done the new Green Goblin suit in the movie climax. Bruce Cambell and Daniel Gillies is well known that their roles will be greatly enhanced. Cambell expected to go under the dome as Mysterio and Gillies appearance as the Man-Wolf. Dylan Baker will reprise his role as Dr. Connors; however, we are told we may see a hand transform at movie end, setting up a possible SM4.

Our source also alleged that Sony plan to release two more films(4 & 5) following SM3. They plan to fulfill their contractual agreements with the main actors; later, negotiate a new two movie deal that would allow them to shoot continuous(back-to-back), to prevent tying up and/or interfere with the actors time restraints with other obligations and/or pursuits.

Well, okay then... if you're sure!

But tell me then, who really shot JFK?

From Len

I'm writing to you in the hope that you may be able to help me.

I make my own greeting hand painted greeting cards for my children and grandchildren.

One of my grandsons, who is a Spiderman fan, has requested a Spiderman birthday card. I have painted the design and now have to add the greeting. Are there any words or phrases that Spiderman uses a lot that I should use in the greeting?

Hey, that's really excellent. Making stuff by hand really means more than just tossing a few bucks down at a store. Good on you!

As for Spidey's most frequently-used phrase? Well, I'd guess it's something like "OUCH! That really hurts! OW! OW! OW!!!!"

From Wond

Well this lame topic came up on a message board, and to end the argument once and for all we require an answer from an official source or someone who might know of one. We wanted to know why venom is considered a hero at times, why isn't he just a bad guy, considering he eats people's brains. Who would know better than the people who wrote venom lethal protector. Just wondering if you had an email to their fan mail or any info at all.

Well, you have to understand that these things are complex. Things aren't just black and white. For example, it's widely known that America holds people without trial or access to lawyers, and tortures them for information. But you can't just say that kind of things is bad. There's shades of grey in everything.

In his own way, Venom is the same. Just 'cos he eviscerates people doesn't mean you have to stick unkind labels on him.

From Ms. Wright

Hello Mr. Couper,

I like info about the behind the scenes of Spiderman films, would you happen to know the name of the casting director of the upcoming Spiderman 3? I would love to know.

Sure, I know the guy. Send me your photos, and I'll pass them on. Be sure to include some nude shots, just for completeness.