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Date: Jun 1, 2005
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Welcome to our letters page. These letters are answered by Jonathan Couper, who uses them as a chance to sharpen his otherwise dull wit. If you want a serious response, your chances will be increased by posing your question, respectfully, to our Spider-Oracle.

From Ryan

You are very wrong in your assumption that Elfman doesn't write detailed sketches of his scores, particularly SPIDER-MAN. Elfman uses orchestrates to fix errors and fine tune his sketches -- he does not 'jot down' melody lines and pass off the work.


Ryan is refering to our review of Spider-Man: Original Motion Picture Score, the orchestral soundtrack from the 2002 movie. The soundtrack credits six different individuals with orchestration. I stated the assumption that they probably did the bulk of the work, however it appears that I was mistaken. Please accept our apologies, and we have corrected the review.

From Imbinzi T'hcalla

Esteemed Mr Webofspider-mike

I write this hoping that you are in very good spirits and Holy Spirit is also good in you. I name Mrs Imbenzi T'Challa. I think you know my probably husband, late husband he is President Imbenzi T'Challa of Mozambisia. He of recently deposed as Supreme Dictator for Life by revolting peasants. I dont you please pity of me for I believe all times all seasons, besides late my husband not so good husband not either President (I think you know from news not so good in bed.). I faith in Holy Spirit you are better and trustworthy man and beseech please to make my acquaintance and urgent aid. Family fortune is now safe that I am destitute to need your desperate assistance. United states dollars are no less than thirty million dollars united states currency. I have now longer any with which to recover this which is the proper and rightful of late president as I have spoken in earnest. I know and pray you are honesty and good man to aid me, please travel to INDONESIA to reclaim in cooperation to me. I ask, my friend, to aid. Gratitude will be 20 percent to become no less of six million of united states currency. Webofspider-mike, money by certapay only five thousand dollars assistance us both, send to jcouper@spidermanfan.con in due haste. Help to me, you are only my hope. Discretionary caution advise to protect both our interests.

Also am fan of the comics of the spider man, I think the man in another movie not to be the Chameleon, for confuse to cast tall thin actor Thomas Haydn Church to play, do you concur.

How numerous the spider man and west coast avengers together? Always it perplexes.

Always prayers go with you,
Imbinzi T'hcalla

Hey... I sent you that $2,000 processing fee over a month ago. Why won't you answer my emails any more?

From Dorothy McLellan

I am a huge spidey fan but also a ghost rider fan, so please briefly explain to me who is this noble kale guy I keep hearing about?

Noble Kale, the brother of Sir Broccoli, was to be married to Princess Endive, despite the protests of his cousin, the sinister and bitter Lord Escarole, who wished to be named Prince himself. After a magnificent ceremony in which Kale presented Endive with a bouquet of cauliflower and exchanged vows, Lord Escarole sent a Green Giant to have Kale chopped, shredded, and flash frozen. Endive arrogantly assumed Endive would marry him in his cousin's place, but the princess was repulsed by the bitter Escarole. Seeking to impress her and maintain a facade of his innocence, Escarole killed his own assassin, the Green Giant, before everyone at the wedding party. But, his savage attack proved to backfire, as the guests and especially the princess, were horrified by this side of Escarole they had never seen.

Before everyone had assumed that Escarole had turned bad, he made an impressive plea to the princess that his brutal attack was just a reflection of his love for her. He presented Endive with a diamond artichoke heart, which he claimed he always carried for her longing for her affection. But it took the courage of Baby Carrot, who previously overheard Escarole's admission of his evil machinations to the giant, to end the charade. The Celery Guards arrested Escarole, and he was sentenced to be diced for his crimes. In time, Princess Endive married Sir Broccoli, and so it became known that the top of the broccoli is called a crown.

Or, for the Marvel version, try: http://www.vengeanceunbound.com/history01.html

From Hugo

I do not understand why your site is almost more popular than samruby. samruby.com has better pictures, a great quantity of information, frequent updates and many more redeeming features. Your site displays only current Spiderman information. That is a shame because the older comic books have much more depth and are generally of a higher standard. I am only 13 so don't reply to angrily. Your site is good also.

Good = even at age 13 you are wise enough to realise the value of the classics.

Bad = clearly you've taken up smoking crack at a very young age, and failed to notice that our site has 2120 reviews among the 4164 issues of Spidey-related comics that it features!

From Melissa

I have a Spider-Man Maximum Carnage Collection... #1-14 Signed by artists Ron Lim, Alex Saviuk, Mark Bagley, Sal Buscema, and Tom Lyle. I also have the Certificate of Authenticity... Dynamic Forces Binder, and each one has a protective cover, I have Never read them. In fact I forgot I had them. Would you like them? I know they are of some value but I do not know how much. I put them on ebay. Ten years ago I paid $75.00 for them. Let me know what you think they are worth now it would be nice to know...

Bwahahahha!!!! Ha! Oh, that's so... are they worth? Bwahahahahahaha! Oh, I can't stop laughing, I'm going to die! Hahahaha! I have to think... of... hahahahahahahaha... something really sad and serious... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Like... Howard Mackie writing Amazing Spider-Man again...


Help! Heart Attack! Somebody call 911! Urk...

From Ev

I just wanted to point out that The Spot was killed by Tombstone in Tangled Web #17. His bio ends with his Legion of Losers stint.

The Spot is NOT dead. How dare you suggest such a thing. They'll bring him back, mark my words! He's the best thing that ever happened to Marvel.

But yes, his appearance should be added to the profile. Sorry, we're always a bit behind the times on the character profiles. We'll get around to it one of these days.

From Randy

Hi Al,

I've been thoroughly enjoying your Lookbacks -- I've just recently gotten back into collecting, and Spidey has always been my favorite (I was a huge McFarlane freak when I was a kid). Have you ever noticed that the cover of ASM #257 is a Ditko homage, directly lifting panel #1, page 15 of ASM #34?

Hey, Randy, you're right! It's not exact but it's too close to be a coincidence. Looks like Ron Frenz was doing his bit for Ditko. Appropriate since Ron has clearly got a Ditko influence in his work. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll try to get around to adding that to the ASM #34 Lookback, with acknowledgment to you, when I get the chance.

[Reply by Al Sjoerdsma]

From John Thompson

I'm a Spider-man completist (with an emphasis on cameo appearances). Just wanted to say your site is the most awesome Spider site out there. I can only imagine the work it takes to maintain it.

One note: as a completist, I'm unsure of all the foreign titles out there. I just returned from Russia with an armload of Russian language Spideys, which was quite unexpected. Do you plan to list all the foreign language comics? Do you ave any idea on how I can keeep aware and perhaps buy the foreign titles here?

Yep, it's a pretty serious task keeping up with all of the appearances. Fortunately we have a seriously dedicated team here too.

As for foreign languages, this is a F.A.Q. - or at least it's explicitly mentioned on the comics page. We have absolutely NO plans whatsoever to take on foreign language comics. Mostly because we all spend far too much money collecting Spidey already, but also because of the difficulty of getting a regular supply of this comics. Oh, and thirdly because we all struggle to keep the existing site up to date, without even thinking about making it any bigger in scope!

But thanks, and... enjoy your Russian Spidey!

From Kellie Tipton

My kids said that they have seen a character named Iron Man on the cartoons. Is there a character named that?

If you could please answer this simple question, I would appreciate it.

I'm sorry, but your children are lying to you. You're going to have to lock them in the cupboard with Mister Boogyman - AGAIN!

From John Clark

Hi man, your'e a real spiderman fan! I have a question about Mary Jane, have she died or anything bad happened to her?

Another question about comparing, who's stronger Venom or Dr Oak?

Well, she was fine this morning when I woke up and looked into her sleepy but loving green eyes.

Oh, and Dr Oak can beat Venom, but is no match for Mister Chainsaw!

From Mike

Just thought you guys might like this.

I do a daily web comic which basically focuses on the Marvel Universe as 6 year olds. While everyone's in the strip, l'il Spidey's the main character. Check it out at yearone.spiderspawn.com.

I've actually talked to Joe Quesada and Marvel about it and we've come to an arrangement so I can keep on doing it. Please tell me what you think!

I think that's totally excellent. Well worth a mention!

From Kurse

is it true that peter david who in my opinion is one of the best writers ever is writing a new series called friendly neighborhood spider-man

Totally true, and it can't be more than a few weeks away, if it's not out already. Personally I really enjoyed Peter David's run on Spectacular Spider-Man way back when. I just hope he hasn't lost his touch.

From Bill Hall

Hey, are all those old Hostess ads in continuity? Has Spidey really saved the world with Twinkies and Ho-Hos? The world must know!

Like all good questions, the answer to this one is "Yes and No". Nope, those old Hostess ads are not in continuity. However, as shown recently in Spider-Man/Human Torch #3, Spidey and the Human Torch do in fact save the day with "Mostess Fruit Pies".

Of course, now that I've mentioned those delicious treats, you'll want to go and visit The Hostess Page.

From Michael

Hi, I love your site, just impressive and awsome. Anyway I recently went to Wizard World Chicago and bought the first app of Hobgoblin (Amz #238) for 8.00 bucks. Yes, there is a tear on the staple but i dont care, its a good deal. I just have a question. The cover price says 75 cents not 60 cents as it should. I checked the indicia its not a reprint. It clearly says Mar 83. I am thinking it is the Canadian version. Does this drop the worth of the book?

What I really want to know if it genuine. If it came out in Mar 83 thats all I care about. Just want to know what you think.

You're probably right, it could well be a Canadian printing. I have a few comics of that era marked with UK price in British Pence. The general agreement seems to be the same as your opinion, if it came out at that time, then the cover price doesn't matter.

However, there are some notable exceptions. There are a few people out there who are particularly interested in comics that were printed with different U.S. price versions. E.g. some comics were printed in U.S. 35c and 40c versions, often around the time of a price change in the title. The less common version is frequently worth a bit extra. The Overstreet Price Guide lists those cases. But ASM #238 isn't mentioned as one of those.

From Anonymous

can yo do somthing special for spiderfun comic #50

What, you mean... like make it funny, or something?

From beep293

me and my friend were wondering if you used the name Scarlet Spiders because were in 7th grade and we're planning to name our band (we're just starting it) Scarlet Spiders but if you dont want us to thats fine its a really great name and we love the spider-man movies and comics and stuff but we know we have to get your agreement let me know what you think thanks!!!!

I can assure you, not once in my life have I used the name "Scarlet Spider".

From Thom Goddard

I work for the BBC in London and as a fan of your site I hoped you could help me with a little question.

At the moment the BBC are filming around the States for a series called "Only in America". This is a look into the greatest parts of the USA and we'd love to hook up with some Spiderman fans in Los Angeles.

Do you know anyone in LA we could talk to who might be able to help us find some Spiderman fans?

Of course if you're based in LA we'd love to hear from you too.

The idea is we'd have a Spidey fan tell us about the man himself and go on to meet Stan Lee and probably have a tour of Marvel Studios.

If you could contact me as soon as possible that would be superb.

Only in America? ONLY in America? Only in AMERICA?

As a New Zealander, I must say the irony of you asking me for help with the program is quite delightful...

From Michael Nendick

Do you know of any references that Stan Lee has made about his choice of name for Peter Parker's love interest? As you are no doubt aware Mary Jane has been a euphemism for marijuana and so there has been some speculation that the choice of name reflects an interest on Stan Lee's part to make, at least in a covert way, a statement of his feelings about cannabis.

I would be very interested to hear if there are any instances of Stan Lee commenting on this point.

According to various different sources on the InterWeb...

"I never smoked marijuana," Stan Lee - the creator of such classic Marvel Comics characters as the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, the X-Men, and the Avengers - recalled of the 1960s. "When I named Spider-Man's girlfriend Mary Jane, it was only after a while that somebody said, 'You're pretty nervy giving her the nickname of marijuana!' I had no idea that's what it was."

From Quinietria & Khalil

I am e-mailing you because my god-son is in love with spiderman and every character in the movie especially peter parker,green gobblin, and of course spiderman. He is only 2yrs. old and i was wondering if you all do anything special for the little spiderman fans like a poster a doll or something.

You're asking me, a total stranger, to give your little boy presents? What, do I look like Michael Jackson?

From Edward

Since there is no Spiderman fan club, what would I have to do to start one. I've been a fan since child-hood and have collected Spiderman for several years.

Hmm... I'm not sure. What are the ingredients of a Spider-Man fan club? That's a tough question. Spider-Man Fan. Club. Club of... Fan. Spider-Man. Fans...

Nope, I got no idea what makes a Spider-Man Fan Club... beats me! Try Google? Or maybe get a bunch of Spider-Man Fans together and see if you can brainstorm something?