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Date: Feb 1, 2005
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From Phoenix

Hi. In the list over "Humans Spider-Man has killed" an innocent bystander in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up is listed, something I feel is a mistake. Yes, Spidey webs her face, but I sincerely doubt it kills her. First, I doubt that Spidey would just so casually kill an innocent person just because she called him a mutant. Second, there is no big deal made, and lots and lots of other people Spidey has webbed in the face hasn't died. Third, the bystander's friends doesn't seem to make a big eal out of it. One of them calmly answers "Yes" when Spider-Man asks if "a mutant cold have [webbed her face]" Afterwards, the other bystanders grab her and it looks like they're gonna help take the webbing off.

So in conclusion, I'm very certain the artist and the writer didn't want to make it look like Spidey to ruthlessly murder an innocent (if annoying) bystander just like that. I don't think it's a good idea to list it among Spider-Man's kills. It makes him a ruthless killer instead of a hero.

Yeah, you're almost certainly right about the writer's intentions. I'm sure it was intended to be just an accident. But on the other hand, we all know how Spidey's webbing works, and the logical conclusion from what we see is very likely a rapidly-cooling corpse. We've added a note to the entry to clarify things.

From Alicia

I love your website! I need to know what the track is that is played on the Spiderman (2002) trailers. If anyone there knows what it is, please let me know. I am a Spider-Man and a music fan.

The place to go for this is soundtrack.net. The list of Spidey trailer (not teaser) music they have is:

  • "Altamont Super-Highway Revisted" - Apollo 440
  • "Ninevah" (2001) - E.S. Posthumus
  • "Pompeii" (2001) - E.S. Posthumus
  • The Matrix (1999) - Don Davis
  • Planet of the Apes (2001) - Danny Elfman
  • Scream 2 (1997) - Marco Beltrami
  • "Hell Above Water" - Curve - 2nd Theatrical Trailer
  • "No Man's Land" - David Holmes - 2nd Theatrical Trailer

Curve is the one you're looking for.

From evan

hi/my name is evan call me (Phone Number Masked) can you come to my house 700 (Street Name Masked) s.w/

I'm sorry, the "gloved one" is rather occupied with some legal worries. But I'm sure he'd love to play with you later.

From Samory

Dear Spiderman,

could I become a superhero like you; climb buildings, and web swing, and save people. I saw the movie, Spider-Man2. Once you were like yeling "I'm Back I'm Back" and but you got out of webbing and you fell on your back on the cars and you almost died. Well about you falling your back, my whole family is sorry about that. My Big brother, Shaka laughed until his bones were showing and I tried to hurt him. Please do not be mad about it.

Oh, now I'm just SO mad!

From j.antich

i was reading on a website about potential villians in the upcoming spiderman 3 movie and on there the person that wrote the article mentioned some characters that were already introduced in the first 2 that could potentially become the main villian in the third. he mentioned spider-slayer, man wolf, the lizard and black cat (who could be in the movie but not as the villian). i've found out that man wolf is john jameson the astronaut from the second and the lizard was peter parkers professor from the second but i can't remember or find out where in the first 2 that felcia hardy aka black cat or spence smythe aka spider slayer were introduced. can you help me with that? was there anybody else introduced in the first 2 movies that could become a potential villian in the third?

None of us here on the team are aware of Felicia or Smythe having appeared in either of the first couple of films. Somebody might have fed you some bad info, or else you have a really first-rate scoop there!

From Siddhartha Bhotika

i came across your review of the 500 spiderman comics on CDROM. u also gave ita pretty high rating. however in another review on the web , there was mention of yellow pages and creased pages. there is no mention of that.

also is the cdrom colletion is worth buying over the essentials that marvel is selling. i discount the money factor in this case.

Well, they're two very different things. I own the CD and the Essentials. If I'm just in the mood for reading early Spidey, I'll sit down with the Essentials out of preference, even though they are black and white. It's just that when I read, I like to sit in a chair, or lounge on the sofa. But for research, if I want to look something up, the CDs are better--I have them all copied onto my hard disk.

But if, as you say, money isn't a problem - then I recommend you buy originals!

From Matthew LeDrew

All right, enough is too much! I've heard a lot of people complaining about Spider-Man's new power over in Spectacular Spider-Man, and for the most part, have readily agreed. But the review of issue #22 of that series by Jeff English simply made my blood boil. Point in fact, Jeff, I do care about the welfare of Mindworm. I think it was admirable of Marvel to show prison as more than simply a revolving door for super-villians, when they just come out wanting revenge. Mindworm is a character that served his time and learned the error of his ways.

From the looks of the guy before his death, I would have considered him more than justified in turning back to crime (as a means of self-preservation only); yet he did not. How many times do you see that in comics? Really, how many? Not enough, as far as I'm concerned. Mindworm reformed and was killed by punks because of his appearence, and I'm sorry, by Spidey was partly responsible for this now-good man's downfall and death.

Plus, I think it's a great idea to see old, even lame spider-villians touched upon, rather than simply cast aside, even if it is just to tell a good death story. I bet Jeff would have been even more pissed if Jenkins had simply made up a spider-villian and retroactively placed him into continuity just to kill him. That would have deserved a bad review. This was a good issue. Oh, and stop complaining about the spider-powers thing guys. It's not the worst thing that could happen.

Still a fan but noticably angered,

Whew! Well, promoting debate is what we do best here.

From Anonymous

You've missed a 'recent' issue with Spider-Man in it. It's Ultimate War #1, which features a spider-man doll prominately featured for several panals in the books, which was owned by one of the children killed when the Brotherhood blew up tat bridge. I wouldn't say anything, but you have (in the past) reviewed titles because spidey appeared on a dart board, so... anyway, one can only assume that the people that either own the spider-man movie in the ultimate marvel universe, or the wrestling company (who claim to already have a toy merchandizing dept.) produced the action figure.

Well... the "Spidey on the dart board" (I'm sure you all know what issue that is) was a special case. Al Sjoerdsma included it as part of his "from the beginning" because he's a bit of a completist like that. But most of our reviewers aren't.

There is a actually a private mailing list for a dedicated group of hardcore Spidey collectors who collect any Spidey reference at all, no matter how tiny. But here at SpiderFan we currently go for the middle ground, and don't cover those in general. Maybe once we've reviewed all of Spidey's real live appearances, we'll go looking for some more work. But I can imagine that day being a little while off yet.

From Jenny Hurtigh

My name Is Jenny Hurtigh, I am studying at Drama Center in London. I would like to det in tuch with either the screenwriter Alvin Sargent or with his Agent. Could you please help me with an e-mailadress or a telephonenumber? I need that in order to get hold of a script of "The Sterile Cuckoo" witch he wrote and witch came out as a film in 1969.

Sorry Jenny, I lost track of Alvin shortly after he joined the Chipmunks. Then of course the fame hit, and he went kind of weird. After it all went bad, there was a cycle of drugs. He just blew all that money on dirty ho squirrels and macadamia nuts.

From Mark

I recieved the 40 Years Of Amazing Spider-man CD-rom set for my birthday ... and I've fell in love with Spidey again !

I read the Spider-man books from 1985 until 1993, when my interest just faded and my collection was packed away in a closet. Then I get the CD set and start reading from the very first issues and am hooked again - an old interest reborn ! In the last few weeks I've bought all of the issues from the last year of Amazing and several issues of the other new books, as well as subscribing to the comics !

I found SpiderFan.org through a search engine and it has been a tremendous help ! I've been able to find out what I've missed in 12 years and also to complie a list of back issues I need to fill in the gap ! It's a an amazing reference !

Congrats to eveyone who contributes to this wonderful SpiderSite !

So, we like to print one of the "thank you" emails now and again. We have no shame.

From James D. Tyler

I'm really grateful for the input that your article onthe 40 years of the Amazing Spider-man was invaluable in my decision to buy the set.

I first saw it on amazon then made a b-line here to see what you guys had put out about the set. I was so impressed by the way it was so clearly given from an authoritative point of view of a spider-man fan. I think I'll be taking a copy of the whole set to Iraq. I've got a whole year to read the 500 issues of Spider-Man.

You take care over there, JD. With great fire-power comes... still plenty of good reasons to keep yer dumb head down out of the line of fire.

From OmegaWeapon1205

hey i was wondering if u could like make a sort of timeline about spider-mans important adventures. like in chronological order. thatd be really cool in my opinion but if u dont want to i totally understand. thnx any ways.

Actually, we did start one. Over in our Comics Chronology we set the system up so we could do this. But then we only did a few years, before running out out of steam. Eventually we deleted the few years we had. If anybody out there wants to tackle this for us then just Mail Us and volunteer.

From Spider-Boy Rocks

i sher hope spider-man3 has venom or the hob goblin.

HUH? Oh, hang on. For a moment there, I thought you were saying you hoped Cher was in the movie. *Shudder*.