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Date: Jan 1, 2005
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Welcome to our letters page. These letters are answered by Jonathan Couper, who uses them as a chance to sharpen his otherwise dull wit. If you want a serious response, your chances will be increased by posing your question, respectfully, to our Spider-Oracle.

Before we get started, just a note to say there are some new links our our Links Page. We've added links to some top sites, like The SpideyShop, Spider-Girl.Net, and MRL Comics, and Marvel Symbiotes (Russian).

But wait, there's more. New Fans : Art this month from regulars Ed Munoz and Shu Min, plus we have a new contributor - Saniyat Choudhury. Then over on our Fans : Costumes page we have new pictures from Spider-Ben, and Rory! Oh, and we also have a funky new quiz... Another Quiz on Venom, courtesy of VenomFan. Thanks, VF!

That'll have to do for now, let's get into those letters. Next month, I've got a couple of Top Ten lists that need posting!

From Fan's name

Did Harry Osborn take the Goblin forumla before Normie was born? A friend of mine and I were wondering because he didn't super-age like Sarah and Gabe did in Sins Past.

I can't seem to track down when Harry got his powers, but I'm pretty sure it was after Normie Jr appeared on the scene. Maybe somebody out there can recall the exact issues for those two events?

From Anonymous

im sorry for asking you this but can you send me a how to draw poster

Sure, I have the blank paper and pencil here ready to send you... just as soon as you let me know your address!

From Anonymous

were can i get how to draws on this website

Oh... you want to draw on the website? Just get a black marker, and sketch anything you like on your monitor. You can then clean the screen with fine steel wool, or a wet-and-dry sandpaper.

From 71067

what happened to spider ham and will he be back?

Honestly, I haven't seen him. Why can't you just leave me alone to enjoy my delicious bacon sandwich?



That is so last year!

From lawrenceswhite

My 5 year old son claims that he's seen a commercial recently on TV for a Spider-Man video game which has wrist and ankle and waist sensors that are connected to the console so that when you move, punch, kick, Spidey does it in the game! I have done a google search and haven't found it.

Any info on this obviously cool concept?

You know, I have a vague recollection of something similar, but I can't find any trace of it. I have seen the new Playstation EyeToy games where you control the game by physically moving your body, tracked by a camera. I'm guessing that maybe there's a Spidey game lined up for the EyeToy? I've also seen a Spidey laser-tag game, but that's something completely different.

Anybody out there able to help?

From Grant

Hi, I was hoping someone on your staff could tell where in continuity the Pulse 1-5 takes place since it seems to contradict the beginning of MK Spider-man. For that matter, is there a guide somewhere which lists where in continuity each story fits? That's the only bad part about more than one series for a character: it's a pain trying o figure out where in continuity each issue fits. I know there is one guide somewhere but it stops with ASM v2 #36.

We figure that the Norman must have temporarily escaped after encountering Luke Cage, and been subsequently recaptured by Spider-Man.

Editor's Note: Our original reply couldn't offer any help with continuity, but since then we've been working on our own continuity sequence guide, check out our SMURF Continuity Guide.

From Wer

Wy not include mor marval caratures.

Tryd butt coodnt spel good enuhg.

From Philip Thomas

I want to keep my novel names a secret - known only to few people. please delete my letter 'Silversteel 3099' from your website.

Mr. Thomas.

Thank you for your letter. Sadly, we have ourselves registered an interest in the name Silversteel 3099 in a number of communities. We made a cursory examination of the patent office, and discovered that you had not registered any trademarks against this title. In addition, a search of the internet indicated no prior art.

We are well under way creating a novel of the same name, and we thank you for the suggestion which forms the basis of our character.

From Anonymous

I am about to buy a sidey comic. My question is is a comic worth more if it was published in earlier years?

Well, what would you rather own - a shiny new comic, or a cruddy old one? I think you can answer that question yourself!

From Anonymous

Could you guys a View Results button to the poll in front of the site? I really enjoy seeing the current results, but to do so I need to vote again and that kind of defeats the purpose of a poll.

Actually, if you click without entering any votes, you will see the totals without registering a vote. We'll change the form to show that more clearly one day. Thanks for the hint.

From Cassandra

Hello, My name is Cassandra and I'm a student at Michigan State University and for my American Popular Culture class about Comic Books I am doing a research essay comparing and contrasting the movie with a Spiderman graphic novel. I was looking for other sources on the internet that may be helpful to compare and contrast.

Focusing on things that Hollywood changed, and things that Hollywood stayed true to the comic book. I already saw the part on your site that talks about particular mistakes in the film but was wondering if you were aware of some information about that topic. Since I was not an original Spiderman reader its hard for me to spot the differences and similarities. Even the slightest help would be appreciated.

Here's a big bit of help. When selecting a topic for an essay, ensure that it concerns either (a) a field about which you are knowledgable, or (b) a field about which you have the time, resources and information to become knowledgable.

It staggers me the number of similar emails I get from people who have the goal of succeeding an academia yet who have not yet grasped the concept of research. For those in doubt, it works like this. (1) Study your topic, acquire information, and record your results. (2) Perform an analysis and form conclusions based on your information. (3) Record your results, form them into a document suitable for presentation.

Step 2 is the phase of the experience which truly provides the most valuable part of the "learning" experience. Yet many people seem to believe they can omit this step, and instead do something like the following. (1) Find an expert and ask them for the answer. (2) Record the answer and format it into a document. That version of the process is called "journalism", these days, although it is in fact more accurately "poor journalism".

From BenUrich

Why aren`t you reviewing Marvel Team Up and the New Avengers?

Actually, we are. However, it just took us a little while to get started. As you might have noticed, PPP has struggled a bit in 2004 - mostly just because it has gotten so darned large! If one component (e.g. the letters column) runs late, then it was making everything else late. Also, if we were missing one review, then we were reluctant to go live with PPP, and we tended to wait.

Hence, our format revamp on the front page. Now, recent reviews are totally independent of PPP, and neither needs hold up the other. Even better, individual reviews can cover their titles whenever they want, and see their reviews up on the site right away. No review needs wait for anybody else. This is working really well, and already our reviews are far more timely then they have ever been before!

From Merv

Lemme get this strait, Spidey can actually TALK mentally to other insects? Okay... Any other weird/new powers, since I haven't seen that issue of SSM?

Heh, boy have YOU got a shock coming to ya!

From Agentarun

Hey, i wanna send some fan art in, and i was wondering, who is that ediie brock guy? I jsut began reading the comics and most dont make sense, and which TV sieries is the one where the teme song goes like:

Spider man, Spider Man, Radio active spider man....somethin somethin somethin... Spider blood, spider blood.......yeah what ever. What siries was that?

Ediie brock is Aunt May's cousin, who died of anorexia in an early issue of Spectacular #1. You are correct, the current comics do not make sense, mostly due to Millar and JMS agreeing to produce their story arcs in reverse order, e.g. Part 3, Part 2, Part 1, etc. This is to get a lower tax rate in the Japanese translations. However, rest assured, trade paperbacks will be printed in reverse-reverse order. Except for in Japan, where TPB's are illegal.

The theme song you refer to is actually set to the "Ride of the Valkyries", a World War I marching tune from the late 1920's. It is rumoured to be cursed by an Egyptian high priest, and hence is no longer played on public radio for cultural reasons.

I hope that has cleared some of your confusion.

From Alicia

I'm looking for name of the song on the sound-track to the Spider-Man trailer. Please can somebody out there help? If you go to yahoo.com, and click on their movies, and then to previews and clips, then to Spider-Man, they are playing the song (which I absolutely MUST have) throughout the clip they call trailer #2.

Can anybody out there help Alicia? I hate to see people suffer.

From Phillip

In your character page you have Superman as an Illegal Alien. He was addopted by an American family so he that would make him an legal citizen of the United States.

Nope, that would make him a legitimized alien.

From saiyangt24

  1. can juggernaut beat the hulk why or why not
  2. what is wandas aka the scarlet witches weaknes or how can she be beaten?
  3. whats your favorite xmen
  4. who is spidey currently facing?

Staffer Paul Sebert replies...

  1. In arm wrestling Hulk wins, in Guilty Gear XX Juggernaut triumphs easily, and in the baking contest Bruce Banner's yummy Gamma Green Key Lime pie beats The Juggernaut's unstoppable Krumb cake.
  2. In my opinion Wanda's greatest weakness is that awful costume she wore in Avengers, The Crossing. *shudders.*
  3. Nightcrawler because he's tripple jointed, has a prehensile tail, and is covered with soft cuddley fur with soft hair I just want to ruffle up... *long awkward pause* Not that I'm into that kind of thing... *sweatdrops*

    That and, next to She-Hulk and the Pulse. Roberto Aguire SaCasa's current Nightcrawler title is probably the best new book Marvel's launched all year.

    Although being introduced to the franchise via the X-Men cartoon I have a soft spot for Jubilee.

  4. The Iron Giant: Special Edition, and the new extended eddition of Lord of the Rings on my DVD christmas list.

...again, those are Paul's replies, not mine! Furry elves do nothing for me, I say nothing!