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Date: Sep 1, 2004
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Welcome to our letters page. These letters are answered by Jonathan Couper, who uses them as a chance to sharpen his otherwise dull wit. If you want a serious response, your chances will be increased by posing your question, respectfully, to our Spider-Oracle.

But before we get into the letters, let me point you at some new fan contributions! We have new Fans : Art this month from Chris Cook, from Bidari Palacios (who's only 4 years old), and Blessin Dixon of the UK. As if that isn't enough, we also have new Fans : Tattoos, these ones sent by two hardcore Spidey fans, Joe P and Andrew Hermida.

Oh hey, let's also introduce to some of our Spider-Fan Staff. First up, Jason Godin has been reviewing Venom recently - poor guy. He's just moving onto Marvel Team-Up (Vol. 3), the upcoming title. Plus, he's been reviewing Spidey Super Stories for years here at SpiderFan, but we can now reveal that Eric Engelhard is actually Easy Reader's alter ego!

From Hueso

I could write an essay (well, maybe just 6 sentences) on telling how great your site is, but you guys probably already know that. So, what I wanted to ask is this confusion that Bendis and Millar are giving me. In Bendis' The Pulse, Green Goblin is finally captured and his identity publicly revealed, yet, in Millar's Marvel Knights Spider-Man, the first issue shows Green Goblin's @$$ getting handed to him and sent to prison. What the hell? In what order does this go in? Please thoroughly explain it to me.

Three other things. Didn't back in the day when Flash say he was going to war, wasn't it in Vietnam? I know it was. SO, that really kills a lot of the time continuum in Spider-Man right now.

Zeb Wells is writing Doc Ock Year One, and in it Ock's father dies while he's a grown man, yet in Paul Jenkins' Countdown, Ock's dad died when he was a child.

And, is Paul Jenkins running out of gas? It seems like it because he really isn't writing Spectacular as his title implies. (I've read good Jenkins stuff. Just look at Wolverine's 'Origin'. Now why isn't he writing that for Spidey.

Yep, there is a bit of a continuity problem with the Goblin. However, we can talk our way around it by assuming that in Pulse, Goblin battles Luke Cage. Then if we assume that he escapes temporarily, then Spidey can beat him up in Marvel Knights Spidey #1, and there he goes to prison. See, not too hard!

Yes, Flash was in Vietnam. Not much we can do about that apart from ignore it. I would hate to see that "officially" changed. But let's just agree that it doesn't matter, and move on.

I don't think Ock is a grown man when his father dies in Year One. He's a teenager of some kind isn't yet? Remember that he probably got moved ahead in class. Anyhow, there's plenty of other continuity problems here, since this story basically re-tells the first meeting between Spidey and Ock... so it really ignores continuity completely. I don't think that you could consider "Year One" to be official.

Finally, Jenkins? Well, I don't have any problem with the recent "Changes" storyline. Sure, there's the whole thing about... well, you know, the big change in Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #20. But I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't read it yet. At least it's a hell of a lot better than what JMS is doing right now with those damned twins! But anyhow, Jenkins is having some health issues I understand, and will be leaving Spectacular before too long - and the title is expected to end when he goes.

From Barrister Toti Malaki

From the desk of Barrister Toti Malaki
T.T.Malaki Chambers&associat
#12,Eric More road victoria Island,

Dear Henrique Ferreira ,

My contact to you is an act of God, because I fasted and prayed to the Almighty God To reveal to me whom I will entrust this money unto his care.

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Dear Mr. Parker,

Please excuse my English. My name is Gabriel, and I live in France. My sister and I have been entrusted with a bank account of a very wealthy man named Norman Osborn who is from your country. Mr. Osborn has died in a very accident unfortunate. In order to obtain the money in his account, we need to partner with an American with a bank account.

Please send me your bank account routing number and we can begin to enjoy this man's riches!

This is God's will! He told me to find a good kind person, and you were delivered to me! What good luck!

Gabriel and his sister Sarah.

From SaiyanGT24

you should realy make a batman or teen titans site to because your spidey site is very good and i know u could do a good job with other people

Hey, that's a cool idea. Send me the comics, and I'll get right on to it!

From Philip Thomas

I went to the website www.marvel.com and asked them for permission to use the number 3099 for my next novel - Silversteel 3099. You see, Marvel has too much mail in their inbox and they didn't reply to me. So I had to find you out. I am a 18 year old deaf writer from India and have already written the novel Dragon fighter Z. Now I wish to write my next novel in April 2005 and the name of that novel is Silversteel 3099. Actually, I have been impressed by the Spider-Man of 2099. But I want to get Silversteel 3099 into world fame like other Marvel superheroes. I promise not to use any of the Marvel characters or their powers, Silversteel 3099 has the following powers -

Superhuman strength
Invincible to fire and electricity
Will take only 25% or less of any damage

Costume Powers -
Electric power-blasts
Flying power jet boots

If you want to see Silversteel 3099's picture, send me your Email. Since Marvel did not send me a reply telling me whether I am allowed to use the number 3099 for Silversteel, I am asking for your permission. PLEASE mail me and tell me. OK

Marvel won't send me a reply. But do you think they would allow me to use the number 3099. If not I will take my second option, which is my own - 3035 AD. If you know Marvel's mobile number, Tell me and I'll SMS a message to them. they are sure to notice it then.

I think this number 3035 wont get me into copyright problems with Marvel.

I hereby non-exclusively grant you all the rights that I hold to the number 3099, to use in any purpose, cardinal or ordinal, including but not limited to decimal forms (3099), trivial decimal derivatives (3099.0), fractionally equivalent rations (e.g. 30990/10) and common binary and hexedecimal forms (e.g. 0x0C1B).

I do not know which powers Marvel has copyrighted, hence I cannot advise you as to ownership of for example 3099-squared, or square-root 3099.

From thanvalenius

I am in need of a spiderman story from beginning to end. Is there any list or text doc that would explain that?

Don't know. But if you find one, for goodness' sake send it to Howard Mackie.

From Spider-Rahul

Rarely has there been a time in history, where the comicbooks writers actually care about the fanbase, and making stories in their context. Case in Point being, MK Spiderman. It was really nice of Mark Millar, to actually ask you for help on the stories and the like. Now, if only JMS and Paul Jenkins could take a hint...

Heya S-Rahul. Naturally, we're delighted that Mark takes the time to double-check his continuity with us. It's a real blast, and a heck of an honor. Of course, I suspect that all that email-swapping that is involved does take up a lot of time, and not all writers are in the position to do that kind of thing.

I wouldn't be to quick to have a bash at JMS or PJ - writing a comic with as much history as Spidey is a pretty demanding task, and there's bound to be a few that slip through the cracks. Of course, if they did drop us a line and ask for some continuity checks, we'd fall over ourselves in eagerness to help out!

From Trowa

Hey, please tell who ever does those Spider-Man monday fun comics, that the art is getting alot better. ESPECIALLY this week's art, it was awesome.

Oh yeah, and it was funny too.

We've had a pleasing number of kind comments about the SpiderFun strip. Since you asked, the fantastic art is courtesy of Maddie Frith, who (for reasons shrouded in mystery) goes by the initials "HB". I dunno, maybe it's the grade of pencil she uses. The script is by myself - Jonathan Couper. I do occasionally get a few suggestions for scripts from Maddie and some of the other staff, but most of the scripts are my own bizarre sense of humour.

We do one a week, and the ultimate goal is to pick up some work with one of the comics magazines, like Wizard Mag or similar. If anybody out there knows any good contacts, do drop me a line!

From Anonymous

How many times has Spidey beaten the Hulk?

In nice round numbers? Once. When Spidey was cosmic, he put the Hulk into orbit. I guess you could call that a victory.

He has managed a draw a few times. Given that Spidey is still breathing, he clearly hasn't ever actually lost a fight with the Hulk.

From WittyFuk

Well, i didnt know who i should be addressing this to but i gotta say this is an AWESOME site!!!! I use this site for all my spidey references all the time now... coming here every other day is my lifestyle now (yea thats sad).

and i also wanna congratulate the comic strip on the site all i can say is MORE!!!!!! Thanks for the great site everyone.

I just realised this isnt a question.

That's OK, this isn't an answer.

From Peter Lippert

To Whom It May Concern:

Approximately a week ago I took my spiderman fanitic 2 year old son to "Toys R Us" and he wanted the SpiderMan Activity Fun Set UPC[786943450002]. I purchased this set for him with the belief that it would contain the following articles:

1...Paint with water book
1...Coloring book with crayons
1...coloring book with paints
2...Coloring and activity books
1...Sticker book

However when we got home it contained:
2...coloring books with crayons
2...coloring and activity books
2...coloring books with paint

NO sticker book, which is what he loves
NO paint with water book which is for someone of his age.

When I called the store they checked the others that they still had on the shelf and they were the exact same as were the other store that they called. There is no contact information on the box other than "Paradise Press Inc."

My son would like the sticker book and the paint with water book.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sue the bastards! If that doesn't work, track 'em down and shoot 'em. They shouldn't be allowed to get away with that kind of brutal cruelty! Toys'R'Us? Bah! Cruelty'R'Us is more like it. Your son has suffered permanent mental damage through their careless neglect. In order for society to truly improve, in order for us to leave a better world for our children's children, corporate scumbags like Toys'R'Us and Paradise Press need to learn that they can't trample over your rights!

Boy, now I've got RSI from all that typing... add me as a claimant too, please!

From Felicia

Hi!!!!! First of all i wanna say that you have the best website in the world!!!! It`s perfect!!!! Thank you for it SSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!! Well... here is my quesion:WHERE THE HELL IS FELICIA HARDY/THE BLACK CAT??????!!!!!!!! I mean, i can`t see her in any comics nowdays!!! ANY!!!!!! Manoman, I just don`t understand "Marvel"!!!!!........ Where is she???!!! I`m not talking about "The Ultimate" and "The Evil that men do" (by the way, where is part 4??!) PPPLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSEEEE!!!!! I need to know:)))) In my opinion, Felicia is the best, hottest, sexiest, the most interesting and special female character in the whole Spiderman`s story................... the best.............please, tell me..... where is she??!....i really need to know.....

She's upstairs in the bathroom. She'll be down in a moment.

From PurpleGirl

I recently read in the newspaper that President George W. Bush got voted "Best Movie Villian of the Year" for his appearance in "Fahrenheit 9/11." The president, the story said, even beat out Doctor Octopus from "Spider-man 2." So...people think the leader of the free world is more evil than a mad scientist with four metal arms screwed on his back. How reassuring.

You're right, that's hardly fair at all. Ock killed at least, what three or four people? How can they think that Bush killed more people than that! Obscene. Don't they watch Fox News?

Anyhow, on a more important note, I think I missed the "Free World" elections. And you know what they say about not voting - "If you don't vote, you can't complain!" Still, my vote probably wouldn't have made any difference... I live in New Zealand, and it all just seems to boil down to which way Florida swings, doesn't it!