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Date: Aug 1, 2004
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Welcome to our letters page. These letters are answered by Jonathan Couper, who uses them as a chance to sharpen his otherwise dull wit. If you want a serious response, your chances will be increased by posing your question, respectfully, to our Spider-Oracle.

But before we get into the letters, we do have new Fans : Art this month, featuring a half-dozen awesome works by Wyna Hiros, a couple of new pieces from Shu Min (one of our regulars), and a widescreen work by Quan Luv. Keep sending us your art, we love it!

Oh, yeah, we also have a couple of new Fans : Tattoos. We have one from Jason Crawley of Chesapeake, Virginia, and another from Nick Zajic out of Lake Tahoe, CA. And... over in our Fans : Costumes page we have Welington Franca from Brazil as the "Human Spider". We also have Nic as a pretty damn authentic Spider-Man. Nic's from the UK, and he uses his powers for good - he'll turn up at your kids party if you want to hire him!

From Bryan Baker

I love your character database! Good stuff.

One comment...wasn't the Fabulous Frogman killed by his own son while fighting Daredevil in the "Wake Up" story line of DD by Brian Micheal Bendis?

It's a little hard to tell The Fabulous Frog-Man from Leapfrog. But in any case, it's a fairly safe bet that the guy who is killed in the "Wake Up" story-line is not either of the two Frog Foes that Spider-Man has met - in fact, he even has a different real name - specifically he is Mr. Lange.

From Jinx

Just wanted to say that I love the site! I just had a couple of questions about characters in the second Spiderman Movie. First, is Henry Jackson a character from the comics? He's the boy who helps Aunt May move. Also, is the landlord's daughter a key character? Both of them seem to have had too much screen time to just be minor characters.

Nope, both of these characters were added purely for the film. Neither have ever appeared before. In fact, in the comics Peter is normally far more lucky in his female neighbours, they tend to be absolute babes! For example, there's Glory Grant, Caryn, and of course the lovely trio of Bambi, Candi and Randi!

From (No reply email given)

can i have a picture of spider-man 2 and can u send me? coz im one of the fans of spider-man i watching all the movies of spider- man...... and also iask something pls give me a copy of poster and picture of spider-man 2 and dr.octopus........ and also the some screensaver and wallpaper and spider-man2 games inthe pc...... thanks............

And a pony?

From kmnavid

i want a game casset disc please reply me

Helloooo! We do the little guy in red-and-blue. I think you're looking for the big guy in the red-and-white outfit.

From Phoenix

In the list over "Humans Spider-Man has killed" an innocent bystander in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up is listed, something I feel is a mistake. Yes, Spidey webs her face, but I sincerely doubt it kills her. First, I doubt that Spidey would just so casually kill an innocent person just because she called him a mutant. Second, there is no big deal made, and lots and lots of other people Spidey has webbed in the face hasn't died. Third, the bystander's friends doesn't seem to make a big eal out of it. One of them calmly answers "Yes" when Spider-Man asks if "a mutant cold have [webbed her face]" Afterwards, the other bystanders grab her and it looks like they're gonna help take the webbing off.

So in conclusion, I'm very certain the artist and the writer didn't want to make it look like Spidey to ruthlessly murder an innocent (if annoying) bystander just like that. I don't think it's a good idea to list it among Spider-Man's kills. It makes him a ruthless killer instead of a hero.

Well, I see in Ultimate #61 that he's back to the same trick... this time completely coating Punisher's head! Maybe in this universe, people can breathe through Spidey's webbing. Or maybe Brian Michael Bendis assumes that someone removes the web off-page shortly after. I agree, it's almost certainly not intended to be lethal.

However, in the regular universe, webbing is air-tight enough to form an effective gag. It's used to create hang-gliders and breathing bubbles. Also, it can't be torn off faces - if you force it you end up removing skin! I have seen some stories showing a very sharp knife can cut it, after it dries and isn't so sticky as to trap the blade. I think Bendis just didn't think things through properly. Maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt and remove the entry...

From Dan

Check out my SPIDER-MAN fan-film at: www.tanglung.com
It's called: way of the spider
It'll take some time to download and it's Spidey like you've never seen...
It's available on Quicktime media player
Let me know what you think...

What do I think? I think you've set a new standard in the quality of Spider-Man movies.

From Alexander Gillis

Now that Bendis plans on making Spider-Man a member of the new Avengers, are you to review issues of the new Avengers?

Absolutely! If Spidey do it, we review it!

From Mike Browning

I own a copy of the rare Amazing Spider-Man 149 red cover printer's error variant edition. This is the same as the Amazing Spider-Man 149 you have on your site, but it was printed without the cyan plate of the CMYK printing process, thus leaving the cover without any greens and only yellows in their place. If you're interested, I could send a scan of the copy I own.

Hey, I didn't know about that one! However, the more I think about it, I reckon we'll probably exclude that kind of thing from the database. While printing error variants do make neat show-pieces, I really think that they're something over and above the real "complete Spidey appearances" database. Plus, we don't want anybody to get us mixed up with stamp collectors, do we?

I've updated the Inclusion Guidelines to exclude printing error variants, just in case the question arises in future. But thanks heaps for dropping us a line. If we've missed any more conventional variant covers, please do let us know and we'll certainly add them!

From Paola García

Hy, my name is Paola García. I'm becoming a Spider Man fan and some people told me that Mary Jane dies in the story, but reading your caracter resume doesn't say anything about that. Could you tell me which the truth is? Does M.J. die or not? and if she dies, Who killed her?

Nope, Mary Jane is a rather unusual character in the Marvel Universe in that she has never (to my recollection) been killed. Compare that with Aunt May, who has been killed at least twice!

From Tracy

Hey! I love the Spiderman comic books-though i am a a girl that is a new yorker - (especially THE AMZING SPIDERMAN) and so does my father and my Cousin

I hope there are comic book conventions that include all kinds of Spiderman man comics in New york if u do know any please reply on the web page www.spiderfan.org

u r so lucky u edit spiderman comics

Heh, actually, we don't edit Spider-Man comics here... we just review 'em, which is the easy bit. Well, except for Venom, in which case just reading the comic is pretty darned painful.

But I digress. If you're looking for comic book conventions anywhere at all, then you need to visit www.comicbookconventions.com, where you'll see that New York has a couple of cons each year! I believe that the most popular among them is the Big Apple National Expo.

Do be aware that conventions can be pretty hectic things. If this is your first convention, you probably want to take somebody along with you if you're a bit young, since the sheer mass of people can be rather intimidating.

From Mike

Did any of the villains that Spidey battled on THE ELECTRIC COMPANY ever appear in the comics or were they all original foes?

Ah... you mean "TEC", aka The Electric Company (TV) series? As far as I know, the foes were all completely original. However, the Electric Company Magazine and the Spidey Super-Stories comic featured a mix of original and classic Spidery foes, just to keep you guessing!

From Fervferflare

I justed wanted to ask if you could cover the Spider-Women in the Characters section, because I've always wondered the origins of the Spider-Women and exactly how many there were. Thannks for reading this, and even more thanks if you can add the Spider-Woman to the Characters section.

The Spider-Woman profiles are a pretty serious undertaking, but you're right, they're very much something on our mind. No guarantees when we'll get around to it though!

From Dawidos

I have a question to you. Are you going to update the characters profiles? For instance, Ezekiel is dead, but in his profile there isn't information about that important event.

Well, are we really sure he is 100% dead? But yeah, I guess we should update him. We're primarily a review site, but we shouldn't let these things get too far behind. Go check out the latest Ezekiel updates in our Characters section, just for you!

From Foamy

I think someone needs to do his homework in comics,because your background on Venom his wrong way wrong!!!!!!!!

Ah... now Venom's a bit more of a major problem. Yeah, he's gonna need an overhaul. We'll feature an updated Venom profile in an upcoming Spotlight sometime soon, promise!

From TMadaus

for holloween i will be mystiro, my freind charles is going to be the green goblin and my teachers going to be doc ock should i e you


From R.Miyachi

Hello, I am R.Miyachi.

I drew the character imagined from "#04. Sword of Shikata (TV-CGanimation)."

Please give me printing to FanArt.

Hmm... I'm guessing SpiderFan doesn't translate into Japanese that cleanly. Obviously it means something more like "sexually ambiguous anorexic in spotty clothing".