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Date: Jun 1, 2004
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From Kathy Coltof

Please be advised that I would like the Publisher Buddah Music, Inc.'s address. We would like to perform the Opening and Closing Theme Spider Man (1967-1970) music with our orchestra. Let me know where I could purchase or rent this music This is urgent. Thanks for your time.

Kathy Coltof, Music Librarian
Oshawa Durham Symphony Orchestra
(Oshawa is 50 km east of Toronto, Ont. Canada)

Heya Kathy. Sadly, the only info I have about Buddah is the fact that their name appeared on the CD liner notes for the theme tune. If anybody out there has any info about who currently owns Buddah Music's rights, or the rights for the 60's Theme Tune... for goodness' sake drop us a line and help out poor Kathy!

From Anonymous

I don't speak english ,I am french . I love Spider-man he is my heroes favories. Alors spider man est magnifique j'ai plein de poster un tee-shirt sept B.D ultimate des figuries . j'ai 14 ans.

Magnifique? Moi, I dig Spidey sur le pont d'Avignon. Le web de ma Spider-Man et plus grand que le jambes de le Docteur Octopus!

From Snooper

I read your section about the bar codes (or lack thereof.) I understand that you said they are considered the same by collectors. My question is this: are they worth exactly the same? Does "no difference" really mean "no difference?"

Yup... to my understanding, 99.9% of collectors make no distinction between the UPC versions and the non-UPC (direct) versions of comics. In my entire SpiderFan career, I have met only one collector who does so.

However, in the 70's or thereabouts, there were several comics that were released with two different prices... 35c vs. 40c version, or something of that order. Typically, one version was notably more rare, and now commands a significant premium. But no, the UPC's for those 90's comics don't seem to make any difference.

From John

Will you we covering all the issues of The Pulse, even if they don't star Spidey? It IS a Spidey Spinoff after all.

Well... yes, no, maybe. There are a whole HEAP of Spidey comics out there, and as you have noticed, we struggle to get PPP issued each month. I (Jonathan, the Editor) am the reviewer, and I do intend to continue buying and reading the book as long as it lasts. As long as Spidey (and/or Spidey supporting cast members) keep turning up in the book on a regular basis, then we will probably keep reviewing.

From Jeff

I have a question regarding the Spiderman 60's cartoon series that is about to be released on DVD. I was just on Amazon.com and noticed after reading the description of the DVD, there are only 52 episodes and I'm pretty sure they made 77 episodes in all. Are they only releasing the first season? What about the second and third season? Are they included in this as well? I'm a bigger fan of the second and third season and don't want to buy this DVD if they aren't included. If this is the case, do you know where I can get the entire 77 episodes on DVD. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Well, I haven't picked up the set myself just yet... though it's just a matter of time. However, I do note that by my counting, the complete series would include 77 stories, and 52 episodes. So there's a jolly good chance that the set is in fact complete - it's just a matter of how you count 'em.

If anybody cares to confirm this, please do drop us a line!

From Scott Adams

After reading your review for Amazing Spider-Man #27, I must say that I appreciate your analysis of Steve's last depiction of the Green Goblin. However it seemed as if you were implying that Steve did not reveal his Green Goblin ideas to may people. I thought that I have heard of stories stating that Leeds was the direction that Steve was going and supported by Leeds' trip to Europe. Do you know any further about this notion, and what is your opinion had it been revealed that Ned was in fact the Green Goblin.

I think the problem with having Ned be the Green Goblin IS that trip to Europe. He leaves in ASM #20 and doesn't come back until ASM #29. So, the Goblin has over half of his appearances to that point while Ned is in Europe. You could argue, I suppose, that Ned faked the trip to Europe but since he was on assignment for the Daily Bugle, he'd have to work out some elaborate ruse in order to convince JJJ that he was doing his job overseas while he was actually doing Goblin stuff instead.

Remember at this time in the series, the Goblin is strictly a loner so it's not likely he'd have an accomplice filing his European reports. In fact, the stories in ASM #23, 26, and 27 are all about his attempts to gain such accomplices. But forget all these details. I just see no reason to believe that Steve pegged Ned as the Goblin... except that there aren't really any other suspects. The way I read the Ditko quotes that I used in my ASM #27 review, Steve never told anyone who the Goblin was. So, any rumors that he planned for Ned to be the Goblin don't really have any more basis in fact than any other rumors.

I'd love to see some direct quotes from people who were told by Ditko that he was planning on Ned being the Goblin... but I don't think I'll ever seen those quotes because I don't think those people exist. I'd also love to give Steve a call and just ask him but, unfortunately, he doesn't seem inclined to talk to anyone about it.

[Note: This reply by Al Sjoerdsma - Ed]

From Ark

Just wanted to tell you that you have the best god damn spidy site in the history of the world. Your reviews have guided my spidy purchases. Thanks for all your good work!

Hah! Are you reading this, Marvel? We hold your market in the palm of our metaphorical hand! Now at least will you give us here at SpiderFan the respect we deserve?!

Or, at least, will you revoke that restraining order?

From Will Fun

I have a question to ask you about Spider-man's costumes. A lot of times, Spider-man has to buy a costume at a local costume shop. When he does this, something happens to the costume like it'll have open eyes or Die Spinne on it. Wouldn't the store clerk maybe see Spider-man swinging on the news with his costume and remember who baught the costume. Therefore, he could easily figure out what Spider-man looked like in person!

Good point! I guess he just got lucky. Plus, he probably paid cash, and even if he did happen to get photographed closely enough for the clerk (who probably gets minimum wage, and doesn't even look at whoever buys stuff) to recognise the costume, there's still ten million people in New York.

From Ren The Frog

hi .. i live in mexico city , spiderman fan since 1982, i buy 325 comics edit in mexico city, but i cant take all numbers , my tears on my face wwhen find this excelent webpage , remember all good time reading spiderman, but... why ??? you reloaded the pics comics?? now is small and low resolution wwhhhhyyyyyy??.. please help me...

tanx i hope so back the old size to the comics pics.

Well, Mister The Frog... last time a Spider-Man Movie was released, there was a small matter of a completely blown ISP bandwidth limit, and an unexpected US$1000 bill for excess traffic. Fortunately, our new hosts at Crawlspace.Com are far more savvy folks (and highly recommended as hosts). But still, we want to do everything we can to avoid a traffic blow-out this month, and the images are a big part of our download quota.

In a couple of weeks, we'll swap back to the big images, so please be patient!

From Dale

just some actors i thought would be great for spiderman villians.as the vulture patrick stewart,sandman:arnold swartsanager(misspeld).electro:branden fraser.kraven:van diesal.or venum

Right. Yes, um. Fine... thank you for that.

From Kingwell

Theres a new series called VEnom vs Carnage and on marvel.com the description is that venoms offspring carnage, is about to have an offspring of his own that is very powerful. But I thought the storyline in the other books was that Venom was reproducing and not carnage? So we are getting a wave of new generation symbiotes introduced maybe?

Yep, return of the Symbiotes. It's one of the signs of the coming Apocalypse. I'm guessing somebody broke the Seventh Seal somewhere...

From Maria

Hello!!I just want to ask you something... I've been told that Spidermans first arrearense was in another comic!Do you now anything adout that? thanks!!

Spidermans first arrearense? Nope, it definately was in a comic, not in another comic.

From William

hello i don't know who to send this to but maybe you can send it to them, well i went to the marvel universe appendix and there some characters i didn't knew existed in the spider-man universe like el toro negro (the black bull), bloodspider, el uno (the one) and others. and i was really confused and are these characters going to be shown in the future?

I would strongly suspect that none of those characters will be shown in the future. Maybe there's a mistake in the appendix? Those guys have no idea what they're doing over there. They invent characters all the time.