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Date: Mar 1, 2004
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Welcome to our letters page. These letters are answered by Jonathan Couper, who uses them as a chance to sharpen his otherwise dull wit. If you want a serious response, your chances will be increased by posing your question, respectfully, to our Spider-Oracle.

Oh, before we get started on the letters... there's a couple of FAQ's that we've just added to our FAQ Section.

The Movie and Encyclopedia lists are both very thorough, and are both well worth checking out if you're at all interested in such things!

From Arthur M. Ball


I'm an art student and just made a website with some fan pages on it. one of my fan pages is of gwen stacy and I used your bio for it. I gave you every credit and also gave a rollover link to your site if you have any problem with it I'd like to know why and i guess i can fix it, but your bio realy makes my page.

Heya Arthur.

No. Like, D'uh!

From Nick

I just recieved the Spider-Man Encyclopedia as an early Christmas present -- just wanted to say that you guys did a bang up job!! It's great for folks like me who collected as a kid, stopped, and jumped back in after the movie! There is a wealth of information (that is very well written I might add) that will give some very entertaining reading over the break.

I know you guys like feedback, so I thought I would make a couple of suggestions..

  1. Some more stuff on Ultimate Spider-Man would have been cool. It's a top selling book right now, and even though it would have been incredibly redundant to do bios on all the "ultimized" characters, maybe a couple of pages wouldn't hurt!
  2. Maybe some more info on the writers/artists.
  3. Keep kicking butt--which what you guys do on this site and with this book. THanks for making a great holiday gift and a website that is always a treat each month!! Hope everyone has a good holidays!!

Hiya Nick. Thanks heaps for the kudos. We do love it when people confirm that we're still hitting the mark. As the 'pedia, while it would have been cool to add some info about the Ultimate characters, you have to remember that we cut out about 500 regular universe characters we couldn't fit in!

The other danger might be that having info on for example two Black Cats (regular and Ultimate) might just confuse people. I think that really, the best answer might be to have a completely independent "Ultimate Marvel Encyclopedia".

As for the artists and writers... I would have LOVED to add more info. Of course, we had a strict page limit, and so any extra artist info would have meant less about the characters. Of course, the other big difficulty is that while there are plenty of people that know heaps about the Spider-Man characters, there's not really one person who knows the intimate details of the hundreds of Spider-Man creators from the last near-50 years. A book like that would be even MORE of a challenge that the regular 'pedia!

From Bruckner Claudia

Sind Produkte, Federpennal, Schultasche, ... auf dem Markt mit dem Cover von Spiderman Herzlichen Dank und

mit freundlichen Grüßen

Hallo Claudia,

Du hasst Glück denn I spreche ein bisscher Deutch. Das Antword auf deine Frage is "JA".

[Ed - Reply courtesy of staff member Peter Kroon. And with this, we officially claim that SpiderFan is the most polyglot Spider-Man research and reviews site on the Internet. Of course, German isn't that hard. I wonder what we'll get next.]

From Baisal

Hello! Can you scan Spectacular Spider-Man #1-#10 and mail me to my e-mail. I live in Kazakhstan and i can"t bye them and i know english very bad!


Huh? You really think I'm gonna sit down for two hours and scan in ten comics to save you having to spend your money at an online comics shop?

Ty mne van'ku ne val'aj.


From Mike

Just wanted to let you know that ASM #49 is actually pencield by Romita and inked by Mike Esposito (Mickey Demeo). Even though the comicbook gives John Romita full pencil and inking credits, ASM #49 is 100% inked by Esposito,

just thought you might wanna change it on your cool site, check out my website at www.romitaman.com.

Well, whadd'ya know, eh? Thanks for that info, we'll update our database!

From pacsoulja6

Great Web site! How about adding a page of major milestones such as the death of Gwen Stacey and major villans like Green Goblin and Kraven, or the Spider-man wedding? It would be a great addition for all the major events to be on one page, making it easier to find key issues and arcs.

Indeed, that's an excellent idea. But we'll probably make it part of our current attempt to define a Spider-Man Comics Chronology, where we review the key events of each year. Sadly, we've made stuff all progress with that project in the last few years, and instead we've gotten distracted with reviewing titles.

One day, somebody will come along and help finish the job. Until then, both you and I will just have to wait!

From ryanjernigan

my name is ryanjernigan i like yor work i hope i can be like you one day.

Sure ya can, and it's easy! Dye your hair blond, study computers, stoop slightly when you walk, dribble out of one corner of your mouth when you get excited, get your left leg slightly shortened, and live your life constantly stressed about the fact that Peter Parker's Pad is late... again!

See, are you happy now? Nah, me neither.

From George Flowers

I'm a former teacher of one of your artists, Bob Wiacek, and I want to get in touch with him. Would you be so kind as to tell him that George Flowers wants to say "Hi," and ask him to either call me at [snipped], or e-mail me at [snipped].

Also, I tried calling your New York Office at 1700 Broadway and found a most uncooperative receptionist. I wanted to leave the above message for Bob and she wouldn't do it; I said, "Someone there will," and asked to speak with someone else when she told me "No one here will do that!" I thanked her sweetly (wanting to teach her some manners) and hung up curtly. Whoever she was, she had a horrible attitude and certainly didn't represent DC Comics well. This happened at about 1:30 P.M., Thursday, March 4th.

Sorry for blowing off steam, but leaving a message for someone is not an unreasonable request and there was no reason for her lack of cooperation. I thank you, in advance, for yours.

Yours truly,

George Flowers

Hey, just piss off. I told ya, WE DON'T TAKE MESSAGES HERE AT DC Comics! We're all MEAN, BAD PEOPLE!


P.S. Bob says "Hi".

From Anonymous

Almost a month late.......

maybe a pregnency test is in order???

Yep, we took a test, and it was positive. We're slackers!

As you saw, basically we all just got too busy, and we ended up running a double-month bonanza last issue. Things were compounded with a hard disk crash, and a nasty blow-out on the bandwidth of our development machine here in N.Z., which was hosted by TelecomNZ, who charge by the megabyte if you exceed your monthly quota... which we did. Scumbags.

Anyhow, we're back onto things now. And we'll NEVER be late again. And that's as sure as Norman Osborn and May Parker never being killed and coming back to live again!

P.S. Good thing the results were negative, eh? You know how Marvel feels about Spider-related pregnencies! We'll use protection in the future... I dread to think what Aunt May would say!

From Luke Wynn

Dear Editor

I'm Luke Wynn. Spider-man is my favorite thing. I have the first spider-man movie. I'm looking foward to seeing the second.I just can't belive that I'm actully writing to the editor. Are you the editor for the movie or just for this program?

Spider-man's biggest fan,

Luke Wynn.

Hiya Luke. Yes, I'm THE EDITOR. Like THE ARCHITECT in that crappy Matrix sequel, except that I'm not related to Colonel Sanders.

Oh, hey, did you say they made a Spider-Man movie? Cool!

From Richard

In reply to 'WARNING: Spidey Animated DVD a No-Zone!', this is worng as the DVD has also been released in the UK, and possibly elsewhere as well...

Indeed. But they haven't released a Zone 4 (NZ/Australia) version. Normally I just order my DVDs from the U.S., and play them in my multi-zone player on my NTSC TV. But the MTV disk is specially tweaked to detect and fail on multi-zone players.

The idea is to stop me from being able to buy the movie, because if I can buy the movie before the NZ marketing campaign, then I'll miss the advertising that will make me want to buy the movie!

Or more importantly, it'll stop Sony from being able to charge me 33% extra just for being stupid enough not to live in America.

From MTU

I can't find what I'm looking for mail it to me.


Sure... but I have to warn you, it's been stuck down the back of the fridge for three months, and it doesn't smell so good any more!