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Date: Jan 1, 2004
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From Stephen Bauer

I was curious if you know the status of the MTV animated Spider-Man series; specifically, are they bringing it back for additional episodes or a second season? (Or if you know that it has been cancelled, can you tell me why?)

Well, Stephen... we've heard claims both ways, yes and no. We do have a couple of leads on some more information, so we'll chase them up and let you know as soon as we can!

We can tell you that the first series is now available on DVD, but you probably knew that already.

From latro

I already sent you this e-mail, but maybe in dates that didnt work(in October). Therefore, I send you it one more time:

Have you ever seen the real Shathra? After visit this link (with a picture) youll never see her liked you used to...

Woah! Freaky... we've added that to our Shathra profile. It's on the second paragraph on the right. Thanks!

From Trowa

My friend (the Wolverine fan) wants to know why Wolverine isn't in Spidey's new encyclopedia?

Aha! You have come to the right place for the answer to that one, my friend!

Actually, up until about a month from completion, Wolvie was scheduled for a full-page entry. But when we started assembling the Appendix, we realised that we had way too much info for the number of pages we had allocated.

We cut pages from the other sections at the back of the book, dropped the font size, trimmed the margins... everything we could - but still not quite enough room. We didn't want to reset all the preceeding entries, but then we did notice that Wolverine was the very last entry, was a whole page, and was just the space we needed. So, Wolvie got the snip.

In fact, Spidey and Wolvie haven't really teamed-up that many times... and in fact Wolvie really honestly didn't deserve a full page in Spidey's pedia. Maybe he did deserve a third of a page, but that just wasn't feasible without a major re-shuffle. Instead, Wolvie got various appendix mentions.

Oh, and please don't then ask how Nightcrawler earned a third-page entry... that's just too hard to explain!

From MJBock

can you tell me who carnage is? how can i get it for my seven yr. old, spiderman fan?

Err... right. First, find a psychotic mass-murderer...

Are you sure you wanna do this?

From Iacob Emil


I have and idea of strange selling, I live in Romania, Province Transilvania near Dracula`s (Real Name Vlad Tepes) castle in Bran, and grave, Let`s sell earth in little parcels , purses, (in gram`s 300-400), from his grave, or from near his castle like a souvenir or a strange gift...:-)))))))

Or... even better, let's exhume his fragile remains, then when the moon is full, perform an ancient ritual and make a blood sacrifice. Then when the Master has returned to his full strength, let's aid him to complete his domination of the world, and he will shower us with gifts and power to reward our devoted loyalty!

From Andy Navarrette

I'm very interested in learning all that I can about the history of Spiderman. Unfortunatley there is about 50 years of history that I do not know. Is there anywhere on the web that I can learn about this stuff? I'd like to find out why in some issues Peter is a child-looking person, how he got to alternate universes, and I've even heard that he is killed. I know there is a lot of history, but this is something that I'm willing to spend some time learning about.

Hey, what you need is a "Dummies Guide to Spider-Man"... but one that really grants you in-depth understanding. Some way to absorb years and years of detailed knowledge, without actually having to do any research.

Well, if you find a way, please let me know if there's any equivalent mechanism for learning "Rocket Science". I'm dead keen to find a new career, and if you can locate a nice quick guide on the web, I might be able to get up to speed quick enough to work on "Beagle 3".

From Bruckner Claudia

Sind Produkte, Federpennal, Schultasche, ... auf dem Markt mit dem Cover von Spiderman Herzlichen Dank und mit freundlichen Grüßen.

Hallo Claudia,

Du hasst Glück denn I spreche ein bisscher Deutch. Das Antword auf deine Frage is "JA".

PS: Nichsten Male, Bitte, gebrauch die Englishe Sprage. Es ist ein Englisher website !!! Vielen Dank.

(Reply courtesy of staff member Peter Kroon).

From Baisal

Hello! Can you scan Spectacular Spider-Man #1-#10 and mail me to my email. I live in Kazakhstan and i can"t bye them and i know english very bad!

Sure, in fact, we're happy to scan copies for everybody. Let's do all the issues, and put them up on the website, hey? We think it really sucks that people have to pay for comics. It ruins it for everybody. What's worse, they expect people to pay for the movies too! Just think how much more successful Spidey could have been if all the comics and stuff were all free, huh?

Of course, Marvel is too lame to think of stuff like that, so it's up to us to make it happen! Free Spidey! That's our motto. And I'd just like to see Marvel try and stop us!

From SpiderRoth

I just wanted to say thanks to The Oracle for that awesome Byrne/Mackie story in the recent rave I Can Laugh About It Now. That really does sum up their run on Spider-Man. I laughed all the way through! Thanks for a great laugh, it was just like their stories!

You laughed? I don't think I'm quite ready to laugh yet. Give the scars another few years to finish healing over.

From Valerie Burton, MD

My hospital has a life size fiberglass spider man that we are going to put up for a raffle. Where is the best place to advertise in Baton Rouge, LA so that we could find an interested audience?

You don't say what kind of hospital it is? Of course, if it's a mental facility for sufferers of obsessive-compulsive disorder, you probably already have a plenty of comic collectors in house already?

From Meredith

I just want to find a clip (line/words) from the movie. How do you find the script so a One-liner can be captured (as you would want the lyrics to a song)?

Apparently the full text of the script is included in "Behind the Mask of Spider-Man", which you'll find on our Spider-Man Books (Misc Movie Tie-In) page. That book comes in two editions, and I'm pretty sure that the hardback version does include the script. I'll just check that the paperback version does also.

From Trowa

At today's cost, how much would it cost Spidey to make his webshooters?

In the "Blockbuster" saga Spidey found that girl who stole his webshooters, then demanded $80. So that makes it sound like they cost $80.

Ah... now we enter the fickle arena of modern hostage-based economics. We clearly see that the cost of reproducing an item does not necessarily match up with the ransom price demanded for the safe return of that item.

For example, holding a U.S. election to get a new president costs approximately $230 million dollars. But if somebody kidnapped President Bush... well, you do the math.