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Date: Nov 1, 2003
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Welcome to our letters page. These letters are answered by Jonathan Couper, who uses them as a chance to sharpen his otherwise dull wit. If you want a serious response, your chances will be increased by posing your question, respectfully, to our Spider-Oracle.

From FatherOfMonkey

Here's a Gwen Stacy quiz for you!

Thanks! That's online now as our new Quiz on Gwen Stacy.

If anybody out there wants to send us a Character Quiz, then please use our Quiz Template.

From Tony Sklepic

Hey, that outline pic of my tattoo I sent is out of date, it's pretty much finished now! I got my buddy Brook to do all the linework, but then he wasnt really into it after that so I did what a lot of people would think is a stupid move... I finished it myself! And, it looks freaking awesome, so now everyone thinks I'm crazy, but at the same time they think I'm badass :)

Heres a pic of me doing the tattoo, I'll send you a photo of the whole thing once its nice and healed, its all still kinda scabby right now.

You tattooed yourself? Well, I'd call that badass! Especially since it looks like you did a top-rate job! I've put that picture up on our Fans : Tattoos Page, along with a picture of a mind-blowing back-tat owned by Mike Wunderlich. Check 'em out.

From Ed Munoz

Hey, I was checking your site out recently, and realized that it's been a very long time since I'd updated anything. I'm sending you a new spider-man piece that I just finished, and you're welcome to post it if you like.

Damn straight! For those new to the page, Ed's one of our regular Fans : Art contributors. I've put his latest effort up there, along with a joint work by Richard Brodmann and Jesse Johnston. Plus, there's a trio of brilliant 3D compositions from James Markham, and a couple of new pieces from Spidey mega-fan William Gerrard!

Big thanks to you all... keep 'em coming!

From APollard

Hi! My son is four years old. He is Spiderman mind gone. Everyday he plays his Spiderman Playstation game with overwhelming excitement. He has three suits, ten Spiderman action figures, tons of toys, two C.D.s, bedset, bike, glasses, over twenty outfits, only wears Spiderman underwear and so on. He's had two huge Spiderman parties, and attended a live Spiderman show here in Cleveland. The wildest thing of all is, this summer we flew him to Universal Studios. The Spiderman ride was THE BEST!! Jordan( my son ) wore his new $40.00 costume, bought the store, and met Spiderman!! I waisted a whole camera, two poster sizes & spent 30 minutes with him. My son was in Total Shock. We are Spidered out, and he is going into his third year of Spiderman fever what should we do next?

Spiderman Jr. says hello.

What to do next...? Good question! Four years old, huh? Well, you definitely need to get him one of those A "Personalized" Spider-Man Story books. Then probably also some DVD's of the 1990's cartoons, or maybe the recent MTV cartoon. Oh, and one of those web-shooters that squirt silly-string! I love them!

From Ray Lodato

Hello, I have been a loyal fan of Spiderfan.org for some time now, and one thing I have always desired and hoped for, was a forum in which fans like myself and others could discuss topics about Marvel, Spider-Man, comics in general, and even life. I would love the social interaction between the fans and the editors of this truely great website. If this is possible at all, I would love for it to be made a reality.

Heya there. You'll find that I and a few of the staff regularly visit the number one Spidey message board, i.e. the Spider-Man Comic Board. You'll find myself, Mike Fichera, Henrique, and Jeff Christiansen are all regulars there. Tom DeFalco, John Romita, Jr. and Paul Jenkins also drop by from time to time.

From BattBratt

Get me in touch with Stan the man Lee.

Dude... Stan lost his touch years ago!

From Julio Barone

Regarding your "Has Spider-Man ever killed" list. Spider-Man killed Gog, Kraven's pet by luring him into quicksand during the Roy Thomas stint on ASM around 103-104 (if memory serves).

Also, I believe during Mackie's "Web" run (during the Betty hunts Foriegner two parter) Spidey is fighting two criminals. One shoots Spidey who grabs the other criminal to block the blast. It kills him.

Indeed! You're right on the money with both of those. I'll make sure they both get into our ever-growing Has Spider-Man Killed? F.A.Q.

From Martin

Do you know whether or not ALL 3 seasons of the classic Spiderman animated TV series from the 60's is going to be restored, remastered, and released on DVD in North America (Canada specifically)?

This is a bit of a F.A.Q. But I'm told that Buena Vista recently digitally restored the series before re-running it on UK television. Now, I'd figure that given the current Spider-Man excitement, and a digital restoration, surely it would make sense to put out a DVD boxed set?

But like you, I'm just waiting to hear news. I'll be checking the various comics web pages around the 'net, and I'll also be keeping an eye on cartoonresearch.com. If I see any sign, we'll be making a big noise about it!

From SomebodyBanners

Since it looks slightly... odd the way your page for ASM v1 jumps from 441 to 500, is there any way you could insert a note/link to the ASM v2 pages between them?

Actually, we're going to get rid of Volume 2. altogether, and file those Vol.2 issues as numbers 442-499. Then we'll get rid of the Vol.2 file and replace it with a note to see Volume One instead. But it might take a month or two to get around to that, because it involves fixing a lot of reviews and suchlike too.

From Ian J. Johnston

I'm interested in illustrating for the coloring books that Paradise Press puts out regarding the superheros and the like. My name is Ian Johnston.

For a quick rundown, I've graduated with a degree in illustration, have been illustrating comics, (personal and professional), children's books, newspapers, and a passion for the like. (In case it wasn't noticable.)

I ran across one of the coloring books at a Wal-Mart and would love to give it a shot.

Well Ian, you don't really need my permission! So I'm presuming you're asking for advice, yeah? Well, naturally, I'm happy to oblige.

Firstly, find a nice flat surface. Make sure you have all your crayons handy. Then just work carefully, use nice bright colors, and just try your best to keep the coloring inside the lines.

Hmmm... then again, with a degree in illustration, shouldn't you know this stuff already?

From Andrew White

my father gave me about 5 years ago a copy of spiderman weekly issue 12. when i recieved this gift the pages had already turned a yellow/brown color but it has not affected the real clarity of the comic print ink itself but i was just wondering if there is anyway to stop anything further like this happening.

i am not a comic collector but have kept this particular one in a plastic wallet away from light and would really appreciate any help at all given on this subject as i hope i have done the right thing but not being a collector do not know how to take the best care of them..... also i am actually suprised i have managed to keep it without folding it or damaging it in some way.

i know it is not what i would class as a rare issue but since i have had it this long and it is 11 years older than me i would like to keep it safe

Heya Andrew. There are three basic things you can do for a comic to keep it in good shape.

Number one... keep it out of sunlight, which you have done.

Number two... use a backing board to stop it getting bent. But you MUST to use a proper comic backing board, which is made from acid-free cardboard. Using ordinary cardboard will do more harm than good.

Number three... use a proper bag to keep it clean, and to stop it from absorbing more acid.

It is very important that you use proper acid-free bags and boards. Unfortunately, up until a few years ago, there were lots of polyethylene bags on the market which are basically rubbish. After a couple of years, they start leaking yellow oil, which stains the comic!

Any decent comic shop should be able to sell you an "archival" bag (I use Ultra Pro bags myself). You should still replace the bags every 5-10 years. If you really want the best, then buy a sleeve made out of Mylar, which should last for decades. However, since that's a magazine sized book you have, you might have trouble finding a Mylar bag to fit it!

From John Roche

Last time I looked Gil Kane had a 56% disapproval on the artists poll - am I living in an alternative universe where people actually don't know that Gil Kane was one of the greatest artists to draw breath, let alone Spider-Man!!?

A good case can be made for GK being THE best Spidey artist and anyone who didn't vote ''yes'' wants to go back and look again at his work.

Sheeesh, kids nowadays...

Yeah, I'm right with you on that! Maybe I should have split this into two separate polls, 1962-1982, and 1983-2003. I guess a lot of voters just aren't familiar with his work, and so they don't pick him. I'm sure that anybody who actually owned a copy of ASM #103 (with Kane pencilling Gwen in a jungle-bikini) would never be able to miss him on their list of all time greats!

From Cory

hey I was looking through your comics section and I found Spidey 2099, I jus remembered how cool he was. Real Web, Cool Suit. Pretty tight, do you think it would be a good idea for Marvel to start another seris with him... maybe being shifted into the current world fighting/teaming up with Spidey and friends?

Heh... yep, Spidey 2099 was pretty cool. I remember when he was going to be the next BIG Spidey thing. Of course, I remember when Spider-Ham was the next BIG Spidey thing too! But I would have to say that the odds of Marvel heading back and picking up 2099 again as a serious going concern are fairly slim indeed.

I think we'll just have to look back on the 46 issues of Spider-Man 2099 and enjoy the great, self-contained run of stories they represent. If you look on the bright side, at least the fact that 2099 is all finished means we can be sure Howard Mackie will never come along and screw everything up!