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Date: Mar 1, 2003
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From Roger

I'm writing to you because this site is the source for Spider-Man. The Life of reilly column over at GrayHaven seems to be MIA. Do you know if they plan on putting it back up, or do you have a copy you could send me?

GrayHaven lost their URL, apparantly. But they're back now at www.ghmonline.com. Enjoy!

From A Helpful Spider-Fan

I noticed "Lee"'s Oracle inquiry about Betty Brant's surname being spelled "Brandt" on the DVD, but he was unsure as to whether the problem was universal. I just wanted to say that not only is it also spelled "Brandt" in the American DVD, but I believe they also spell Stacy (as in gorgeous Gwen) "Stacey". A little worrying, don't you think?

Well, a Rose by any other name, eh? Let's just hope that the upcoming Spider-Man Encyclopaedia is a bit more accurate!

From William

do you want the spider-man the movie soundtrack because i have it. I downloaded it from imesh number by number so you can do that to or i can give you the numbers but i only have msn messenger. If you have that to maybe i can give you them. Can you give me info about the dvd because i have hurd about a 3 dvd box so can you e-mail me because then i am gona buy it. Sory if my english is bad because i am dutch but spider-man has fans all over the world. I like spider-man because he is a normal boy and he then gets super powers. Thats just cool. I have roms of all the spider-man games. If you don't know what roms are they are games from sega gameboy nintendo you name it and i have got it. I am waything for a ps2 emulator to play the new spider-man game but i have it on pc so thats good to. I hope i have something usefull for you because i like to help.

Hiya William. I don't know how things work over in Holland, but where I come from, ripping off music and software is called stealing. Maybe it's a concept that gets lost in the translation?

From Se777

Can you please send any link/s, that have quotes made about Spiderman, regarding what makes the character so unique and appealling, as a superhero.


"Because he's the best darned kick-a$$ super-hero you're ever likely to be priviledged enough to read about in your whole lame-0 panyty-waist life!"

[End Quote]

From Anthony

I am a seventh grade student at Wellesley Middle School and I have chosen to focus on Spiderman for my midterm English project. I am having difficulty reaching anyone with specific knowledge on how the comic was developed. If you could possibly findthe time to respond to a few of my questions I would really appreciate your time and effort.

Well, it's a long while back... but I'd be surprised if things have changed that much. A guy who can write stories gets together with a guy who can draw (although sometimes they're the same guy).

Then one, or both of them, has a cool new idea. They write a story, and then draw some pictures that tells the story. They put some words next to the picture to show what people are saying, or thinking, or sometimes just to show sound-effects.

Then, they try and find somebody with money to print a run of comic books containing the story - often with advertisements on a few of the pages. Some people buy the comics, and the people who made it split up any profits. If the comic book is popular, then they do it again and carry on the story.

Not too hard, eh?

From OurWhiteMansion

I was just curious if you or someone you know KNOWS of where I can find out more about Peter Parker's SOHO loft. I love his lay-out. Are there specific resources I could consult, or do I have to just play detective and dive into some Spidey issues?

Other than what was in the comic books, I know of no other resource, sadly. Of course, Peter moved out of there when he split up with MJ, since she moved East, and he couldn't afford the rent. Currently, he's staying in a place that's a bit of a dump.

Of course, if they get back together again, then they may move somewhere nice again - although it's unlikely to be the same place.


i read your review of spiderman legend of the spider clan and i think i figured out that flashback torwards the end.

kiri is pete's mom who is engaged to ben (pete's future uncle) but she is unhappy because it is an arranged marriage. May is sitting in a field with her current husband and their son the little boy who would grow up to Venom. pete's mom tells may she is unhappy with her arranged marriage and that she is in fact pregnant from a man she is in love with. as you remeber when she says this she has the evil amulet in hand. The mystery father (presumably Baal) shows up, poisons the little boy giving him the name venom and killing may's first husband. Afterwards we are left to assume that may married ben in her sisters place and that somehow may also became peters gaurdian by somehow getting him away from the evil ninjas in the symbiote costumes.

So there you have it, Baal is pete's dad wich probably explains why he wants pete to bacome his greatest warrior.

Hey, that's brilliant! If I'd been able to hold my stomach down long enough to read that fifteen times, I might have figured it out myself. As it was, I was just glad to get the book over and done with.

But thanks for helping explain the pointless mystery!

From Frank

I just had a really quick question. I'm currently working on an Ultimate Spider-Man fanfilm (taken from comic issues #29 - #32), and plan on the filming to start in late August. I just wanted to make sure that this is perfectly legal, as long as we don't make a profit off of it. It's only a fanfilm, and we're planning on giving out free DVD copies and also uploading it to the internet.

Yes, it's all perfectly illegal. I'm no expert - but, the first thing to note is that the fact that it's free has very little to do with it. In strict terms, the public distribution of Fan Art, Fan Fiction, and Fan Movies are (as I understand) all basically illegal, or at least they're in the grey area.

Basically, Marvel owns Spidey, and has the right to control how he is used... with the exceptions of your right to "Fair Use". This boils down into basically your right to "Personal Fair Use", "Academic Fair Use", and "Media Fair Use".

This means firstly, you can cut your comics up and send the pictures to your friends. Secondly, you can discuss (and reproduce part of) Spidey comics if you're persuing education ends (or at least you can under New Zealand law). Finally, if you're acting as a form of print or broadcast media, then you have the right to analyze and criticise Spidey in the public arena, under various circumstances.

The two key questions are, 1. Would Marvel come after you, and 2. Would they claim any real damage.

Let's look at the second. Basically, would Marvel be financially harmed by you making a movie and distributing a few copies. Nah, not really. Would they come after you? Well, as long as you make it clear that you're using Spidey without permission, then for the sake of a few giveaway DVDs, the answer is probably no - there's no good reason for them to take notice.

But, be aware that they would probably have the right to do so, if they really wanted!