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Date: Feb 1, 2003
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From Joe Rubestein

Joe Rubinstein here.Is it possible to post on your site that I am now doing commisions and recreations?

PS My sites (for possible linking) are www.theartistschoice.com and www.joerubinstein.com.

Sure thing Mr. Rubenstein, sir! This info is now up on our Spidey credits page for Josef Rubinstein - which also features all 90 of your Spider-Man credits which we know about so far. And, thanks for swinging past SpiderFan, it gives us a huge buzz to know that the real talent drops past every now and then!

From oqwe

In your Prime #Infinity review, you bashed Malibu and the Ultraverse.

These books happend because Marvel tried to alter the entire Ultraverse and the result became total crap, an example is how the Ultraforce or Mantra ended up. Try reading some of the Malibu/Ultraverse titles that were done before the Marvel takeover. I'm sure they'll be of great qaulity.

Sadly my comic-collecting budget just can't stretch any further right now, so I'm not going to be able to check out the books you suggest in the immediate future. But if I do stumble across any of the earlier Malibu/Ultraverse stuff, I will make time and sit down and see if you're right.

As for "bashing" Prime Infinity... well I guess you're right, we did have a bit of a go at it. But that was an excessive case of 90's crossover madness, and we do have to call them as we see them. Sorry!

From Uluru

I hope you can help me.

I download a Desktop linux or semething..,and i can't install it in my computer...
I am a beginer...so what can i do?
The name of the desktop is:

WM Linux Theme # 1 (52 kb)

So, let's get this right. You don't know what Linux is, you don't know what WM is, and you don't seem to have much of a handle on what a desktop theme is... yet you want to install this piece of software in your machine?

Please excuse me if I don't reply to your email directly, but... it's about 99% certain you're gonna pick up a virus before too long, and I don't wanna be in your address book when that happens!

But I will offer two pieces of advice. Firstly, may I suggest that you never download and install any piece of software you find on the net unless you have a clear understanding of what it is and what it does. Secondly... backup your data frequently!

From T.J.

For my class project I have to write to the Author of my favorite comic book. I want to write to Stan Lee. Please tell me where I can send him a letter through regular postal service mail.

My name is T.J. and I'm 9 years old and in the third grade.

Hiya T.J. That's an excellent choice. Just do remember that Stan is the co-Author, as described in our F.A.Q. - "Who created Spider-Man?".

Stan doesn't work for Marvel on a regular basis, but you still might be able to contact him through their main offices... you can find their address on our How do I get in touch with Marvel F.A.Q. item. If you do get a reply, be sure to let us know, won't you!

From Tony

I can't begin to tell you how entertaining and helpful your website is. Thank you. Of course now I know that my collection is FAR from complete.

Do you have ANY idea, or do you care to make a wild guess, how many COMPLETE Amazing Spiderman Volume 1 collections there are out there? Tens? Hundreds? Thousands?

Well, mine is quite a way from being complete - it gets really rather pricey down the bottom end. I personally know maybe half a dozen people with a complete ASM Vol.1 collection, but it's a big world out there. I'd say almost certainly 100 or more, probably two or three hundred.

Of course, if you want to help create a few more, donations will be gratefully accepted by the team at SpiderFan.Org!

From SykoButterfly

I am trying to write a paper on body building and celebrities. I was wondering if there was anyway you could tell me what spiderman's measurements are. His comic character measurements are the ones I need, like his arms and legs and chest, waist widths.

Well, let me just go and measure... hey, hang on a minute! You do know that these guys aren't real - they're just comic characters! They're pretend, imaginary, fictitious, and just plain intangible! They don't have body measurements, because they don't have bodies!

Of course, you could look at the comics and try and figure them out - but the measurements would completely depend on who was drawing Spidey at the time. Ron Frenz does a skinny spidey, but JRJR makes Peter Parker look like a body-builder. That's just interpretation, and nobody can call one "correct" above the other.

You might as well ask us "how many teeth does a Jabberwock" have!

From Shotgun

I have relied on Marvel dotComics to read comics, ever since i stopped reading them... but now it seems to block me from any page after 4. I am a registered member, and can access the members only section, but after page 4 it just won't let me see the other pages.

I suggest you check the terms of your contract, and see exactly how many comics you were entitled to read. If Marvel have failed to meet the terms of their agreement, you are certainly due a refund!

What's that? You didn't pay anything? You paid nothing, and got more than nothing? Sounds like more than fair to me!

Feeling short-changed by our advice? We're happy to give you a refund!

From Nathan

I love Spider-Man. So, when I began to play Heroclix I naturally made my own version! Well, I decided I wanted to make another interperation. Well, to simulate his web-slinging I gave him flight. Well, let me tell you, my sis takes one look at the character I'm designing and refuses to believe that's accurate.

While this is a silly little argument, I intend anyway. And to do this, I told her I could find at least two people who agreed with me. And, since I'm a huge fan of your website....I thought I'd ask you. Do you think flight would be accurate?

Sorry, but I reckon flight is a bit too generous for what Spidey does. He can't hover... and he can't do much at all if there's no buildings about. Maybe a good compromise would be to allow him to be "up" if he was adjacent to a wall, or a lamp-post? But not full flying.

From Terry


Whew... no need to shout, Terry.

You're right, there seems to be nothing at MTV's website, but spiderfanhype.com pointed me to a Lisa Loeb interview at SciFi.Com. It's a recent interview, mid Jan, and had a number of interesting details - including the fact that 13 episodes have been shot already (more on the way, it implies), and it talks about a tentative April premiere date.

Now, if only we start to see some more Spidey toons on DVD!

From FutureUsaPres76

Hey, how's it going? I really like this site. I just had a question for you. In your bio of Scorpion you said that his strength is simalar to Spider-Man's. So, I was wondering, is he stronger than Spidey, or almost as strong?

Sure, but first tell me... what is strength? When a mother stays up for three days straight to nurse her sick child... is she stronger, or weaker than a guy who can bench-press his own weight?