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Date: Oct 1, 2002
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From Ocultas Intenciones

Are there any list were I can find the way I have to read all the spiderman comics following stories and sagas and all that? Some times there are stories begin in Amazing Spiderman ... and continue in other colection "Spectacular or Sensational" etc. What can I do to read all the comics in logical order.

This is a good question, but the answer is far from simple. We don't have a reading guide here on the page. But if somebody out there is prepared to write one... then we'd love to hear from ya!

From Ivan

im no perv or nothing, but in your review on spiderman-black cat 'the evil men do' you say that theres no visual on the second shower, but just how much is there in the first shower?

Yeah, right... you're no perve! But since you asked... less than you'll find in a Victoria Secret's catalogue!

From Tony

i was hoping you would be able to ad a list of spider-man appearances in comics every week that includes him showing up in other comics.

for example recently he has been in daredevil and thor.

sometimes it's hard to know what he will show up in and i cant rely on my store to know either.

Well... we do try to review recent appearances, and we do file them into the database... but we're really more of a "last word" site, rather than an "up-to-the-minute" site.

Like the "sequential reading list", it's a great resource, but something which would take a lot of commitment to keep on top of. We're happy to accept offers from any fans out there who would care to put in the time to make this a reality!

From Thunder100

I really like your page.But when you made Spider-Man's friend and enemy page,you put Punisher on enemy page and that's one of Spider-Man's friends, not his enemy.

You know, if some guy had stuck a gun up my nose as many times as Frank has done to Spidey, I'd be pretty dubious about calling the guy a friend. We don't have an "acquaintances" page, so we put Punny in the "villains and vigilantes" section - where we reckon he belongs.

From Alissa

Can you tell me anything about a 6-part series where spider-man's costume is partly yellow? "the yellow jacket series". I thought he (he = person who mentioned this to me) was crazy, and suggested the 2 marvel teamups w/ yellowjacket, but he insists on this 6-part series, supposedly rare. Obviously really rare, b/c I am feeling quite out-of-the-loop.

Well, your friend seems a little out of the loop. I believe the series he's talking about is called "Yellow". Or more specifically, "Daredevil: Yellow". And yep, that's the wrong end of the super-hero stick your friend is holding!

From Anthony

I am sending you this letter becuase i perfer that you put a little information on Spider-man 2211. There has not been alot of information about him except that he has teamed up wit Spider-Man,Spider-man 2099 in 2 comics. I am jus suggesting that you put a little information. If u need the pictures of the comics i have the pictures of them.

Well... first up, this is the Spider-Man page, not the Spidey 2211 page! But more importantly, Spidey 2211 has appeared in approximately 3 comic book panels in his entire history. We have one picture up on the page (in Costumes), and we figure that 33% of his entire history is enough for our site.

From Ruzbeh

I've always been a Spidey Fan ......Since my school days .....and more...... I have this Project in Multimedia... Called Game Buzz ..Its a sort of programming competition in FLASH5 .... & I am making the Spiderman Game..... Your Site was very useful to me.....& I am thankful for that ...... I have Taken Pics from your comics collection..... preview..... & Boy is my Project turning out ..great./ .... thanks to your Site ...... I had to look No Further..... Really Am greatful...& if I would win any one of the 3 Position..... in the Competition..... I'll surely send u ... a Copy of my Project.....

PS: Keep it up Man .....& need any help... feel free........ needless to state ... Great work ..Am damn envious of your Comic collection though..... A wonderusque Experience........

Woah, you're getting some real bad packet loss on that email. Time to check the CRC on your modem connection I think!

From Thomas

Where can I get a really good picture of "Black Cat" in order to hold true to her costume? I want to make it as original as possible. I am having trouble finding pictures of this Spiderman character on the web.

Mmmmm... oh no, Black Cat will have to spend the night without her costume... ohh... what a shame...! I guess she'll just have to take a nice long shower... Ivan, are you reading this?

From Jim

what future spotlight bios will we see?

You want to know the future? Try the Madame Web website... Spidey's Spider-Sense only covers personal danger, not web-site update schedules!

From Barry

how come your site sux and it's purely upgraded?
your making a bad name for spidey.
I hate you.

I am rubber... you are glue...

From Daredevil

This is the best spider-man site ever!!! Please please please make a X-men site.

Hey, that's a great idea. I was wondering what we could do this weekend.

From Anonymous

I have been wondering about the diffrent 'Spider-man the movie' games, do you think that the Gamecube version is the best?

E-mail me back saying the one is the best.

OK... one is the best.

From K Clancy

I am a Nutrition Education Assistant. I go into the public schools in Phelps County Missouri and teach about the Food Pyramid. One of our lessons is about oral hygiene and I need toothpaste, toothbrushes and dental floss. Can you help me please.

Well... my toothbrush is kind-a scruffy, and the tube has a split in the side... but I scrounged around the bins in the bathrooms and found a few short segments of dental floss that still have a bit of wax left on 'em. But you didn't say where to send this stuff to?

From Charles

Well, the mini-series may suck to the 9th power, but it has one thing to its credit- the covers stand out. They're great and innovative- now if only they'd be used for comics that deserve it better.

Amen, brother.

From Will

Do you know if there are any pics of FeliciTY and/or her Scarlet Spider self floating around? I'd really like a look for a project I'm working on.

Well... I've heard rumours that there are some in the Spider-Girl comics. Did you try looking in any of those?

From Jon

I was just wondering where you heard that Tangled Web was being cancelled and if so, what are the chances that it won't be cancelled?

Sadly that rumour seems to be gaining some popularity. And the chances... depend on whether the book can be made to turn a profit or not!

From Megeaton

my boyfriend is a spiderman addict and his birthday is coming up. I have no clue about spiderman but i thought youd have an idea as to what i could do, if you get the chance, id love the help!

OK... you're gonna need a red wig, a waitress outfit, a stuffed tiger, and around 15 cans of dairy-whip...

Oh, hey, I presume that when you mention "your boyfriend" that you're not also "his boyfriend". Cos if that's the case, then my scenario isn't really gonna work anywhere near as well.

From Orez

Is there really a new series based in Manga-Spidey entitled "Spider-Man: Legend of the Spider-Clan?"

Nope. There's nothing new in it at all, it's just a bunch of ripped-off stereotypes. Read our review in this issue of PPP!

From Black Widow

If I leave one thing out in the public, for the world to know, it will have to be this. But if you heard, but could not see, would you believe? Could you believe? I can not show my face for reasons that you would not understand, but I can tell you how it came to be, as I am now.

When I was nine years old as a boy growing up in the rocky mountains of the secluded north west, I was a woodsy child, meaning that I spent most of my time out in the forests. I strayed out way past any point that I have ever ventured before in the mountains and had gotten lost. Hungry, cold, tired, scared, all rolled into one. I saw a cave in a side of a mountain and decided to use it as shelter, not knowing that going into that cave would change my life as I once knew it.

It was dark and damp, and there were many different knid of insects, bugs, creepy crawly creatures moving around in it, nothing out the ordinary for a cave out in the mountains, but I was still scared. I was also very tired too, so I laid down to get some rest, I woke up in the middle of the night because of a feeling that I got in my stomache, and when I sat up, there was a spider crawling on my arm, the first reaction that most people get is to try to get that spider off of them by any means nessesary, but it was a spider that I have never seen before, it was blue and green colored and about 4 inches in diameter. I shook a little but tried to keep as still as I could not to startle the spider, but nothing could stop what was about to happen to me.

I was bitten by that spider and went into a coma state. When I woke up, I didn't know where I was or how I got there, and I noticed that my body had altered on my walk back to civilization. I felt like I was in more shape, and more alert of my surroundings. It wasn't until I reached civilization, that I found out that a week had passed since I left. It wasn't a month later until I realized or remembered that I was bitten by a spider. My body was stronger and my instincts were several times higher than any human being. I could run several times faster and jump several times higher than any human. But I wasn't learning everything as to what I could do yet, and like a kid with these abilities, you would think that he would use them to show off or impress anybody and everybody. But not me, I was to scared to say anything to anybody. To this day, nobody knows this side of me, except for that person they see with a mask over his face. My family does not know, my friends do not know, the people that I work with do not know. But the worst that hurts, is that the woman that I love does not know. I want to tell her most of all though, but that fear of her not understanding and leaving me still holds strong and I wish that I could find that courage out of everything, to bring that to the surface.

I have spider like abilities, I can climb all types of obsticles with ease, such as big buildings, I can jump very high, and run really fast without breaking a sweat or losing my breath. I have webs that shoot of my wrists and my web is very strong and bungee like, and will stick and hold onto anything that I attach it to.

I am not a comic book charactor like that spiderman, but I am just like him to compair myself to give you a better understanding as to my abilities.

I know that I am not the only "gifted" human out there and I am searching for others like me, not meaning with my abilities, but with extraordinary abilities. You can remain anynomous as I am right now, until we get a better understanding of each other and learn things about each other. I am not some lonely guy that lives in his parents basement with crazy fantisy thoughts in my head, all I say is true about me. I have only used my abilities in the deep portions of the rocky mountains back home to where nobody can see me, and to better my abilities to there utmost. I hope that there are others out there like me, and I would love to hear from you.

I am slowly coming out as hype over figurative super heros are portraited in the public eye. Also, in the hightened hurt that our country has suffered during this time of terrorism. I want to get out there and do my part with the abilities that I was given to make our country a better place. Slowly, I am working my acceptance of the public eye on me first starting with the voice of words through a computer.

I want to find others like me, others that want to do their part with there abilities and not hide behind a computer anymore. We still can't give out our true identities so easily, but we can still use abilities to there utmost, just under a cover. Not some corny comic book wannabe super hero thing, with the cape and the tights or something like that, and I don't want money or fame for doing my part either. I am in the military, because I wanted to do a part, if I couldn't do my part fully off, but my military term is slowly approaching it's end and I will once again be back in the public's surface. This time I want it to be right. I'm 19 years old and I've had these abilities since being bitten by that spider in that cave at 9, 10 years I have had these abilities, training to make them the best that I can. Not in the rocky mountains anymore, but in the central plains, I still find the amount of time to train myself to become better in every way, under the utmost privacy in a very secluded, building, out in the middle of no where a little ways away from the military installation that I serve my country on. I don't know how good or how much luck I will get by posting my words on a comic book type discussion board, but I couldn't find any other discussion board type that would best suit what I'm looking for.

I'm trying the best to explain myself, without giving any information as to where I'm located but to give you an idea as to it all. I don't know how much,if any help you will be, but I've been writting to every place, but not getting any answers, so it's not really going to set me back if I don't hear from you, I'll just keep trying.

OK, hold still. Nursie is gonna give you a little pill now, to help you sleep... QUICK! Get the leather straps over her head!!!

From Kelvin

I'm doing a choices speech at school tomorrow about how Spider-man has affected my life for the good. Could you please tell me how Spider-Man has influenced you as you've grown up reading about him. Are there any outstanding characteristics about the wall-crawler that have helped you out during your life time? Also, if you give me an answer, would it be possible for me to quote you? I would greatly appreciate all of this.

Well... by reading Spidey comics as a kid, I avoided a lot of homework. Now, as an adult, I squander money on kids books - and fritter away my time by reading, reviewing and cataloguing my posessions. They enhance my focus on the material, and drag me away from more important aspects of life, like spending time with my wife and children. Heck, what am I doing here... I should be reading bed-time stories to my kids!