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Date: May 1, 2002
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From Labah

pleas send me picture of all spiderman enemy and all spiderman friend and also spiderman self.

I don't think you could get ALL those guys to stand still long enough to take a picture.

From Gross03

It has been a while since I have read or subscribed to a Spider-Man comic and I was wondering if the comic The Amazing Spider-Man would be the best one because of its good artistic drawings and story.

Or perhaps you may prefer Peter Parker: Spider-Man, because of the great plot & dialogue, and the great pencil work?

From Anonymous

Comic Books are not Art.

Tracey Emin vs. Bill Sienkiewicz? I know where my money would be!

From Nanishii

Hey, isnt there this one japanese spiderman show where instead of being bitten by a radioctive spider, he gets a bracelet type thing?


From Adina

I'm not sure I'll get a response, but here goes:

My husband, Randy Everett, Jr. is the grandson of Bill Everett. Oddly enough we're trying to find out info too. We have kids and want them to know about their great-grandfather (who wouldn't). Is there anything we might find interesting on our quest, other than what's on the existing sites? We have know about him on a more personal level, but want the whole story. And thanks, your site did help!

Of course you're getting a response! I'm very happy to hear from you and flattered that you chose me to ask about your grandfather-in-law. Bill Everett is one of the true greats of comic book history. He is sometimes neglected, I think, because he didn't live long enough to be around when Comics Fandom really took off and expanded. Yes, he is remembered today as the creator of the Sub-Mariner but many fans have never even seen his work. That's too bad because anyone who has looked at his Sub-Mariner work of the 40s and Venus work of the 50s knows how truly distinctive he was, how much his style and technique shines out above many of his contemporaries. I, unfortunately, can't tell you much more than you probably already know but I can suggest a contact.

Roy Thomas is a comic book writer and editor who worked for Marvel Comics starting back in the mid 60s. He currently edits the Comics Fanzine called "Alter Ego" which is published by TwoMorrows Press. He knew your grandfather personally and professionally and has often written about him in the pages of his magazine. In fact, the issue I am looking at right now to get you this info (#13), has a Bill Everett illustration reproduced from Sub-Mariner #1 on the same page.

In any event, you can write to Roy Thomas at the address below. I don't know Roy personally but, from what I've read in his magazine, I'm sure he would love to hear from you and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. And I'm also fairly certain he would HAVE all the answers. Good luck! And, please, do me a favor, and let me know how it all turns out.

From v2099

I have one question for you: how can I create a Scarlet Spider mask or costume? I've been searching the entire Internet for a while now, but I can never found specific step-by-step directions as on how to make one. I just love the Scarlet Spider's costume and mask, and would love to make one from scratch!

No, you need a sewing expert.

From Joe

I have a book called decades of science fiction that uses the same font used in the movie and I've been trying to find it ever since. Any idea what the font is called?

No, you need a typesetting expert.

From HappyTimes

Do you know of any place on the web that u could read all or any of the Spider man comics in their entirity? If you do i would be greatly obliged if you send send me the adress.

No, you need a smack on the head, to learn you not to go around trying to steal stuff.

From WiskeyHigh

Have you noticed that in the last nine issues of amazing spiderman, spidey has had basicly only one fight with a supervillan? i know fighting is supposed to be bad and all, and i've been out of spidey circulation for a while, (thanks to the clone thing) but shouldn't spidey fight at least a little more often?

Does the world really need more fighting! Can't we just learn to respect one another, and live in peace?

From SolitaireInc

Your site used to be hosted by sigma.net, right? What happened to sigma? I can't access any sigma hosted site - including yours, until you relaunched the site. Is this thing with sigma being down a temporary problem, or is sigma down for good?

Sigma were a great bunch of guys. Too nice, that was their problem.

Sigma hosted a hundred or so sites, including some fan sites like ours. Unfortunately, they just weren't any good at sending out the bills. They hosted the corporate site for the company I work for, and never sent a bill in two years.

Sigma got sold a few months back, with the goal of moving the customers (including ourselves) onto a more solid footing. It never happened, and eventually the new owners just pulled the plug.

We moved (quickly) to GearHost.Com. They're very professional. Their support system is superb, prompt and friendly. Their servers are fast, and the plans are nicely priced.

The only downside is that the servers are WinNT, not Unix. But they're planning to bring out a Unix option fairly soon. But as a last word, thanks to Don, Dave, and the rest of the guys at Sigma for taking good care of us all that time.

From Peter Norbot

Hey Jonathan,

Got something for ya - another shot of me as Spidey. 23 years of webslinging and still loving it! I'm back!

Yo, Peter me old pal. Thanks for the new photo. It's up with the rest on the Fans : Costumes page, along with another shot from a guy calling himself M.C.

I guess we'll be seeing more of these soon... there's a new costume being released by The Halloween Shop, in the movie style. You can find it at www.halloweenshop.com if you're keen. Should have a review of it soon!