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Date: Mar 1, 2002
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From Koen

Dear Mr. or Mrs,

Do you have some movie's for the year 1977??

If you do can i them download from you??

Sure do. I've got Star Wars from 1977. Err, you do have a Beta fomat video tape player, don't you?

From mister-who-wishes-to-remain-unkown

Re: Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #12.

Guess you have your opinion, wrong on a few accounts, but then again you weren't part of the creative process for Team-Up #12 to know better.

Dear mister-who-wishes-to-remain-unkown,

Sure, I have my opinion, like you have yours. I dare you to prove me wrong on those accounts you mention. And be glad I wasn't part of the creative process, because in my opinion I'm probably the only person on this planet who draws more ugly than Ted McKeever. ;-)

Peter Kroon

From Katy



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From Barryman

the lotion I had in my hand said it was me

Whatever you're doing with that lotion, dude, kindly leave me out of it!

From OpSkateLoser

Hi. Ive been a fan of Spidey for a long time, but quit reading about the time Black Tarantula debuted an Electro became more powerful but recently started again.I havent read BT vs Spidey issues but heard reviews. OK Your comic book reviews have informed me that Spidey has been defeated by the BT in every fight they had.Ive heard that he is unbeatable by Spidey. OK. I read a review of his powers in the ASM Gallery site that said his powers are great fighting skills,super strength,immortality( you live forever unless someone kills you...reeeeeal helpful in a fight.) and great speed and agility,but not even superhuman.In one of your reviews it was said that he can shoot optic blasts,so I guess you can add that to the list.Ive heard also that his strength is comparable to Spideys, but no where near Hulk, Rhino, or Juggernauts strength.The Green Goblin has allof that plus more. Though most people think he only has super strength,I found out from Marvel.coms powergrid hes has speed and agility eqaul to Spideys. Add that to GGs gloves blasts, and he's already beat or eqaulled all of BTs powers except immortality which doesnt help at all in a fight.That along with the bombs,healing factor and glider, and GGs a good bit more powerful than BT, yet Spiderman beat him a bunch of times.Besides Spideys beaten Juggernaut, Galactus' herald Firelord,Morlun, Carnage,and even held his own and sort of beaten the Hulk before.They are all much more powerful than BT, but have been beaten by Spidey.Spidey not being able to beat him doesnt make sense. Besides why have a villain who is unbeatable to there exclusive hero foe. This almost happened once with Galactus, but the Fantastic Four beat him by upsetting his stomach with some wierd gizmo.Anyhow I want your opinion.Plus, he said he would return, but do you believe that he will so Spidey could get revenge? Its been a while since then and I reeeealllyyyyy want Spidey to kick his butt. Anyway, enough venting . Please respond as this is driving me insane.

You're being driven insane? Let me offer you directions, and a map. Anything to get you out of my part of town.

From Some Beautiful Model

DearMr.Editor guy man,

I am a new spiderfan.I CANNOT get enough of the wall-crawler!!!!!! I really do think he is handsome(I'm a GIRL!!)in and out of costume.I do not collect comics or do research on this superhero, but find him completely awesome! Don't want you to reply, but when did you fall in love with spidy? Anyway I get an overwhelming feeling thinking of spiderman!!Thanks for reading!!


Some beautiful model

Err... I don't think I ever did fall in love with Spidey. Well, you know, it's purely platonic.

From Chris Soden

Here's the picture I told you about. Let me know if you recieve the pic, as i'm new to e-mail and can never tell if i've done every thing right.

Came through just fine, thanks! The pic is up on the Fans : Art page now. That's a pretty sinister-looking Black Symbiote Spidey you've drawn there, dude.

I have to apologise for taking so long to get that picture up there. You sent me this in 2001. I've got quite a backlog of fan art. I'll try and feature three new pics each month in PPP, and hopefully we can catch up before too long!

From Ryan

hey Spidey fan(s), i'm writing a big paper on Spider-Man and Sigmund Freud, sheesh, I know, anyway been surfing the net and looking for anything relavent, any ideas? thanks, stranger, and cool site!

Spidey and Freud? Well, all the Spidey knowledge in the world is no use whatsoever, since all I know about Freud is that he carried a lot of ID on him, and was fond of wearing slips.

Now, if you'd asked about Madonna and Aristotle, maybe I could have helped... I did my double major in post-modern popular culture and Greco-Roman philosophy. Of course, that's a bit rusty... all I can remember now is the chorus to "Like a Virgin", and that's really not going to help anybody, is it?

From Anonymous

I hear jason padgett who plays the crony in Spider-Man just finished a movie in paris with olympic gold medalist Tara Lapinski is set to do the new indie flick Exterme Dating with Scott Wolf

...who sits next to Rachel in double-socio. He went to the prom last year with Max Peterson, who recently opened an all-night gym in downtown Seattle. Of course, Margret Peterson goes there once a week, but she's currently visiting her sister, Stephanie, in mexico city, where there's more than enough room for all of them. Thanks for mentioning it!

From Anonymous

The reason I am writing you is because you people with your fancy shmancy web-site seem to thing that Terry Kavanaugh is a bad writer. Like his stories were incompl And his dialogue was fragments. Fragments....of ...broken.... sentetences!

The only reason you guys didn't like F.a.c.a.d.e. was because you probably didn't figure our who F.a.c.a.d.e. was. I did. It was Peter.

Remeber that awesome Spirit's of Venom crossover with Venom, Ghost Rider, Blaze, Hobgoblin, Demogoblin, Hag, Troll and Doppleganger?

So stop bashing Terry Kavanaugh's extasteriffic run on Web of Spider-Man. It wasn't so bad that they eventually had to cancel the title and replace it with Sensational.

Me go lie down now. Head hurt from write.

You know, I think I have to agree with you. Now, go take your medication and nurse will bring you a glass of warm milk.

From LeonHart

Hey I am makeing my own Spiderman costume and i was wondering how do u get the webbing on the cosume I mean is it marker that does not wash off orr thick stiching.

Ummm... you do know it's just a comic, yeah?

From Cecil

In a previous letter, Mr. Plomish is asking about an episode of "Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends," which also featured an Native American character called "Hiawatha," whom we never saw anywhere else. There's his Red Skull mystery solution.

Oh, and a company called Buddha Music owns the rights to the classic theme song.

Buddha Music? They were the guys who released "From Beyond The Grave". Guess they snaffled the rights at the same time. It can't be too far off until we finally see those 60's cartoons released on DVD. Heck, I saw that they just released an 8 DVD boxed set of Battlestar Galactica... it must be Spidey's turn soon!

From Mile

I'm a huge spider-fan , and I have to congratulate you on the wonderfull job you did concerning this site.I just want to know ; will Venom be coming back(in ASM,PPSM or SM:TW)or will there be an ultimate version of Venom?

Not that we know of. But let's face it... Venom is a big-time star. Sure he's not the sure-fire crowd-pleaser that he once was. He got just a tad over-used in the 90's, but even so, I can't imagine never seeing him again. And as for Ultimate, I'd guess the same... if Ultimate lasts long enough, we'll see him sooner or later.




Huh? MJ left you too? I must have skipped over that in the comics, somehow.

From Beauregard

where can i find a web shooter if i can find one

In the top left hand drawer next to Peter's bed. Right at the back. Don't forget to check the web-fluid levels, and if you damage it, you'd better get him a new one!

From SiM

hi,i saw your site and thought you might be interested in a preview i made on Premiere 6.0 using visuals from the upcoming spiderman movie mixed with the old 70's live action tv show starring nicholas hammond all hacked up and edited to the soulful sounds of the lords of acid,i have it hosted at: www.fanmadetrailers.com.

Its on the front page with the flash in spiderman's glassy eye you cant miss it.

Here ya go, one free plug, as requested.

From Alexandre

Hello, I wanted to know how you were able to get your characters, comics, etc. On your site. I started a site and I can't do anything like that. The only thing I was able to do was put a little spider-man picture on the top.

Dude, that bites. Look, here's what I think you should do. Wherever you got your comp-sci degree from, go take it back and ask for a refund... it obviously ain't up to scratch. Bummer!

From Anonymous

do you think peter parker had a morbid dread of plug holes and an inability to get out of the bath without a towel hung over the edge of it?

Dunno, but maybe that explains why he never stuck with Black Cat. Maybe her tongue was just a bit rough?

From Travis

I don't believe Gwen Stacy is going to be in the upcoming spider man movie. Do you know why? The reason I don't believe she is is that in the preview, it is Mary Jane being dropped from the building, and when I went to imdb.com, I couldn't find her name in the full cast and crew listing.

I find this frustrating, Gwen was always my personal fave, and her death was probably the most dramatic turn of events in spidey history (and thus you would think would be the stuff of great movies!).

Yeah, but on the other side... think of the X-Men movie. They spend nearly the whole darned movie introducing the characters, and just managed to squeeze the plot in amongst all that. 100 minutes is not a long time in real terms, and some hard decisions have to be made about what to cut out. Maybe we'll see Gwen in one of the other two movies in the trilogy?

From Lunagirl

In your friends and allies page you don't have Doc Connors listed in a comic I own,Spidey is fighting the lizard and he says he can't use harm the Lizard because he would also be hurting Connors so he has to try to reach the guy inside the lizard. The Lizard is my favorite villian of Spideys' he's also the strongest,1. he is super strong and deadly with his tail 2. Spiderman can't hurt him because hurting the Lizard will also hurt Doc Conners.

Well, you got us there. The Lizard is filed under Villains, because nine times out of ten, when Spidey sees him, you can just bet that's he's gonna be up to his neck in scaly green man-hating reptile in a few panels time. The fact that Doc Connors seems to spend most of his time doing imitations of Kermit the Frog with rabies, and running around trying to bring down humankind and defenstrate Spidey in the process kind of pushes the balance over to the "Villain" side for us here at SpiderFan.

From Bing

I think you should play the Spider-Man video game for N64. It's excellent. Also, get some of the Spidey 6-inch figures.They have 30 points of articulation and come with display stand and a comic book. The comics are reprints. There are Battle Ravaged Spidey, Black Costume Spidey, Spidey, Rhino, Venom,Man-Spider, and Daredevil figures. The stand is wall mountable. They're only like seven bucks too ( the figure ). You should also also make a "Guys who aren't really Friends or Villans" section for your site. Please UPDATE MORE, you *bleep*in mother*bleep*er. Excuse me. Like your site. *fan web-slings off, leaving editor bewildered*

Note: If you think I'm 10+ years of age, I'm only 9.

What do I think? I think that little boys with potty-mouths get their Nintendo priveleges revoked, their mouths washed out with soap, and an early bedtime!