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Date: Jan 1, 2002
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From Matthew

Would you be interested in any of the recalled spiderman movie posters and mini's of the same print?

A recalled poster? I guess that would be more valuable, since it was recalled following the events of September 11th, which are famous for the death and destruction which happened on that day.

So, are you asking me if I want to help you turn a quick profit on the backs of those brave innocents who died in fire and destruction... if perhaps I want to contribute to a fast buck, earned at the expense of those poor souls who died on that terrible day? Should I put a few dollars in your pocket, courtesy of the men, women and children who paid the ultimate price for a war they didn't even understand?

Maybe not today.

From dmt

When marvel comics thanks friends and artists for there work and metions all there names once the name GOOCH appears in either issue 6 or 16 i can't remeber which could you find out which one for me please i am trying to see if a friend of mine has really been metionsed in a comics he said it was ina spiderman comic from marvel comics he helped wih some scketes in either issue 6 or 16 please help it was only oncew he was metions so it is eaily to be over looked thnaks

yhea it dos appear in one or not mayeb i can't rembr whcich GOOCH name does or not but i over looked seeing yur welcme.

From patrick

i know this STRANGE TALES #97 article's three years old, but i'm gonna comment on it anyway.

way back in 1988 when i was in junior high i went to a comic convention in my lil' hometown of rome, georgia. some table there had a small handful of those pre-hero marvel titles i love so much (no one can draw a cool five-story high monster like kirby n' ditko). when i looked for them back then, NO ONE wanted those books, so no dealer would bother to put them out. the ones they had were in pretty good shape, so i got them for a couple of bucks apiece. i thumbed through 'em when i got home and the "aunt may & uncle ben" characters in the said book had me scratching my head. what the hell?!? has nobody noticed this? ever? it wouldn't be until 1995 or 96 when the overstreet price guide finally recognized it as having any significence. i'm glad to hear it's finaly been reprinted. it would be neat if a writer tied it into the current titles. it's marvel; they can do whatever crazy thing they want. i'm also glad to hear that the book's worth a pretty penny these days as well!

Yeah, those old pre-hero monster books are pretty cool, especially those Lee-Ditko five pagers. (Ditko's art has never been better than it is in those stories, IMHO.) As for whether any writer will ever bring back Linda Brown and tie her to Spidey... well, you should never say never... but I think it's very unlikely. Too much like Superman and Lori Lemaris from years ago. And, if you think fandom howled over clones, just wait until Spidey's hanging out with a mermaid!

From Victor


I'm sorry... I don't write very good in english.... I want to tell you...better in spanish and you translate OK?

Bien queria decir que esta pagina es excelente, para mi gusto, es facil de navegar y tiene mucha informacion, muy buena y muy variada. Spider-Man es y sera el mejor superheroe de todos aunque aqui en Mexico salga retrasada ¡2 years!

saludos desde Mexico........

Hang on, let me get my Spanish phrase book. OK. Here we go... "May we please have some extra towels... and do you take travellers checks. We have been robbed... three hundred pesos is far too much... is this the bus for Anacondara?"

Hmmm... no, I'm afraid to say that your English is far better than my Spanish. But if you're saying that you need my help to extract three million dollars of bearer bonds from Nigeria, and you want to use my bank account... for which I will receive 2.4 million as my share (if I can just put up thirty thousand dollars in legal costs) then... "Thanks, but I only have travellers checks. And do you lease rental cars?"

From yes

why isnt there anything about gobbleanger on your villians page?

Gobbleanger? You must be looking for the Turkey Liberation Front web site... www.freeturkeysnow.com. But you're too late for this year, the site only gets really active around Thanksgiving time.

From Miken

I'm looking for lyrics from Rock Reflections of a Super Hero. I can't understand a few parts in Dr. Octopus part 2. Can you help me out?

Well... to be honest, I haven't sat down with a pen and tried to transcribe them. But if anybody out there wants to sit down and put the script into writing... then you're a really sad person, and please don't write to us.

From Matthew

I just have a quick suggestion that you may (or may not) consider.

It's to do with the monthly reviews of all the titles. I'd really enjoy it if the cover art was reviewed along with the storyline and the artwork inside the comic. The cover is, after all, a part of the comic and counts for a lot. Some covers are good, some aren't so good and some are great.

The cover does sometimes get a mention, but not perhaps as often as it should. That's a very worthy suggestion, which I have passed on to the reviewers.

Of course, once upon a time, the cover was printed on glossy paper with full color, while the interior was four-color newsprint. Nowadays, the inside of the comic is just as likely to be airbrushed on glossy paper, and hence the difference between the interior and exterior art is nowhere near as striking.

I can't help but feel that the cover is not given as much (proportionally) attention as it once received. But that's just my opinion.

From anonymous

I really do love your character pages. I do not have any comics so what are Core titles and etc.? I can not understand your discreptions.

Look, I hate to seem harsh here. But these comic thingeys. If you splash out and buy a couple, then maybe you'll start to get the idea. There's nothing like actually reading one or two to really start to understand what they're all about.

Just a suggestion.

From Andrew

Don't you think it's so sly, some kid gets bitten by some radio-active spider, which produces a huge tumor on his leg which prevents him from everyday routine and while Peter Parker is bitten by a similar arachnid and has super hero sterngth, the agility of a nine year old russian gymnast and numerous other abilities and still gets the girls?

What do you think?

I think one is real-life, and one is a fantasy story. Heck, look at Doc Ock. Did you see anybody walk away from Chernobyl with super-powers? Excluding that Ukranian janitor who later got that TV series as "Komrad-Glow-In-Der-Dark".

From mike

Can I be a member sir?

Believe me, kid. You already are one.

From onenonlypimpness

Why should you care if Doug wrote the song about Spider-Man, it has nothing to do with you, that was his choice. Even though people know that was his intention, the song could mean something completly diffrent to them. Why do you act polite to him when you are interviewing him but say all that?? That's kinda sad. This is coming from someone who knows him. If it inspires him, it's all good. I just thought I'd give my opinion. It doesn't matter if you agree or not, as long as you read this.

Buh bye now.

To whom is concerned,

I'm sorry but I really don't understand why you believe I was acting impolitely to Doug. If I was, I'm sorry and I meant no disrespect whatsoever to Mr. Schoeneck. If anything, I was attempting to laud his musical creation. The fact that I acknowledged that his song was derived and inspired by Spider-Man, to me, does not offer a disservice to the song. If anything, as I stated in my interview, I believe it has "added depth" to the words (for Spider-Man fans, who are the target audience of the webpage) by revealing the origin of the lyrical inspiration. I would hope that others who care not for the comic book character are still able to be moved by the song such that it resonates with their own personal experiences.

Why should I care if Doug wrote the song about Spider-Man? Because I write for a Spider-Man fansite and fellow readers of Spider-Man would enjoy to hear an excellent musical tribute to the character that interests them.

Plus, it is my understanding that Doug was hoping his songs be included on the Spider-Man movie soundtrack. By spreading the word about his song on the Internet, wherein it would be appropriate to make known that the song was about Spider-Man, I hoped to help Doug's publicity. I personally felt he wrote an excellent song, and hoped to see Sprit Creek's name on the Spider-Man: The Movie CD.

-Mike Fichera