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Date: Oct 1, 2001
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From vivlilp

About the Spider-man ride @ Universal Studios.

The one problem with the ride is that you are in the hostage view-point. You don't get to see the fight, you're too busy focusing on what is happening to you. It's not fair.

Actually, what isn't fair is begging in the streets after the death of your husband in some pointless local war, being denied basic rights because of your gender, race, cuture, or sheer bad luck. Being trapped in an endless cycle of dehumanising poverty while watching the trusting happiness of your children's eyes fade too soon, to be replaced by fear, anger and loathing - all the while catching glimpses like sun-glint on the unforgiving sand of distant gardens in far off lands - seeing but unseen by the passing wealthy strangers who will one day kick the dust on your unmarked paupers grave, where you lie unsung, unwanted, and finally without meaning... having never visited Universal Studios at all.

From Otman

I have a little question: Who is the spiritual father of Spiderman?

Will Eisner.

From zimmy

i have black & white line illustrations, and i need to find a decent colorist that can scan the images and color them in ?photoshop or ?illustrator?

can you refer me to such a freelance colorist? if not, where might i look? is there a website or publication that i could advertise in?

What's that? You're having trouble coloring in? Heh, I can see from that sample you sent... you're having one heck of a tough time keeping the crayon inside the lines.

From Richard

richard hi ive just got spiderman 2 for playstation 1 and im stuck on a level against the lizard where u hav 2 find the antidot 2 turn him back in 2 dr connors i would also like 2 know of any cheats like 2 get newer costumes and things like that so could u plz email me bac at.

u 2 hv prob i cnt evn get the gm started i put disk in an typd strtp but it sd cmd unknwn cn u hlp me 2?

From please reply

hello there you might not of understood what I asked do you know spiderman cheats for playstaion if not can you tell me were I can find cheats.

Err... drinking alone in downtown bars, when their wives think they're working late at the office?

From anonymous

In addition to being the bibliographer of the "Jews in Comics" webpage, I am also the bibliographer for the "Librarians in Comics" webapage. I seem to have had a neglected childhood. I never read Spidey Super Stroies and hadn't realized they had 3 comic stories with librarians in them. 3 shelves of books? How absurd indeed!

It's funny you should mention that. I had an email last week from the "Elocution Instructors named Brian under 5' 3" in Comic" web page last week. He was complaining that he had been running the page for four years now, and apart from a single panel in that early "Weasel & Mavis go Shopping" limited series, he hadn't found anything to write about. Count yourself lucky!

From Thomas

This is Thomas Wigg and I am 8 years old.I was wondering if could send me a list to me,but please please put it in English money.

Certainly. Here you go:

Twelve Pounds
Five Shillings and Sixpence
Two Florins
Thruppence, Ha'penny and a Farthing

Glad to help.

From too_kool

Hey Jonathon i like i visit your website almost everyday!well i just wanted your opinion: do u think marvel is gonna bring hybrid & scarlet spider back? I hope they do cause to me they are so cool (not better than spider-man of course). well plz respond

Hybrid who?

From Damian

On the cover page of Amazing Spider-man #121, spider-man says that the green goblin killed the only girl he'll ever love (Gwen Stacy), i thought spider-man loved MJ not gwen! it's a disgrace! MJ is the only one for spider-man anyway, WHY DOES IT SAY THAT?!?!?!!!!?!????

Mary-Jane who?