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Date: Sep 1, 2001
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From James

Do you know ice man who is spiderman's friend I dunno actually know his name but his ability is ice

Errr... maybe there's some sort of trick going on here. Is this an anagram, or something? ICE MAN... Oh, is it AN MICE? Spider-Man's friend is an mouse? No, that doesn't seem right. E MANIC? Is his friend mad or something? EMI CAN? Some sort of drink, sponsored by the music industry?

Darn it! I can feel I'm so close now! Oh, I give up, you're going to have to tell me.

From Gogagin

I think your site is great. I want to know if Jackal will ever make a return. PLEASE tell me. I know he fell of of the roof during Maximum Clonage: Omega, but he is the BEST Spider-villian EVER! I am from the uk and i think Spidey rulz.

Well, I'm not really in the know... but my guess is that the Jackal will not appear again for a long long time.

From Issy

I just started getting really interested in Spider-Man comics and started collecting reprints of Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1 and Ultimate Spider-Man. Anyway I'm a bit confused about all the other series that you mention such as Spectacular, Sensational, Peter Parker: Spider-Man, Web, Unlimited, Tangled Web, etc. Could you tell me if they are all separate or overlap, as some looked like they do. Also, which do you think are worth getting, are they all good? or are some not worth the money?

Firstly, yes, they do generally overlap. If you look at the Comics Chronology then you'll see what came out when.

Are they all worth getting? That's a question I can't answer for you. Some people collect every single comic, other's collect none. And among those who collect some but not all, there's a thousand different opinions.

You can read the reviews and look at the web ratings for comics in the last few years - that might help you decide. But in the end, the decision on which comics to buy has to be yours. If you're not sure, then buy one or two and make a judgement call for yourself!

From Kevin

I have created a Spiderman The Movie screensaver, which you can get free at...


Cool. Thanks!

From Brian (Editor, Comicology)

Just to let you know.

I've used your credit directory here on [spiderfan.org] extensively in preparing a "comicography" for longtime Marvel writer/editor Tom DeFalco. He's been interviewed for an upcoming issue of my magazine, Comicology, which is published by TwoMorrows Publishing (the fine folks behind Alter Ego, Comic Book Artist, Draw!, and The Jack Kirby Collector, as well as many comics-related reference books).

Our website is www.twomorrows.com.

A worthy project - glad we could help!

From Marc Hall

HI you probably already no this but i thought i'd tell you just in case


They love the spidey game and while previewing the new game(spider-man 2 enter electro yes yes yes cant wait)they had a little page of websites.

Awesome. A GameBoy Advance is on my list of toys to acquire, so there should be a review of the game here before too long.

From CJ


Thanks for sorting that out for us. It was really weighing on my mind.

From Anonymous

Love your site, but just wanted to mention that you spelled "collectables" incorrectly. The correct spelling of the word is: collectibles (with and "i" instead of an "a". I imagine Stan Lee would favor the correct spelling, in case you wanted to make an update. Excelsior!

Not according to my Shorter Oxford English Dictionary it isn't wrong! Are you going to tell me that "Colour" should be "Color" and "Analyse" should be "Analyze"?

Get on outta here!

(Editor's Note: We renamed that section to "Cards" a few years later. Honestly, it wasn't just because couldn't agree how to spell it!)

From Crixifix

hola erickojala y te llege esta pagina y puedas veer lass postales del hombre araña o.k te quiero mucho!!!!!

In the laundry, it's fallen down behind the hamper. Glad we could help.

From Pantea

I want some pictures of the film (spider man) . Would you please send me some.

Sure. But can I wait until they've finished making it first?

From Anonymous

Who do you think is spider-mans biggest foe?and how does ben rielly die? i really like your website!

Probably Galactus would be the biggest. Can't think of anybody larger than that off-hand.

Ben Reilly died... quite quickly from memory.

From Stony White

Hey. This is kinda a long e-mail, but you'll find the results ASTOUNDING. PLEASE READ IT.

The name's Stony White, and I'm a freelancer web designer in Las Vegas. I really like your site, looking for info one one of my most favorite characters of the Marvel Universe.

Recently, I've been reading the new Spider-Girl comics, and at first I shunned it, but now I'm digging it. Anyways, May "Mayday" Parker keeps having frequent encounters with a new SpiderMan whim she labels as a fake, knowing her dad's the OG Spidey, but the new Spidey admits he's new to the webslinging business himself. Many think the new SpiderMan is the son of the Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) who popped up in SpiderGirl issue #36, but I assure you, Black cat has NOTHING to do with it.

Your site just reminded me of a minut point in the Scarlet Spider's life, in which many fans didn't read about. To this day, I remember a reference from a comic I read back in those clone saga days. Ben stopped in a town where he met a redhead whom was a waitress, and he had a relationship with. After numerous encounters with the law, a druglord, and the monstrosity known as Kaine, Ben is convinced to be a hero once again, and also learns the dark secret of his lady's crime of murdering her molesting father. Ben was then compelled to tell her the secret of his "alter-ego". Then, they managed to escape together from a degenerating Kaine, who had murdered his new girlfriend, who he had found out to be a murdering, dirty cop. The comic also said Ben and the lady took off TOGETHER, but parted later on down the line. The lady was none other than Janine Godbe, aka Elisabeth Tyne.

I have reason to believe the new SpiderMan is none other than the lovechild of Ben Reilly and Elisabeth Tyne.

Evidence? Marvel comics are huge believers in foreshadowing. They drop hints to make they true fans stand out, and become quite active investigators.

CLUE ONE: The new SpiderMan has spiderpowers.
He would have to have inherted the powers. It is possible that he could be a clone, or could have a formula of some sorts.

CLUE TWO: The reappearance of Kaine.
SpiderGirl issue #14 starred none of than the presumed dead, Ben Reilly stalking, homicidal clone of Peter Parker. Note that Kaine was known for stalking REILLY, not Parker, because he thought that Reilly was the real deal.

CLUE THREE: A new character who's name says it all.
SpiderGirl Issue #33 shows a character who's name bears great signifigance... REILLY TYNE. Clearly it's taken from BEN REILLy and ELISABETH TYNE.

FINAL CLUE FOUR: The ending of SpiderGirl Issue #33
The new SpiderMan goes home, and meets his mother, who's kept in shadows, of course. Something she said struck me. "Maybe we shouldn't have copied the costume, but you certainly have a legitamate claim to the name. Trust me, Son! You were always destined to be the next SpiderMan." Clear references to relation to a Spiderman.

I was amazed when I did my homework.

Sorry. You were correct with Miss Scarlet, and the Lead Pipe... but it was The Conservatory, not The Library.

From Monkey Pride

Regarding the letter that was posted in PPP Vol 7 issue 8: Are you serious? You think I am the honorable Mr. Makie? The greatest man to ever grace the pages of Spider-Man? Wow, I definately am flattered, but I am sorry to say you are incorrect! I am merely one of Mr. Makie's millions of adoring fans! Fans of the man who brought us Captain Power, The Mary-Jane Stalker, the melting Green Goblin (my personal favorite) and more great characters. He brought us memerable epics, such as Peter Parker #18, which was, as Stan Lee would say "the greatest book-length epic I ever thrilled-to!) I Peter Parker #18, not only did howard restore Flash Thompson to his original greatness, but he shocked us with the amazing solution to the mystery of the newest Green Goblin. I mean, look at what we have now, JMS' story is moving so slowly a snail could stop and take a crap on it, and Jenkin's writing gets boringer with every issue. I nearlly fell asleep reading that Baseball drivil. Doesn't Jenkins know how to put some action in his comics? So, while the rest of you gentlemen are sitting around waiting to find out what new snores are around the corner, I'll be reading some truely great comics...the makie comics.

Oh dear, Howard. You didn't think I would see through that pseudonym?

I know all about that grubby little episode with you, the three monkeys, and the bottle of banana oil.

From Anonymous

A lot of things are wrong on this site and I want to help. Wich is why I'm going to E-mail you so u know what's good and what's bad look in for next weeks letter!

Great! Welcome aboard! OK, your first job is proof reading the letters page!

From Brian

Boy, do I disagree with your review of Punisher (Vol. 6) #2!

In the Thousand, I felt Ennis displayed his lack of knowledge of and respect for Spider-Man. Punisher #2 shows his utter contempt for Marvel flagship character. Spider-Man is a buffoon in this issue. He attacks and is discarded twice before he's used as a human shield. This is the hero who has fought thousands of battles , and who has used the webbing-to-the-face move hundreds of times. Sure the Punisher is older than Spidey, but I don't think he has more experience, battle smarts, or fighting skills than him. Spidey will never regain his superstar status as long as stories like this are being printed.

As for the humor, it's really silly, similar to Mad magazine. The difference is Mad magazine is Mad magazine, and The Punisher is part of Marvel Knights, with a "mature content" warning. If this is the reason they issued that warning, they really have nothing to worry about.

Peter Kroon (reviewer) responds...

Well, disagreeing with me is, of course, allowed. That's the fun part of comics. One likes a story, another one doesn't. Either way, both persons care about the story.

>%gt; Sure the Punisher is older than Spidey, but I don't think he has
>%gt; more experience, battle smarts, or fighting skills than him.

Well, that's a good topic for an in depth discussion. Since Frank was a US Marine captain, had SEAL training, went to 'Nam twice and is practically an one man army, it would be nice to see them really fight against each other. Although Spidey has superpowers, I'd put my money on The Punisher. The main reasons for this are (a) Frank won't hesitate to kill and (b) he uses whatever is necessary to win.

>%gt; Spidey will never regain his superstar status as long as stories
>%gt; like this are being printed.

To me, part of the fun of reading Spider-Man is that is he not always an infallible winner. In the end he comes through, but unlike Superman he has limitations and fails on a regular basis.

The Editor adds...

Overall it seems like you're taking this a little seriously. Firstly, this is a Punisher comic, not a Spider-Man comic. Secondly, it's just a bit of fun - and it was reviewed and rated on those terms. The whole comic is pretty silly really, and judged as a pretty silly comic, it worked quite well.

I wouldn't like to see this kind of story be a regular occurance, and I don't think it would have worked very well as a Spider-Man comic. But as an isolated story in a Punisher book, it succeeded in achieving the goals it set for itself. That's why it got a good rating.

From scott

hi...i hope you can answer my question or point me in the right direction. i recently bought a "amazing spider-man #1 (1963)" from a local comic book store.

when i read the book, i noticed that the main character was referred to as "peter PALMER"...not "PARKER." my question is, is this book bogus, or did marvel print some with this mistake in it? if so, is the mistake version worth as much as the "parker" version, or more, or less? i'm confused. the comic book store owner assured me that it is not a bogus version, and that marvel did print some with this mistake in it. i just wish i could verify this information somehow so i have some peace of mind about my investment. hope you can be kind enough to help. thanks.

Ahh... what you have there is a Marklin Brothers reprint from the early 70's. It's almost indistinguishable from the original. They're a bit hard to find, but they won't fetch more than $30 or so.

I don't have one myself, so I'd be happy to take it off your hands. Just drop me a line and I'll send you cash, and an address to send it to. I wouldn't bother talking to your comic dealer, he obviously doesn't know what he's talking about. Just send the book to me. Right now. I'll take care of it for you. Just send it, dammit! Now!

Oh, before you do that, why don't you read our review of Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Story 2).

From ssakaluk

I have often wondered, but have never found the right person to ask, if Spider-Man has gotten any stronger as he got older. If you look at him in ultimate spiderman he looks much more lanky, then he does in any of the books where he is all grown up. Just wondering if you would know.

Yes, it's generally accepted that Spidey is stronger now than he was as a teenager. But there are a couple of points. Firstly, strong as he is, his strength isn't really what makes him Spidey. We rarely see Spidey using all his strength.

Secondly, his actual strength really depends on the writer at the time. If they need him to be strong enough, he is. If they want him weaker to fit the story, then they just make him a bit weaker. There's no real consistency that you can see over time.

From mtnotis

I was just wondering if you could post a link to my petition on your web-site. Thanks!!!!!!!!

[Ed - Link expired, now removed.]

Sorry, but we don't do that sort of thing.

[Ed - Now that the link is removed, the irony of having listed the link in our negative reply, hence in fact giving a positive outcome is somewhat lost. Sorry.]