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Date: Aug 1, 2001
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From MonkeyPride

Hey, first of all I'd like to say that this is the best spiderman site out there. I have one problem though. Whay are all of you so against Mr. Makie and all the great things he has done for our friendly neighberhood webslinger? I mean, the MJ stalker thing was a thrill-a-minute nailbiter that wouldn't let me off the edge of my seat until Mr. No-name blew himself up at the end of Parker 29. That was pure comic writing art. It totaly blew me away!!! And how can we forget the most resent sinister six epic where venom was trying to kill them all? Venom is the second greatest villian (the first being Fusion...no, not that yellow faced freak who can't even come up with any original powers, I'm talking about the midgit twins) and it was a real treat to have him apear every other issue. You guys just don't give Howard the credit he deserves. Look what we have now. There Morlun running around like an idiot in his tux sucking peoples powers. I mean, that gimmic has been used and over used so many times it makes me sick. And as far as fusion is concerned he can kiss my (blank) with the lips of every hero ever invented for all I care. I hope Makie can return vary soon and save spider-books from this horrible downward spiral.

Nice try dude, but I'm not fooled! You need to get a second email address. Did you really think that I wasn't going to recognise you reply address - hmackie@aol.com?

From HEX

Hello, how are you? My name is Vic. I was wondering. Then my spidey sense went off. How can I email one of those artists that submitted their work to your site? I am going to have a tattoo done of Spidey on a snowboard,catching some kind of air or maybe a grabbing the board. I wanted to email them if they could draw me something. Does your site have some kind of bulletin board so people can post things? If you could let me know, that would be helpful. Thank You, HEX

Sorry, but we don't have message board. Who needs one, with ComicBoards so nearby?

As for Spidey on a snowboard, I'm pretty sure I actually saw a Spidey snowboard a couple of years back, at a DEKA store - which is like a New Zealand version of WalMart, but not as up-market!

From Kevin

Hi, I am making a documentary about Spider-Man fans, and, as you are a very big Spidey fan, I was wondering if you'd care to help me, and millions of fans around the globe. What I want to do is get inside fan's heads, live in their shoes, and see Spidey though their eyes. So this is what it would involve:

  1. Living in your house for a month
  2. Reading your comics
  3. Eating your food
  4. Shagging your girlfriend

Thanks from me, and the billions of Spidey fans around the world who will benefit from your time and effort.


I would love a month off, the snow is great this season. But before you follow through, there's a few things you should know about my shoes (athlete's foot), my food (mostly McDonalds) and my girlfriend (let's not even go there).

Still, there's always the comics!

From Jazz Playa

Is there a website where I can download the Capcom Vs Marvel game? By the way, the Amazing spider man game is pretty neat.

What! You think that there's a site on the Internet where you can download for free a game worth fifty bucks? Is that what you think the Internet is for... helping you freeload on other people's hard work! Do you really imagine that some guy is going to rip the ROM from an arcade game, and then create some sort of emulator so that you can play the game on your home computer for free? Well, DO YOU?!

Like "MAME", for example? Check it out on the 'Net.

From Max

I'm trying to find out as much about Spider-Boy as I can, pluse I was hopeing I could get a pic or two, because I'm thinking about opening a Spider-Boy web page. if you could help I'd be greatful.I'm going to check out the F.A.Q. page too, but if you could send me anything,I Thank you.

...our you could, like, BUY the Spider-Boy comics... all two of them! Just who was going to be creating this website? You planning to send out emails until you find somebody to do that for you too?

From Kain

Dear spidey fan, I am a Marvel enthusiast and wondered if you could help me out. I am piecing together a Scrap Book which I will compile all the best moments from the Marvel Universe, I have collected many Comics and as such have a lot of holes in my spider-man collection. I have not finished my Mary-Jane section of the book and wondered if it was possible if you could please send me a few scans of MJ when she was smoking for me 2 put in the book. As I have no issue of Spider-man when she did so if you could help I would be most grateful to you I'm not sure if this is a good reason or not but if u cannot its no problem.

The scrapbook is a hobby just a quick reference for me to look at all the best bits of the Marvel Universe its just for me my private treasure. I strongly recommend u do a scrapbook like me its a lotta fun and quite nifty to show off to your friends as well. I do hope you could please help me.

Yeah, it's cool isn't it! When I was a kid, I cut out all my favourite panels from Amazing Fantasy #15, and glued them into a scrapbook.

Great hobby, isn't it! Just let me find my scissors, and I'll cut out some bits from those comics you want. What's your address?

From Granny

I am a grandmother of a Spiderman fan--I used to be fan--is there a ''fan club'' to join? I would like to get regular mailings, like catalogues, promotions, etc. sent direct to his home.

Is this possible?

Well, I don't know of anything official at the moment. But Marvel are running a special program for fans right now. It's especially aimed at kids with a little bit of net-savvy.

It's easy to join. Just set up a website saying how much you love Spidey. Include a picture of Spidey, maybe from a comic or something.

Before you know it, a genuine representative from the Marvel Fan Club Legal Team will be in touch. Your young grandson will get impressive looking letters with your name printed on them, and maybe even a visit in person from a junior partner of a high-flying Manhattan legal firm.

Isn't that better than a couple of cruddy stickers and some amateurish newsletter?

From Taldor

but u need your help i need to get all i can about amazing spiderman #397 and especially about stunner... i can't get the magazine here in Israel so...

please, can u help me ???

Sorry, I really can't respond to requests for scans or detailed information on freely available comics like ASM #397. I just don't have the time. Besides, if you have a credit card, you can easily get any comic you want couriered out from the U.S. from any one of a hundred online comic shops.

But I'll tell you what... if you guys and Palestine can find peace before the end of the decade, drop me an email and I'll send you a dozen Spidey comics!

From Craig

Why won't return SpiderMan 2099 as a comic series..... I thought it was a helluva series, write back!

Hey, I thought Mary-Jane was a helluva babe, and she's gone too, so what makes you think they'll listen to my opinion!

Anyhow, you can still relive the glories of 2099 by reminiscing along with Mike Fichera in his Looking Back at Spider-Man 2099 as he reviews his way through the canon.

From foxy4galf

Dear editor I recently found the second card out of the four in the holgram series. I really don't know anything about it and was wondering if you could give me some information on it.

Sure thing. What you have there is a special trading card. I.e. a non-typically formatted card which is inserted in random packs of regular trading cards. The one you have is produced with a special process which generates a hologram on the card. Typically, only one side shows a hologram. The other side is sometimes blank, or sometimes contains printing, or imagery.

In the particular set you have (you don't say which, but I can extrapolate from the facts you do provide) there are four holograms. The one you posess is the second in the arbitrary numeration that has been selected. Hence, it is not the first, nor the last, or even the second to last. In fact, it is the pen-pen-ultimate of the quadracardal sequence.

As for possible uses for this card. There is, of course, the actual visual appearance of the card, which many (myself included) consider pleasing. You say little about the character or scene which it represents. I shall make a leap and assume that a comic character, perhaps related to Spider-Man, is depicted.

In addition, a number of people (again incoporating myself) find it strangely pleasing to attempt to accumulate the entirity of the disparite cards which are formed into the abstract grouping known as the card set. These cards are accorded into a set by having been sold contained in a similar packaging format, generated by the same creative and manufacturing body of people, at roughly a single chronological point.

As a final point. Many of these cards have an intrinsic value, which can be converted to liquid capital via a transaction known in the general parlance as "a sale". However, I personally am not soliciting such a transaction. Your motivations may clearly be different to my own.

I hope that facilitated your comprehension?

From Brian

I remember a book that I could not find. There was a hard cover book called "Webs" by Peter Parker. It was supposed to be based on the photo book that Peter Parker had authored in the comic and has went on the road to promote. Do you have any information on this book?

Hmmm... maybe I missed it, but I was pretty sure that "Webs" was just a book from the comics. I never saw a real print book. Can anybody out there shed any light on this?