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Date: May 1, 2001
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From CrFine

I would like to start a fan comic on your website. I would like to have Boon Vong do the pencils and inking, and have Fenris do the coloring. I would write it and you we could publish it on the website. Tell me what you think.

I could be the publisher? Hmmm... so I would be in charge of writing the rejection letters?


Hmmm... or am I just too subtle for that job?

From mr.SMITS


My name is mr.SMITS from the NETHERLANDS.
First of all my compliments for the webpage.
But i have a little problem!.
I run on MAC and i want to download some cool stuff for my desktop.
Can you please make some downloads for MACINTOSH.
I will be verry happy !!!!!!
Thank you verry much and have a nice day.

Greetings from the NETHERLANDS.


Hiya. I'd be very interested in taking up your offer to provide Macintosh desktop development services. There are some key points we will need to clarify before proceeding...

  1. You make no mention of Spider-Man specific software. Please let me know what kind of desktop software you wish me to develop.
  2. I do not possess a Macintosh currently. The charge for hardware investment would be included in my services fee.
  3. I do not have any desktop software skills, so obviously I will need to attend a training course, or university. Clearly, this cost will need to be passed back to you as part of the total contract.

My terms are cash, in advance. A few thousand Gilder should be sufficient for me to start the work.


From Spider-Man

Could you send me the song "Peter stays and Spider-man goes". The song that's on the Rock reflections of a superhero cd? I saw you had the clip but i would like the whole thing.

Nope, but I'll hum it for ya! Of course, you could always buy a copy from amazon.com.

Oh, wait, we have the Internet, and Napster. Nobody pays for music any more... musicians and recording companies just do it for the love of their art!

From A.Linden

I have a black 3-ring binder that has notes, printouts from fan sites (like this one) and actual scenes with descriptions about the shots and also colorful 8 1/2 x 11 pictures that will be in the movie...

It's from the set about 10 days ago while shooting in LA, notes, scenes, info from fan sites and hand written items along with tons of 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of all the characters and the different outfits separated by character. It is all 3 whole punched!

for sale

Let me get this right. Your folder has print-outs of articles from our site. Our site, that we produce for free. You plan to make a profit from stealing our work, and you want ME to help you do that?

Nice idea... maybe I could get Spielburg to head down to the market on Saturday and help me sell these bootleg Betamax copies of E.T.?

Bah! Let me get my hands on you, and you'll be "3 whole punched!"

From Reyner

hey spidey!
how are you. my name is Reyner from indonesian
spidey what are you doing now?
I want to play with you
will you come to my house
Because i am very like with you

Hey, I've seen those programs about people you meet on the 'Net who ask you to go round to their house and "play".

From J. Corner

Speaking also of Spider-man killing, check out ASM Annual #5 ("The Parents of Peter Parker," by Stan Lee & bro Larry Lieber, reprinted in Essential #4). On page 33, the Finisher fires a rocket from his car at Spidey, and Spidey leads the missile back to the Finisher's car. The driver gets away, but the Finisher manages to hold on long enough to tell a surprisingly lucid tale of how Peter's folks were framed by the Red Skull. Spidey doesn't seem terribly upset by his death - this is his reaction:

"He's dead! -- And before I could get anything in writing!"

OK, granted - the Finisher was a _bad_, _bad_ man, and he was working for the Red Skull, who's even worse. But Spidey's balked at killing a lot worse guys in his day. And though the Finisher was the one who fired the rocket, Spidey could have led it back to a lot of other places besides the car.

Personally, I chalk it up to Stan Lee's unfortunate Cold War syndrome.

Hey, good memory. That sure looks like pretty convincing proof that Spidey doesn't have blood-free hands. Stan's always had some pretty strong feelings in that area. If you recall Spidey's first meeting with Chameleon, his line as he rips Cammy out of the 'Copter is "I've got you now (or similar)... Commie!".

Interestingly enough, I have a reprint which has (clumbsily) been adjusted to say "Buddy!". Ahhh... political correctness! Far more important that an honest understanding of peoples' ever-changing and compex motivations.

From Tom Moon

Dear Editor and Contributors,

F.Y.I - I went and looked for some spelling errors and found many in the charachter profiles.

Also, the new section about obscure charachters is absolutely terrific. I really like these interesting profiles about some of the past one-hit wonder charachters.

Thanks for the compliments. And yes... you're 100% correct about those spelling errors. I see now that I have consistently mis-spelt "charachters" almost every time I've used it... I kept on spelling it as "characters"!

Thanks for pointing that out, I'll fix it very soon!

From Bob S.

My wife went to an auction and came home with a "Buck Rogers" pin ball machine manufactured by D.Gottlieb & Co. I believe it was manufactured 1979. I machine is not working, there is power to a solnoid coil in the coin box area and some of the lights are on, but that is about it. I would like to start checking things out but am not sure where to begin since I don't have a schematic. Do you know if schematics are available and if so where. and how do you lift up the machine to get to the wiring, relays, etc as shown in one of your pictures. any advise would be appreciated.

Could be worse. I went to an auction and came home with my wife! Any advice would be appreciated!

P.S. Try Mr. Pinball.

From Jason

Just wondering if you could clear something up for me. When I was young I used to watcha carton with spiderman and iceman and firelady in it. I was wondering who was spiderman's fourth allie in this series and what it was called.

You're talking about Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends (TV), and I see only three super-heroes. Unless you mean Aunt May, or the little dog Ms. Lion?

From Bartek

Send me picture (black and white)

Hmmm... either a color-blind Spider-Fan, or somebody looking for a good on-line site to buy pre-1950's movies. Either way, I'm afraid there's just no helping the guy.

Well, that's all for this month. Keep those letters coming... Especially if you have something to say!