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Date: Feb 1, 2001
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From Jimbo


Any way the reason I am e-mailing you is I am creating a team of 'superheroes' called the 'Vengers' The difference about the Vengers is most of the are or used to be villans.Some of the characters are my own original ones and others are Marvel characters.Each memeber of the team is given a partner to work with.The team is listed below.I was wondering weather you had any ideas or not?

THE LIST.Keeping in mind they are 'superheroes' now.

Denki-one of mine.He is a rich Japanese crime lord who is funding the project.

Karl Foden(aka savage)-He is also one of mine he as the ability to turn into a savage beast much like Sabertooth at will.

Sabertooh-you know who this is.

Sandman-you also know him.I chose him because he did want to be good at one stage.

Jonus-He is one of mine.Jonus is a master theif and leader of the group called 'the funami' you can read more about them on my website.

Kikea-Also one of mine.You would need to read his profile to understand him but it is not on my site yet.

Zaran-A marvel character he recently made his debut in a issue of wolverine I think it was the January issue.

SpeedFreek-He is another marvel guy who has a Admantium battle suit.He is a master assasin.You can read about him here...

Redneck-Another one of my characters.He is just a stupid kid who wants to be a super villan (oh yeah and hes a mutant with incredible strenth,speed and the ability to fly)

Well thats my list so far tell me what you think and if you have any suggestions please feel free.

Hey Jimbo, that's a great list. I'd love to share my ideas, but... err... well... I'm keeping them all to myself, because I'm writing my own team. Yeah. And you'd better not steal any of my ideas, right?

From Jimbo (The Next Day)

Ah I like your style.

Pretty much the whole thing has changed now anyway.

Once I am finished I will put it all on my site but it may take a while I also need time to upload stuff.

Even the name of the group has changed.

do you create your own characters or what? if you do it would be interesting to compare them to mine.I have yet to meet someone who does the same thing I do.

see ya.

That's OK Jimbo. I changed my mind too.

From david


where can the BBC Spider-Man recording be purchased? any information would be appreciated

The recording was made by the BBC and played to air. You can purchase the CD (as I did) on eBay, at a fairly fixed price of around US$20. However, you should be aware that the recording is a bootleg - although it does appear very realistic. As far as I am aware, the bootleg is the only version which is available.

The guy who is selling the bootlegs is very reasonable. The price on my auction bid up to around US$30. When the auction closed, the seller told me that I had paid to much, and that he was only asking US$20. The CD arrived in perfect condition, very promptly.

I inspected mine very closely, trying to determine if it was authentic or not. The CD has a picture on it, and the printing on the case is done on a very nice colour printer. I eventually decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. Clearly it was below regular commercial quality, but I assumed that perhaps it was a limited run done by a smaller department in the BBC.

A friend of mine also bought a copy, but he was more suspicious. He emailed the seller, saying that he believed that the copy was not a commercial CD. The seller confirmed that it was a bootleg, and pointed out that he never claimed that it was commercial. He offered a full refund for return, however they eventually agreed on a partial refund, and my friend could keep the CD.

From mvc

i am looking for a spiderman blow up doll - the kind that you can stick to your window

its almost life size

would you know where i might be able to buy one?

Well, I'm impressed by your frankness, and I think I can help. Here's what you need to do. Head down to your local adult shop (and no, I can't help you find one, unless you live in Wellington, New Zealand).

What you are looking for is the Loves-Like-Life (tm) model #203-R-3. They might not have it, but they can probably order it in. It's a current model, and it's in the L-L-L catalogue for Summer 2000/2001. It'll set you back around US$175. Note that the #203-R is the redhead model, of course. You can get the blonde, and dye it, although it probably won't work out as well. The brown or the black version won't do at all.

Anyhow, the Redhead version makes a pretty convincing substitute, the facial likeness is uncanny. Pump it up to a classic 38-25-34 and it looks just like the Todd McFarlane version. For a Ron Frenz look, adjust the air to 35-22-32. Yeah, I know it looks a bit weird, but that's Frenz for ya. To get the wavey hair like McFarlane, just get a wet comb and a little bit of medium hold hair mousse.

As for clothes, the #203, comes with a couple of basic outfits, but obviously you'll want to get a leather miniskirt, and a few other accessories - the headband, the leotard outfit, etc., etc, plus the classic pink neglige.

Now, finally, notice that I've suggested the R-3 model. That has three orifices. The R-2 model is $20 cheaper, but believe me, the extra feature is worth the money. There's an R-5, but it's a lot more expensive. Don't ask me about the R-6, and if you buy one, don't tell me... you sicko!

Then, sure, stick it to the window, sofa, table, wherever you... oh, hey, sorry... did you say "Spider-Man blow-up?" Huh? You meant Mary-Jane, didn't you? Surely! No? SPIDER-MAN! Oh, get OUT of here, you PERVERT! This isn't that sort of page!

From Edward


With all the hype of Ultimate Spiderman I have been able to collect both Red and White covers of Ultimate Spiderman #1.

I purchased my red cover in November last year from a small comic dealer in Glasgow for £2.25 GBP.

However, my best purchase was for the white cover in which I purchased, last weekend for £17.95 GBP. The chap was going to charge £30 GBP, however, it has a small bend in top right hand of cover. Apart from that the comic is absolutely perfect. I tracked a mint condition on ebay a couple of days back and it sold for $86.

My main question is with regards to the Ultimate Marvel Magazine that has the first two Ultimate titles published in side it and other news of the movie. How rare shall this be?

I noticed on Yahoo one day for first bidding price of $10. It had only been released a couple of days before the auction. The chap had a buy price for $30. I bid $10 and got it. It shall be arriving from Canada in the next few days.

Hope you can be of assistance.

Well, Ed, there's only really three good reasons for anyone paying eight times cover price for a six month old comic.

  1. You really love Spider-Man, and think the comic is really great.
  2. You're a keen collector, and owning every issue makes you happy.
  3. You're a poor sucker, who's been taken in by the phoney manufactured hype caused by the movie, and by Marvel desparately trying to artificially inflate the second hand Marvel market after a huge 80's and 90's glut, by a double-edged practice of releasing wave after wave of alternate re-numbered lithograph painted signed covers, and of deliberately under-printing popular issues so that many of their loyal fans have to miss out, or pay scalpers' prices on eBay or elsewhere.

Which one are you?

As for what it, or any other comic will be worth - it's not for me to try and guess. It sounds a little bit like Dot.Com stock 12 months ago. How long it will last is anybody's guess. Hah! it's the Dot.Comic bubble!

If you like the comic, keep it. If you want the money, sell it.

P.S. If you're curious, I'm #2.

From Burns

Do they make a video tape of the 1960-70 spiderman TV series? Where can one buy it?

Sure they do. Now, since this includes 57 half-hour episodes, of course the VHS cassette costs $399 dollars, weights 12 kg (= 26 lbs), and the tape snaps whenever you hit the pause button.

That's the way it goes, I guess.

From JCN

Hi, I have been a spider man since the 70's when I use to watch the cartoon. I recently found out that Marvel comics had ended the original spider man comic series and started several new versions. I want to start reading the comics again, however, there are soo many versions out there. Could you possibly tell me the difference between Amazing Spider man and Peter Parker Spider man. Why the two storie lines? Which one would be the best for an old spider fan from the original series? If you could possibly help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

At the moment, there are only the two main titles as you mention. Each title is written and drawn by a different team. The stories sometimes overlap, and you really need to read both comics to get the full story.

As you'll see by reading some of the recent reviews on this site, the Peter Parker stories are written by what is generally considered to be a better writer (Paul Jenkins), however the teams change occasionally. There has recently been a new editor, and a new editor in chief, and starting with Amazing #30 (in about two months) there will be a new writer on the Amazing title.

If you can manage the cost, you really should buy both of the main titles. There are also regular mini-series stories, which often overlap with events in the main books. However, you could probably skip some of those and still keep up with events. Your best bet is to flick through the mini-series while standing in your local friendly comic shop, and use your own judgment on what is good, and what's bad! Or if you're not completely sure, visit SpiderFan.Org, and read what we have to say about it!


wheres the bride of venom email back at JONMCCOLLUM

I give in. What have you done with her?

By the way, for the Bride of Venom, your best option is to start with a L-L-L model #209-B-3, and apply two coats of black marine gloss. You'll need a number three brush and a half-litre pot of white for the detail...

From Nik

I wish to make a character profile

Hey, I wanna climb 5.12. We don't all get what we want.

From Charles Maxwell

Marketing Statement:

TrimFast Group, Inc. and Marvel Enterprises, Inc. have join forces to produce nutritional supplements based on the ever-popular superhero SPIDER-MAN. Introducing the Spider-Man Childrens Chewable Multi-Vitamin Supplement. Which you can pre-order at www.spidermanvitamin.com. With the upcoming release of the major-motion picture film "Spider-Man the Movie", the franchise will be a hot commodity. We feel contacting major and minor companies is a strategic move that we must attack in order to further the process of providing advertisers with new and innovative ways to market their goods in the quick and ever expanding universe of the internet.

As a business you know that advertising in every possible medium is a benefit to your company. We here at www.spidermanvitamin.com want to help extend the area of the Internet to your company with the addition of "webcasting", "special event partnerships", "page and section sponsorships" and of course the traditional banner promotions to your already large base of advertising mediums. We feel in connecting with each other through email, phone, fax or even personal meetings is the best way to begin the process for a successful advertising campaign with www.spidermanvitamin.com

Please feel free to call us or email us with interest in any of the above mentioned topics.

Well, the good news is that there's only a couple of years of this until the movie hype dies down. X-Men vitamin, anyone?

From Terry

i had some spider man cards that i don't know what set they come from, or how much they are worth. If you could help me at all I would really appreciate it.

(List of 20 random cards from five different sets)

If you have time, please give me all you know about these by either replying to this or sending a letter to [email]. I sincerely thank you for any help you can give me in this area, I don't usually collect cards, these just happened to be in good condition around the house

Thanks for your interest in our on-line valuation service. I note that you don't collect cards, and have no real interest in these cards. At an initial glance, the cards you refer to have no significant value, however please do not let us deter you from employing is in a professional capacity.

Usually, we perform individual valuations for free, however the set of cards you list is spread among a number of decks. We would be delighted to consult the appropriate copy of Wizard on your behalf, with an estimated search time of 20 minutes, at our regular hourly rate of US$120/hr, plus $10 handling fee, this will incur a cost of no more than $50.

Or, for $6.95, or whatever, you could buy the next copy of Wizard mag which has a card price list, and peruse it to your heart's content. Your call! Note that not all issues of Wizard have the trading card price list in them. Check first.

From Alex (No Reply Address)

i like spiderman but i know ya cool and all but could you send better pics not like comic 1s

e-mail me back

from ya no.1 fan

Ahh... let me see. I have some lovely cubist painting renditions of Spider-Man, a couple of ceramic tile mosaics, a glass etching, and a bronze sculpture? Oh, sorry, pics, not spatial art.

OK, then you won't be interested in these holograms. Oh, hey, I have a lovely pair of matched brass rubbings taken from a Spider-Man headstone in a 14th century chapel just inland from Swansea?

Nope, none of that either, eh? Look, I do aim to please, but this is getting rediculous. Non-spatial pictures, not comic related. Alright, there are few gems in the back of my cupboard, which really aren't for public display, but since you asked in such an erudite fashion... I am prepared to scan for you this very limited, hand-signed late Silver-Age, mixed media work, created by Steve Ditko after a particularly brutal LSD session, in which he depicts a shockingly lifelike rendition of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy in an erotically charged, but tastefully pleasing pose, using the only materials he had to hand at the time, having locked himself in the upstairs bedroom and swallowed the key, believing it to be a live gold-fish, and himself to be in an exclusive sushi bar in downtown Tokyo... this extra-ordinary artwork is created in smeared nose-pickings, with highlights in earwax, and is signed left-handed by the artist using toe-jam and the end of a belt-buckle.

What's that? You've changed your mind? Comic artwork isn't so bad?