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Date: Oct 1, 2000
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From One Above None

Do you have information on "The Wraith," who first appeared in Marvel Team-Up 48?

Nope, but that's a great suggestion for a "Looking Back". We'll add it to the list.

From Incredible Internet Guide (R) to Comic Books & Superheroes

Dear Jonathan,

You are absolutely right. I missed it for the first edition. I discovered it on my own after the first printing, and immediately added it to the list for the next edition. It's a great site. You have really done a terrific job.

The next edition is scheduled for Spring 2001, and we'll definitely include SpiderFan.Org.

Take care and thanks,
James Flowers
Facts on Demand Press.

[Ed - IncredibleGuides website is now basically a sponsored advertisement site, so we've dropped the link.]

Of course, this letter was prompted by a gentle nudging from me... pointing out that SpiderFan.Org had been omitted from the first edition of this paper internet directory to Comic Books & Superheroes. So, folks, look out for a second edition in Spring 2001.

From Wyatt Clough

I notice you have a F.A.Q. for people looking to purchase videos of the old cartoons. How about fans who can supply the shows on tape? I have a number of 60's cartoons, and would be happy to co-ordinate between people looking to trade and complete their collection.

Well... I'm very conscious of copyright issues, but these cartoons have been out of print for a long time, and in spite of the huge amount of interest, nobody in the commercial world seems to want to make these available.

Millions of people remember this cartoon from their childhood, and the take-up would probably be pretty sound. Sure, when viewing as an adult, you realise that the storylines weren't really that brilliant, but hey, that's not the point.

[Editor's note: We ran a link to Wyatt's page for a while, but sadly we decided to drop the video info from our page because we really didn't have any staff member with the time and background to keep it up to date, so all our video info has gone, including this link has gone. Sorry 'bout that. If you do come across a really good we page with info on buying Spider-Man on VHS and DVD, then drop us a line and we'll put it in our Links Page.]


Hi, my name is Stuart, and for months I have been trying to find out about the spider-phoenix story, the spider armour, and the Deathlok armour storyline. It is really driving me nuts, and I can't find anything on the Internet, so please give me some information.

P.S. Living in England, I am a good three years behind America. What is going on? Is Ben back yet? Does Peter have his daughter back? What happened to Norman?

What is all this talk about Spiderman restarting and him aquirring a spider-sidekick? And what is all this about MJ dying. Anyhting about the X-men would be great too. Thanks

Spider-Phoenix is from Spider-Man #25, Deathlok Armour is from Spider-Man #21, Spider-Armour is from Web of Spider-Man #100.

Ben isn't back - he's dead. Peter doesn't have his daugher back - she's dead. Sidekick? Dunno about that one. MJ is 'dead', but not really, she will be back. Anything about the X-Men? The movie is out on DVD, with 11 minutes of extra footage! Way cool - I sure hope it's widescreen.

From Andre

Hi, my name is André I am brazilian.I want to know everything about Spider-Man cartoon.

Thank You!!!!!!!!!

Hey, that's a really admirable goal. At various times in my life, I've wanted to know everything about something or other. I wanted to know everything about Maths, but I realised that was a bit unreasonable. Currently, I'd like to know everything about Perl - so maybe I could enter the Obfuscated Perl Competition.

Or Women. Man, I would love to know everything about Women. Then I could understand my wife... and pick up chicks at parties. Except... maybe not everything, 'cos there's all sorts of yucky bits. You know, those times when they go to the doctor, but don't want to talk about it. Hmm... no, maybe not women. Maybe I'd like to... Oh, but hey, we were talking about you, not me. Sorry 'bout that.

So, anyhow, you have this goal, which is just fantastic. So, what, are you thinking of going on Mastermind, or something? Do they even have that in Brazil? Well, whatever your motivation is, I wish you the best of luck in your quest for all-encompasing knowlege on your chosen topic. I really admire you.

From Eidolon one

Greetings, Just a quick question?

Why do you have the 1st "the Amazing Spider-Man" comic dated in June of '63 on the follwing "Dates" page when the first one was dated Mar? That throws all the issues off.

Oooops! Nicely spotted. The first few issues were two-monthly, rather than monthly. I had them starting too late in the database, but running monthly. That meant that by Amazing #5 they were actually back in step. I've fixed that now, as you can see in the corrected Amazing Spider-Man Index page.

From Daniel

How come you only have four seasons in your index for the 90's TV show Spider-Man: The Animated Series, wheras from what I have read "The Wedding" to "Spider-Wars Chapter 2 Farewell, Spider Man" is the fifth season. take a look at www.pazsaz.com/spider.html, they have a similar layout to yours.

(Mike Fichera replies)

Hi Daniel,

Pazaz divided the 65 episodes into 13 episode blocks. Most seasons last 13 episodes - which would mean 5 seasons.

I chose to define a "season" as September to September. The show aired over 4 years, not 5. So, Sept.94 through the end of August 95, Season 1 aired.

I did this because the air dates were a little strange for Spider-Man. The show premeired in November instead of traditional September, but then cranked out 13 episodes over the course of January through August. Season 4 was aired the final 23 episodes within the course of 1 TV year.

The choice of how to divide the series was really arbitrary to me. Usually a "season" to me consists of new shows in September followed by reruns until the next September. But I know networks order cartoons by the 13-episode blocks, like eggs are sold by the dozen.



An easy one! I don't need to bother the Spider-Oracle for this. The battle is most likely the one from Spider-Man vs. Stegron and The Lizard, as featured in Amazing #165/#166.

As to how you can find it... if you mean buy it, then assuming you don't mind paying full price plus a little, then MileHighComics is your best bet. See my Links page for their URL, plus other comics for sale sites.

From Vivian


You have a terrific website!! Although I am not a Spidey fanatic, I watched the TV cartoon religiously as a kid and my brother collected the comic books. Your site brought back some great childhood memories. In fact, I don't think that we should ever stop reading comic books!!!!!!!

I have a rather odd request. Do you know where I could find a complete list of all who have every drawn Spiderman for Marvel Comics? I have tried to locate a website for Marvel Comics but have come up empty. Any help you could provide would be helpful.

Many thanks

Ah! What you'll be wanting is our brand new Spider-Man Credits Index. It currently only lists about 65% of all known appearances, but it's getting more and more complete each month, as the staff and I enter more credits info.

From Juan J.

Hey there Jonathan!

I wanted to stop by and give my feedback.

I am a loyal reader of this site since 1995 way back in the Clone Saga.

I am really glad that the site has improved so much over the years and now have its own domain.

I recognize the effort that you are doing, taking time from your job and personal life to support such a site. I know that as spidey "Wealth and Fame you ignore", but your reward, I think, is to know that a bunch of Spider-Fans keeps suporting your work here.

Thank you for give us this Spider-Space.

Hey, so every once in a while I like to post a nice e-mail and give the team a pat on the back. So sue me! Thanks, team! - Ed.