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Date: Sep 1, 2000
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From wes

hey, i didnt know who to send this to but what does venom 2099 look like, if possible could you send me a picture(s). ive been looking for a picture of him for a month.

Sure thing... check out the Spider-Man 2099 #37. That features Venom 2099 proudly on the cover - which is, incidentally, a tongue-in-cheek rework of Amazing Fantasy #15.

From Anoop

please can you reply to this, i have seen every spiderman cartoon( of the 90's series) but it seems you never show the last one! "Spider Wars, Chapter II : Farewell Spider-Man" is the last one you show. if you did not make any more of these toons, why did you finish such a great cartoon, if this is the case can you please tell me what happens next as i will die if i don't find out!

thank for making such a great show which kept me occupied for hours on end, yours sincerly Anoop - one of your biggest fans!

Well, we wouldn't want you dying on us. Actually, I have to confess, we didn't actually write the show. We're just a fan-site, and we're not related to Marvel in any way. But... we can help clear up the confusion slightly by confirming that the episode you refer to was the final episode (number 65).

The show ended on a cliff-hanger, with Mary Jane still lost. But... I wouldn't be surprised to see the show return to TV in a couple of years when the movie hits the big screen. And who knows, perhaps they will pick up from where they left off. Here's hoping.

From Charles

Hey! Love the site, shame about the Chapter 1 covers (what a waste of space).

Why do the reviews come out 3 months after the actual comics? Spider-Girl 28 has arrived while the site has only just reviewed issue 25!

And could you please pass a message on to Al Sjoerdsma ( i can't find his E-mail address): the Lizard isn't kept in the Vault because the government wants him kept calm, happy and in a place where he can research cures. After all, Curt isn't gonna cure himself in jail, and that would just anger him (causing him to mutate, break out at an inoppurtune time, spark a prison riot and mass jail break etc). And I LIKED the Lizard clone! And the Clone saga, though I realise I'm a minority.

Well, being completists, we do like to show all the covers. There are some Spider-Fans around who enjoyed Chapter One, and what's a few hundred kilobytes between webmasters.

As for why the reviews are late? Well, it's just a matter of practicality. The monthly PPP reviews are released at the end of the month shown on the cover, i.e. just at the time they are removed from news-stands. Yep, I agree that's a bit of a nuisance.

There are plenty of websites that can keep you informed up to months in advance of what books are arriving. Most of those sites are commercially run, which means that the webmasters approach the work as a commercial venture, and always manage to make the time available.

Unfortunately, I (like many of the staff on the site) have kids, a full-time job, a house to look after, and many other personal distractions. I would rather set an attainable goal and achieve it each month, than commit to a schedule which put myself and the PPP staff under a lot of stress. It's only by setting achievable targets that the site has managed to survive and grow for six years now.

But... I do agree that it would be a much better situation if the reviews were released while the books were still on the stands. Perhaps I should have a good talk to the review team and see what they think of that idea. Thanks! Oh, and good explanation for the Lizard. Whad'ja think, Al?

From A Young Spidey Fan

Dear Spiderfan.org webmaster,

I was reading your reviews of spider-man: chapter one, I had to write this letter. Before Chapter One, I didn't know that much about Spidey's origin, being only a kid. I thought that Byrne did a good job in retellin his origin for the newer crowd. I think that you should reread Chapter One and give the story another chance.

Hey, told ya there were some people out there who liked that stuff. But, kid, take my advice and start buying Ultimate Spider-Man. It's the same idea, but done with MUCH more style.

From Pascale


I want to buy NOW urgently (forgotten birthday) a Spider-Man bodysuit for MEN (+ glove and boots UK size 8/9 if possible) – Size of the Suit 40-42 ( he's 1.70m tall / weight 70Kg)

Iam also looking for a pair of Gorilla feet (UK size 8/9)

I will pay with Master cards ( UK credit card: I live in London) and need to have this shipped to the UK as well ( first class air mail) URGENTLY

Hey, I'm really sorry - but we're all out of the Medium suits. We're expecting a new range of the black suit, as soon as we figure out how to turn on that piece of Alien machinery we found on that distant planet.

But great news with the Gorilla feet. We have them in just your size. Can I have your credit card number? By the way, the receipt will come in marked "Mile High Comics, Amazing Fantasy #15". Don't worry about that, we're Mile High resellers, and the Gorilla feet are product code 15 in our amazing fantasy costume range.

Umm... that is a Gold Card, right?

From Seth

i can write reviews.

i own a couple hundred spider-man comics that aren't reviewed.

Maybe one day... when you figure out the whole capital letter thing.

From FlameBoy