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Date: Aug 1, 2000
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From Silver@SpideyUlimited

Thanks a lot for having a link to my site put in the Spider-man Unlimited article. (My site's called "Spidey Unlimited" but it doesn't really matter.)

The article mentions Venom and Carnage being buddies in SU. There is in fact a background and rwason to their mysterious friendship. An episode I saw recently ("One Is The Lonliest Number") explains the history of the friendship. It turns out that in the world of SU, Venom purposefully gave the Carnage symbiote to Kasady (unlike the comics and the 90's show). The degree of their friendship and need for each other is seen in this episode when the Venom symbiote is taken hostage and Brock is about to die. Carnage wanders the streets alone calling for Venom and almost has a nervous break down.

The two are friends because they are both part of the synoptic, a living nest of symbiotes. They are the "kings" of the nest where they are building up their race of symbiotes. Without each other they can't do much.

As well, in SU they can merge together and become a bizarre creature.

You might find this info intersting too, in the same episode Spidey joins up with the Venom symbiote again. Very very cool.

Hey, well at least there's a rational explanation. Of course, I think that Mike and myself were just struggling with the fairly significant departure from the Spider-Man we know and (mostly) understand.

I guess one question might be... if the writers were going to deviate so far from Classic Spider-Man, then why not just start with a brand new character. Or, why not just use Spidey 2099. Oh well, if it sells, it must be good. I wish Spidey Unlimited the best of luck! And hey, let's see it in New Zealand please.

Of course, my five-year old Spider-lovin' daughter will be asking my Spider-Man has changed so much from the last show. *sigh*.

From The Wilsons

You might not care anymore, but at a arcade called Nickel Mania, which may only be where I live in Dallas, you can play Spider-Man the Arcade Game for free. It is a really cool game and being free is even better.

Hey, that's cool. If I lived within a thousand miles of Texas, I would care a lot more. Still, folks, if you're near Dallas, then you know where to go! Thanks for the hint.

From Erin

I don't know who else to e-mail about this comic i own that i am trying to figure out how much it is worth. It is the Amazing Spider-Man Giant Sized 30th anniversary of Amazing Spider-Man #1 that is signed with Mark Bagley's signature on the cover. I was wondering if you could help me out. Thanks.

First of all, let's look at the value of the base comic. A copy of The Overstreet Comics Price Guide is the best place to find this out. The cheap version of this is Wizard magazine. Wizard also have their price guide on-line nowadays, at WizardUniverse, I believe. There are also other comics price guides on-line, such as Comics Price Guide, or you can go to Mile High Comics and see what they are selling it for.

Of course, there were four 30th anniversary comics issued, one for each of the four major titles which were running at the time. In addition, the condition or grade of the book makes a huge difference. My out-of-date price guide says that the Amazing Spider-Man 365 30th Anniversary is worth US$5 in mint condition.

Of course, this doesn't help answer the question of what a signed copy is worth. The signature of a recognised artist or writer on a piece of their work will add anywhere from nothing, to double or tripling the price of the book. Bagley is a well-known artist, but he's fairly sociable, and his signature isn't very rare. Your book is probably worth $10-$15 in mint condition.

In practice the variations of comics and comic artist/writers is so huge that there is no general rule. In this case, the only way to find the true answer is to place the book for sale on eBay and realise the ultimate truth - a comic book is worth what somebody will pay for it...

From jediMaster8891

can you email me the site

Sure check your inbox. It took 6.4 hours to send over my T1 link at work, so your modem will probably be running for a week or so. Enjoy!

From James

Hey, I just wanted say that the Spider-Man website you guys run is great. That's a lot of Spidey! But I noticed that you don't have too many covers. You can find a lot of covers at www.milehighcomics.com. Let me know you decide to use those covers. If you don't, (or if you don't have enough webspace) that's cool too.

Funny you should mention that, James. I just spent a couple of weeks scanning comic covers, and if you check now on the Comics Page you'll find over 1000 scanned comic covers on this site now. My goal is to provide scans of all major Spidey titles and appearances by the end of the year. That's around 2000 covers. Of course, if you add Spider-Woman, Spider-Ham, Spidey 2099, and such-like, then the number is significantly greater.

Oh, and I didn't swipe any from Mile High Comics. I think they would feel that was inappropriate!

From QT


was wondering if you might have links to some spider-man coloring pages? have been searching the net to no avail so far.. the one link I found for foxkids.com is no longer available... any help and or info would be greatly appreciated...

I need them for printing out then coloring purposes for a very special little boy...(not mine!) he loves spiderman, and we spent horus last saturday searching the web for print-out and color pages.. found just about everything but his favorite.. spidey.. any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated... and thankd for actually getting back to me too!

Well, I do happen to have a few scans I can send your way. These are from a coloring book which is no longer in print. I guess I should find a place to put these on the site, since people do ask every now and again - but I'm just concerned about the legal issues... since we're hardly adding value in this case!

From Michael

In your website it says that Joe Quesada was the man to introduce Paul Jenkins. While Joe is a real talent magent, it was Ralph Macchio who gave Paul Jenkins his first Marvel work back in 1995 on Werewolf At Night.

Well, I guess you've got me there. My only defense is that I was speaking figuratively. Ralph gave him his first work, but Joe Q. gave him the high-profile opportunity which made his name.

From Collin E.

My favorite characters are Doppelganger and Carnage. I also like Venom. Though almost nobody likes the clone,I do. He is so cool! Same about Carnage and Venom.

From:Collin E.,Age 9

Hey, thanks Collin. Good to have somebody speaking up for poor Ben.