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Date: Jun 1, 2000
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hi just read your page And its great. i totally agree with you about killing MJ. I am sick of people dyeing in pete's life i stopped reading comics altogether(trying to limit my addictions) and only just found out she was snuffed i still don't know by whom or ow but i really don't think i want to know. I mean ok gwen stacy was his great romantic tragedy why would you put a guy that so many people care about. why would they reinvent a character who works well as it is. not to say i don't applicate change but this extreme dramatic twists are just too much even if MJ comes back it just seems to much to add nuance to a character keep up the good work god hope raimi doesn't #$%@ up the movie


From Gaby López

Dear Friend:

We send this mail from @RROBA, a Spanish Internet Magazine. We've seen your site and it's really great! We'd like to include it in our monthly CD-ROM, but we need your permission first. Please answer as soon as possible.


What? The whole site? All 200Mb? Or just a link? It does make a difference, you know.

From Gaby López

Sorry, but my english is so poor that I ca'nt explain properly ;-) What we want is to include the site on the CD, not a link.


The whole site? I'm sorry, but I don't think I'm comfortable with that idea. The site is always being updated - for example, I'm currently reworking the look of most of the pages, and I'm about half way through. It's a work in progress, I'm not comfortable with the thought of a snapshot.

Also, it's a large site - 202Mb on disk. It has some perl scripts associated with it too. Also, there is the legal aspect - since the magazine is commercial.

No, I'm sorry, but I don't think I can do that - although I do very much appreciate the offer. It is very flattering!

From Uisel

I have a 1979 hot wheels of spider mans car. Is there any other type of spider man car collectibles, not comics or posters? If you know of any collectibles links please email the site/s to here, Thank You.

Ask, and you shall receive. Just for you, I've started a new Collectables Vehicles section. Expect more additions, as I manage to find them on eBay!

(Editor's Note: Three years later, we decided to give up on the Spider-Man vehicles section. We're going to stick to the things we're good at - like books, comics, and software. Let's leave Spidey toys to the specialist sites.)

From Luiz

As you know, Spider-Man is very strong, fast and he's got a fantastic spider sense. In the tv series I think, they underestimate his powers.He seems slow and not so strong as in the Comics. Could you tell me why, please?

[Answered by Mike Fichera]


Every cartoon of Spider-Man showed him a little differently. The animated series did a good job making him very similar to the comics, but they did make some changes.

The animated series tried to make Spider-Man more believable, somebody people could relate to. Having him be too powerful, he would be too much like Superman who is very difficult to hurt. The cartoon made Spider-Man not as powerful as he's supposed to be to give more opportunities for him to lose fights, get hurt, and have more of a struggle. If everything came too easily for him, there wouldn't be any fun watching the show.

From Nacho

i want your pinball machine

hey i want it haw many much is it

Gee. Let's see. I've been looking for one for five years now. I had to ask a friend of mine to proxy bid in another country. I paid $2000 for the machine, plus another $1500 in crating, insurance and shipping. I built a special corner in my house to put it in. Repairs to get it back in full working order will probably take a couple of months. It's my most treasured posession, and means more to me than life itself.

Soo... you can have it for US$30k plus shipping - as long as you find me another one in the same or better condition. Drop me an email when you make up your mind.

From Entaro

hi there

just wanna know if you could help me.i'm 19 male from singapore.I need informations on the history of spiderman, and i know that spiderman was first created in 1962.how it become popular.who are the artist involve making him.and how spidey evolves throughout 1960s till 1990s. thanks you if you can help me.

I need some infos on it urgently ,its my school assignment,i choose spidey cause simply i like him so much. can you just pass me some information on the email what you have gather?thank you.

Sure. Early in 1962, Stan Lee was working on a project called...

...oh, Hey? School assignment? Oi! Do your own blinkin' homework! Why, in my day, I used to write five pages on the origins of Marvel comics, before walking ten miles to school in the snow, and twelve miles back home again, uphill both ways!

From Celeste

Please mail me some info. I am trying to buy or replace missing and torn up comics for a friend who is a big fan.

Oh... I know what that's like. I'm trying to replace some torn up comics too. The best place is www.tornupcomics.com, but you could also try www.trashedcomics.com, they have a good selection of ripped and shredded books from the silver age.

From Jon K

First of all, love the website. It's nice to see there's so many out there who love Spidey and comics in general. I'm seeking some collecting advice. I'm looking to complete my "Amazing", "PPSS", and '"Web of" collections. Are places like mycomicshop.com or milehighcomics.com the way to go? When it comes to back issues, it seems the prices in my local comic store are much higher than what these sites are selling for. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. And again, thanks for providing a great resource for Spidey stuff on the web.

The online places are great. But, in fact...

For Long runs, cheap prices, try the newsgroup rec.arts.comics.marketplace, it's great for getting some real bargains. Painful for getting single issues, but if you want to buy a blob of comics, then it's recommended.

Next, eBay. If you're in the USA, then this is fantastic. It's more painful from overseas. Look for dealers with lots of simultaneous auctions, it makes life much simpler. Fill the big gaps from dealers with long positive histories.

To fill in the little gaps, eBay again, with the smaller dealers and single comics.

Finally, yep, the online shops. The prices are basically the same as you will pay in a comic shop (unless your local place gives special bargains). Mile High Comics is great, I've bought of them three times. They are great graders, book pricers, slick commercial shippers. The only thing is, they put you on a mailing list which you can't get off.

My Comic Shop, I can't remember exactly why, but there was a reason why I didn't use them.

A new one to try is www.newkadia.com. Very new, but they're trying hard. They do very competative shipping rates, and their comics slide down in price until they're sold. The collection isn't huge, but it looks like it's growing fast. The pages are slow to load, though - and their international shipping rates are very vague, and presumably expensive.

From cindy

how old is spiderman?

How long is a piece of string? Spidey's age is flexible, according to the demands of the time. If he was 17 in 1962, then he should according to logic be 55 in 2000. Clearly, that's not the case.

He is currently being made younger, in order to appeal to a new generation of comic readers. I guess he's as old as he feels... as we all are!

From denis

HI There. I'm Looking pictures from the files of handbook of the marvel universe. I need it, because in spain the handbook was not published, and you can help me a lot if you can send me any of the next pictures:lizard, red skull, ronan, titanium man, spy master,ultron,reaper,blob,kang,starfox, pyros,living laser,scorpion, kraven, drax, mistique and of the members of inhumans, supreme squadron,galaxy guardians and imperial guard(these are te pics that i more need) or if you can say to me where i can find pictures from handbook in the net(in a good resolution, similar at the pics of your page,if it's possible) Thank you very much.

Umm... Sorry, there seems to have been a problem in the Spanish translation of "The Unofficial Spider-Man Page". It appears to have come across as "The Run Around and Scan Whatever You Ask For which is Completely Unrelated to Spider-Man Just to Save You Buying Your Own Copy on eBay or UseNet Page".

Sorry about the confusion, I'll send an email to the guys at Yahoo Spain and get it sorted.

In the meantime... ¡No me molestes!

From Pimpdaddy

i a game programmer and i am going to make a spider man game i need artist it will be free so cant get seud whats randy browns email would you like to help

i a programmer too but i too busy and not want get seud and i write my own game not want help any how only work with people use punctuation sorry