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Date: May 1, 2000
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From Marlin

Now I REALLY hate to be a bother but when I was playing Maximum Carnage for SNES I noticed one of the enemies looked like Spider man's with six arms and a mouth. I later found out it was the spider Doppleganger or something like that. Other than his name and that he is somehow connected to Spider man's I know NOTHING about it. How did Doppler come to pass, what are it's powers? Is it still alive? Any info would be appreciated.

His name is Doppelganger, and one of these days I suppose we'll have to feature him as the Spotlight character for PPP, wouldn't you agree?

From Charles

Followed a link on the Spidey site and decided to tell you that your site kicks @$$! Well, I assume it's your site as you were said to be the editor.

By the way, who the hell are Doppleganger and Vermin?!

Vermin is a half rat/half man creature, formerly a foe of Captain America. He featured significantly in the now-classic Death of Kraven storyline, when he was defeated by both Kraven and Spider-Man. He was then held in the Ravencroft Psychiatric Institute, where he has started to show signs of recovery.

Doppelganger was... oh heck, Doppelganger will be the Spotlight character for this issue of PPP.

From Alex Mauder

Hello. I write from Frankfurt in Germany.

Marvelous, enormous page you made !

I searchg for JPEG Images of Peter Parker, Closeups of his Face, for examples with the round glasses he weared or if he gets up from bed sleepy... Where to find that ? Do you have some among the pages of your System ?

Alex, Germany (Big Fan)

I have a couple of really close-up ones, showing his morning stubble, and a big pimple on his chin - and a big zoom shot of his left ear - although this focus isn't very good on that one. Hmmm, nope, nothing which sounds like it would be useful to you. Sorry.


i'm looking for venom thumbnails of any kind

Hmmm... try looking on the end of his thumbs. But... if you're within sighting distance of Venom's thumbs, then you're probably in a WHOLE mess of trouble. You'd better start hoping he thinks you're one of the innocents he's sworn to protect!

From Henning

Will there a second season of Spider-Man Unlimited?

A better question is... will there be a first series! Production of the show was halted after epsiode nine. Latest update is that only three of these episodes were aired before the show was pulled!

From Brian

I just want to know what channel is playing to series. The first 3 episodes were on FOX ROCHESTER. But then with reasons unknown to me the show was canceled and I haven't heard anything else about it until now.

I was just wondering if I would ever be able to see the other 10 episodes and what channel(s) it will be on.

See above. If it ever returns, it will almost certainly be back on Fox.

From The Marquis Family

Where do you find these Spider-Man videos for TV at?

OK, hop in your car and turn left onto your street. Straight through the lights, and right at the next, onto the main road. Follow that out past the swimming centre and past two shopping malls, across the motorway, until you come to the railway. Take the first right after the railway, then keep going for abour three and a half miles.

Take the left over the bridge, then left, second right, another left, then right on for five miles past the old barn. There's a dirt road, take that. Drive about twenty minutes, the road will start to head up into the mountains. The road gets a bit rutted. Drive until the undercarriage starts to scrape, then get out and walk. At the edge of the forest, stop and eat lunch.

Head into the forest, about quarter of an hour's walk. Stop, and climb a tall tree. Lost, aren't you. Serves you right for not telling me what country you live in. How on earth would I know where you can find videos?

P.S. Hope you made it back OK. I don't really want loyal Spider-Fans to die of hunger on the foothills of some unknown mountain.

From David

What up?

Myserio is my favorite Spider-villain, and I thought his death was handled extremely well over in Kevin Smith's run on Daredevil. Then, months ago, I saw him reappear in the Spider-Man books. I was so sickened I didn't even open it up, so could you tell me...

How'd they bring Mr. Beck back from the dead? I mean... there was a body... and a whitness. It happened. I saw it happen. But I guess so long as Bucky stays dead, comic logic is not defied and the universe is unscathed.

Never fear. Quentin Beck is indeed dead. That isn't an illusion. This Mysteriously Mysterio-esque Masqueruader is someody else. So open up those books and read without fear...

From Domenic

I am interrested in the trilogy books on "The Gathering of the Sinister Six". I have read the first book and want to know when books two and three will be coming out.

My sources tell me that the books will be coming out from ibooks inc. some time in late 2000 or early 2001. You should be able to pre-order from Amazon some time soon.

From Grunt

Hi I have Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six game. I just got a new computer in Oct Intel Celeron 468Mhz 12.1 gig hard drive, 128mbs ram, Voodoo3 3000 and Windows 98 SE.. and Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six will not run on it!! it will run fine on my old computer... put my old computer is very slow so it lags (stops then plays etc...) all I want to do is just play it again E-mail me back.

OK, let's see... have you reset the jumpers on the graphic board to match the ARBX motherboard, and overclocked the auxiliary clock on the latch sychronizer which modulates the front edge of the multi-cycle square wave?

If that doesn't do it, then try upping the voltage on the CD-Rom variable speed bi-pole motor. Around 400 volts ought to do it. Remember to dip both ends of the twin phase copper windings in warm coffee before cross patching the ROM through PROM and up past the PRAM. Mind the baby.

Oh, opening the box does invalidate your warranty, so don't forget to take out insurance. I'm not licensed to do this sort of stuff really, but it does seem to be something I get asked to do, now that I've renamed this the "Unofficial Spider-Man Game Computer Repair Page". Hey, maybe I should start charging? I wonder if there's a market?

From Maurizio V

Sorry for this mail, but you probably know how to improve the game for bypassin' the video problem that want not to run this game in Win 98!

OK, that's gonna cost ya $50 per half hour, plus materials and travel expenses. Cash up front.