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Date: Apr 1, 2000
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From John


I am looking for a copy of amazing spiderman #2 1st series without a cover. I was wondering if you might have a idea were I could locate one. I would appreciate any help you can give me.


Hey, at last a question I can answer. OK, are you listening? Great. Here's what you have to do.

  1. Get a copy of Amazing #2. I can sell you my Good- copy for $300 (cost me $200, but hey, that's capitalism in action). Or, there's a VF+ copy signed by Stan Lee on eBay for $12,500 if you're quick. Depends on your budget, of course.
  2. Grab the cover firmly in your left hand, and the pages in your right. Snap your left hand away from your right. If you do this correctly, the cover will be removed.
  3. If this doesn't work, then try undoing the staples.
  4. If you still have trouble, then try looking up "Comic Restorers" in the yellow pages. Any competent restorer should be able to help you get that pesky cover page off cleanly, without damaging the rest of the book.

Good luck!

From Geoff

Hi, what site do you get your spiderman the animated series pictures from? the 1994-1997 series. Can you please give me their website.

Interesting that you should assume they were stolen? In fact, this was the hard TV frame-grabbing work of Mike Fichera and friends, who are all credited on the page.

From Bernard


I am creating a website containing every Marvel issue appeared in Dutch version in the last century. Now I'm having a bit of a problem with finding the source of a special Spiderman comic. The story is contains the following characters:

J.J. Jameson
a nephew of Jameson (name eludes me for now)
a dentist
Green Goblin

The story: This dentist has created a revolutionairy drill and Green Goblin wishes to have it. He kidnaps this dentist to make such a machine and Spidey deduces what for Green Goblin needs it. It turns out Green Goblin wants to cut open a large tooth filled with gold. (oh my, what a plot... :-) )

Now I'm wondering, on your site there is the mention of "AIM Toothpaste: Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin". This sounds like a very likely source for this comic. Can you verify this? And, could you possibly provide me with a coverscan?

Bernard Koops

Site owner of The Unofficial Guide To Marvel Comics In Holland http://www.crosswinds.net/~bkoops

Yep, that's the tragic plot of this 1980 Aim Toothpaste giveaway, which was followed by another issue in 1982 featuring Doctor Octopus and the space shuttle. I hope that the translation into Dutch was an improvement, but somehow I doubt it!

AIM Toothpaste: Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin
Year 1980 : NM ($10.00) : SM Title
Writer:  Marv Wolfman
Pencils:  Alex Saviuk
Inker:  Mike Esposito
Staff Only

What a Toothpaste comic has to do with drilling, I don't know. I thought the point of brushing with toothpaste was that you didn't need to drill. Oh well, beats me. I guess that's why I don't write comic books!

Hey, a revolutionary drill? That's a tautology! (Think about it).

From David


I've been a reader of the PPP zine for a while now, and I've only ever had one complaint. That complaint? Giving Slingers a bad rep.

I'm 17, and I've been reading comics since I could read anything (1987-88) and Slingers is single-handedly and undeniably the greatest mag I've picked up in that timespan. (I say that timespan cuz I LOVE 60s Spider-Man reprints and DC's Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns in 1986.)

I couldn't believe it was selling so poorly and I couldn't believe it was canceled. It was so perfect... it was like real kids, and what they'd be like if suddenly they were running rooftops in superhero costumes. Every character be they important like Hornet or footnotes like Ricochet's girlfriend were so full of life and unforgettable.

But I shouldn't say that really. This book is already nearly forgotten. Price Guides don't list em and conventions don't have them. I might never be able to find another copy of #4 and 7 (mine are in terrible condition).

So what's my point? REVIVE SLINGERS! Start a flood of e-mails to Marvel proclaiming your love of these unlikely heroes. Do you know what we missed? Ricochet was going to write a screenplay, Dusk was gonna get into Witchcraft and - coolest of all - Juggernaut was around the corner.

For the good of the industry, bring them back.

Hmmm... serious response, or take the mickey? Nope, I'm gonna go with serious on this one.

I guess I need to ask myself why I didn't like Slingers, based on my reading of #0 (giveaway from Wizard) and #1 (1a, 1b, 1c and 1d). OK, there's the first thing - they made it so darn hard to get started with the story. You had to buy an Industry review magazine, and four cover variants just to get the introduction. Now, I'm a dedicated Spidey spin-off fan, so I did the leg-work, but given that this comic was targeted at a new generation of fans, consider this...

A 17 year old walks past the comic shop, and wanders in. Hey, cool, there's Slingers #1 and Hyper-Death-Blade #1. They start flicking pages. Ooops, Slingers #1 is based on Amazing Spider-Man #589, is missing the first part, and... oh, you need to buy four comics to get the whole store. Thats... $20... and anyhow, the comic shop is sold out of variant C. Oh, maybe I'll get the Hyper-Death-Sword thingy. That has a semi-nude babe on the cover anyhow.

Secondly... for whatever reason, I could just feel in my viscerals that this series was bound for cancellation, and a swift trip to the 50c bargain bins. Why? Because Marvel has no commitment to supporting marginal new titles right now. Hasn't had for ages.

Thirdly... the characters were interesting - but rather staged. They had a carefully cultivated moodiness, a sharply-scripted potential for dramatic juxtaposition which just begged for exploitation. The scene was set, all the props were well within reach, and... well, it left precious little for the writer to do. Any good writer should have to work for their story. This book had everything plugged-in, fueled-up and ready to go. I couldn't see where the surprises were going to come from. (Ummm... then again, if I could, then I guess they wouldn't be surprises.)

Anyhow, I could see angst + brooding + young super-heroes + jaded mentor was going to last 10 or 12 issues and then have the plug pulled. I wasn't in the mood for that, so I panned the book. It's not that it was going to be terrible... just that it wasn't going to work, for me at least. Sorry.

From Cristopher

what is going on? please send me some spider man material. thank you for your time

What's going on? Oh man, you don't want to know. Just relax, and let it flow by. OK, now about that material. I've got some great red and blue spandex - that's just come in - it's all the rage on the West Coast. I've got some gold lame as well, although it's not really Spider-Man... it's more like Disco-Inferno-Man, but you might dig it. Also, check the 140cm rolls out the back. Just remember, once I cut it, you've bought it!

From Craig


I'm trying to find a spiderweb decal to cover my car. Any ideas?

Well, bullet-holes will work fine in the windshield, they give a great Spider-Web effect. Not sure what you can do for the body, sorry.

From Tommy

i love you spiderman your cool

Hey Tommy, it's great to know that somebody cares. Now, if that ever lovin' Jonah would see things the same way!

From Maurice

Help! I am a lost French man, having found Lobby Card Sets from:


And I desperately look for the original American Title.

Can you help?

Sure. Visit our page for Spider-Man TV (1977), and you'll see that it was the third film, named The Dragon's Challenge.

From Spectre

Wizard hinted the Green Goblin was one of a surprising identidy, perhaps not Osborn. The writers plan to surprise everyone, so I thought of a quick list of "suprising identidy". First, Liz Osborne. Second, Harry Osborne, Third, Normie Osborne (advance aging?). Fourth, Mary Jane. Fifth, J. Jonah Jameson (He may know Parker's identidy), Sixth, Peter Parker (expect the unexpected) Seventh Aunt May (Well, it would be surprise).

JJJ as the Green Goblin? Aunt May? Hmmm... maybe they didn't mean that much of a surprise?