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Date: Mar 1, 2000
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From VIN


have made a few lifesize spiderman sculptures and i hang them around actual city buildings, i was wondering about putting them on the web for display .;do i have to worry about copyright , marvel or whatever?i your're not sure could yould you tell me who mite know?

just Curious,


Hey, that sounds cool. I can't imagine anyone from Marvel giving you a problem about putting some photos on the web, as long as it's non-commercial.

I'd be delighted to host some photos for you.

From jgrady

I was at a website a while back and saw some pictures of a live-action Spider-Man TV show.

l laughed to myself at how corny the show looked, Spider-Man appeared to be fighting robots from power rangers and wore a weird belt for some reason.

When i went looking for the site again i couldn't find it, the closest l came was your site. I was wondering if you knew of the show and could send me some pics.

You're talking about the Japanese Spider-Man show from 1978. Our Shows Page has a link to a website with some photos.

From Spectre

I agree, Mary Jane is probably alive. I don't like her death at all for a couple reasons. For one thing, I like my Spiderman witty, sarcastic, humorous and vibrant. But killing off his wife will only make Spidey a dark and brooding Hamlet, similar to the clone saga. Second, um, doesn't their MC2 daughter May need a mother, or is this a continuty blur? I think her next appearance will probably somehow be connected to the upcoming Green Goblin return, forewarned by Wizard. "Expect the unexpected", they say. And that's exactly what I'm doing.

Hiya. First, the MC2 is one of a number of possible futures. I'm not counting on that to save anybody! As for who is behind Mary-Jane's recent disappearance... it could indeed be the Green Goblin. Myself, I wouldn't count on it, since he has been in prison for some time - not to mention suffering from a slipping grasp on reality. Still, your guess is as good as mine right now!

From Deadpool

I love your Spider-man page. its the best Spider-man and comic type webpage out there. i don't know if you have this linked or not, but i found some pics of the new Spider-man game coming out for playstation.


Hey, that looks great! Looks like I'll have to firstly update my Spider-Man games page, and secondly... buy a Playstation!

From henning

Hi there,

I'm from germany so I don't really know what's going on in the comic business. I asked myself, what happened with Flash Thompson, Peter Parker's oldest rival. Is he still alive or even part of some Spider-Man Comics? Can you help me with that?

Flash Thompson had a crush on Betty for a while (more of a dependency really) while he tried to deal with his alcoholism. Most of his problems stem of course from the fact that he went from being such a big-shot football player to a sad nobody.

When Norman Osborn returned and took over the Daily Bugle, he took Flash on as his personal assistant... giving Flash something to live for. Of course, this was doubtless part of Norman's plan to persecute Spider-Man.

As we know, Norman was driven insane by the Gathering of Five, and is currently in a mental institution. I have no idea where this currently leaves Flash - we haven't seen him since then.

From Parkerman

Hi! Parkerman here number one spidey fan. Once fell off my roof trying to websling! As you can tell by the dent in the concrete it did not work. But any way back to the subject. I need any information you can send me about the secret wars and spiderman's alien costume, origin, and powers with this new costume. Thanks! Oh before I forget we really need to gang up on Stan Lee. Anything that leads to spiderman getting stronger should be kept.

Oh, Spidey is pretty tough without the costume. And given the whole symbiote thing, it would be pretty hard for them to write him back in to black. Plus, don't forget that MJ really hates the black costume. Nope, I just can't see it happening... sorry!