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Date: Feb 1, 2000
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are there any spiderman pictures I can use on my website?


From Ted Jackmen

Well, actually I enjoyed the new issues. I just wish Marvel didn't start the numbers again. I was looking forward to Amazing hitting the 500 mark. Stan Lee (Issue 400) even said he was looking for to it. But then Howard Mackie killed Mary Jane off. Wasn't to happy over that. Now she might still be alive. I hope so, but they don't need plots like that to keep fans on. I liked the way the stalker story was going. Except they never reveled who he was. The great news I heard is that John Romita Jr. is leaving Thor and going to draw both Spidey books. So John Bryne is gone!!! :-)

Hey, that IS good news!

From Patler

Hi was looking at your web page on Spider-man and had some trivia for you..did you know that Spider-man was made into a Musical in England last year? Was wondering if that news got out about it?

Woah! A musical? Last year! Nope, this is news to me. Has anyone seen or heard anything more about this. Lloyd-Webber, a Spider-Man fan? Who'd have ever guessed it? OK, maybe it's not Lloyd-Webber.

From Matt

I just found your page of Spidey's villians and all and I have to complement you on your fine work, however, I noticed that one of Spidey's most unique (at least in my opinion) enemy, the Swarm, is nowhere to be found.

A being of pure psionic energy that has taken possesion of a swarm of bees has got to be the most imaginative and creative villian yet for spider, and in my view, ranks right up there with Venom and Carnage (although the latter is merely a weak carbon copy of venom as I see it). I've personally looked and looked for pics, bios, historys, stats, all on this character and have yet to find any on the web. But... seeing as how I lack a scanner and comp knowledge to create my own site, all I can do is make a suggestion and/or offer some advice. Find that bubbling mass of buzzing insects for your page, I beg you PLEASE. =)

Thank you and keep up the good work!!!!


Matt, a long time spidey fan and reader

Well, as we all know, Al's a bit of a soft touch for anyone with a bit of enthusiasm. As a result, a Looking Back and profile of Swarm is currently pencilled in for April 2000. Of course, Al's schedule has been known to be fickle at times, but I'm sure we'll see an appearance in the next month or three.

See, we do aim to please!

From Jwndc

Hey! First off I want to say that I really like your web site. My question is What Is Peter Parkers Birthday? If you could let me know that would be terrific. I've always wondered but I've never seen or heard anything about it. I'll be awaiting your response either way. Thanks!

The common concensus appears to be November 4. I have no idea how that date was arrived at, but it seems no sillier than any other!

From SByer

I see by your PPP that Webspinners # 18 will be the last ish. Finally! I knew it was coming, but didn't know exactly when. I wonder if they are going to replace it with something else. Anyway, You know I liked the backup story in # 1, and #'s 7-9, other than that -- are there any issues that you consider "keepers"?. Webspinners seems like one of those titles that can easily be gotten rid of.

My opinion? I liked every story up to and including the latest - #16, with the exception of the #13-#14 story featuring Blastaar. I would consider all apart from those two issues to be definite 'keepers'!

From Misty

Hi, my name is Misty. I am getting married soon and my husband-to-be is a Spiderman fan. I wanted to get him some cuff links or something nice like that to wear on the big day. Do you know where I could get something like that? I would appreciate any information!

Well, that's the kind of woman I'd like to meet! Sadly, those sorts of things are always hard to find when you want them. You could try eBay, or MileHighComics. Or rec.arts.comics.marketplace. Usually, these sorts of things pop up now and again, but very few people keep a genuine stock of any sort.

From Matt Brinker

I'm a college student who recently got back into reading Spider-Man after about 8 years. When I read Spider-Man Mark Bagley was by far the best penciler Marvel had after everybody left for Image. I don't see his work anymore, could you please clue me in or refer me to someone who would know.

Anybody know what Mark is up to?

Brad wrote and told me that Mark Bagley is currently the artist on Thunderbolts. Thanks, Brad. Oh, Mark said the same, and also added that he is pencilling the Avengers Two miniseries that Roger Stern wrote.

From Teri

I recently viewed the amazing spiderman pinball machine online. It looked quite interesting, and would probably be the perfect birthday present for a very special "spiderman buff" friend of mine. The only information I was unable to determine from looking at your website was the price. I would appreciate any information regarding price, shipping costs, shipping time, etc. you could give me.

*SOB*! I don't HAVE one! I would absolutely love to own one, one of these days. But those pictures aren't of my machine, because I have no such machine. If I did have one, I sure as heck wouldn't be selling it! Ya know, sometimes people put pictures on the web because they just want to share them, and not because they're looking to sell something.

From Katy

i'm having a family debate about one of the spiderman theme songs--i know there's one that ends with "nobody knows who you are." what are the rest of the words? i've got to know!!!

Nope, that doesn't ring a bell. Can anyone recall a theme song with those words in them?

Brad to the rescue again... The "nobody knows who you are" theme is from the Spider-Man segments on The Electric Company. The complete words (yes, this is complete) are:

Where are ya comin' from, Spider-Man?
Nobody knows who you are!

Jon Falkner sent me a wav file of the theme... which you can find in the Spider-Man Shows section.