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Date: Jan 1, 2000
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From Tanya


I love your web page and I was wondering if you could help me out. I remember owning a Big Little book as a child called, as I remember it, "Spiderman Versus Mr. Zodiac." The foe, Mr. Zodiac, could change into each character of the Zodiac and Spiderman had to defeat each one. I lost this book as a kid and am looking for information on how I might be able to purchase another one...

Hiya, I haven't seen this one before. The best place I know of for second hand books online would have to be BiblioFind, which compiles second hand book catalogs from a large number of locations. Also, Amazon also has a service for locating second hand books (they found me a copy of Mayhem in Manhattan at a very resonable price).

From Dave

What was the first issue that Spiderman said. "My Spider senses are tingling"

This might be the same answer as to... "When did Sherlock Homes first say 'Elementary, my dear Watson'".

i.e. I don't believe that Spider-Man has ever quoted the line you attribute to him.

From David

I own the domain name theamazingspiderman.com

Do you have any ideas on what i can do with it.

Do you think marvel would let me use it for a site.

I have some ideas to develop it.

also would you be interested in promoting free email addresses of the domain if i do that

I want everyone who wants a free email name yourname@theamazingspiderman.com to have one.

Errr... what was that noise... hey... look out...! It's a Marvel Lawyer...! Run...!!!

From Elf


I was surfing through your excellent spider man page but I couldn't really find answers to some questions that I've got (maybe I didn't look hard enough).

They've just started publishing Spiderman in Norway again, after a 6 year break. After they stopped the last time I started to buy orignal amrecian Marvel issues and soon after the Clone saga started. I was enraged by it and I stopped buying Spiderman after a while (the title had started to suck, IMO, before the clone caga, it was just the last straw).

I've been surfing the net to try and find out what happened in the parts of the clone saga I missed and I think I got a pretty clear picture now (or as clear as it can get when it comes to Marvel continuty). The conclusion is Ben died and Peter resumed his role as Spiderman and as the husband of MJ. My questions are:

1) Is our Peter Parker the orginal clone (made in 1975 Marvel-time) or is he the _real_ Peter Parker (ie. Ben Reilly was the clone after all)?

2) The issues that John Byrne made, were they meant as a re-creation of Spiderman, just as he did with Superman in 87 (ie. recreating the whole universe) or was it just an attempt to fill in new readers?

3) The issues published in Norway now are obviously situated after the clone saga. Did Marvel continue as usual when the clone saga was over, or is the current continuty part of a re-creation of the Marvel Universe just as DC did with their universe in 87?

4) If so, why is Aunt May alive (that one left me very confused).

5) How much did Marvel suffer for the clone saga? I've heard enraged fans made web-based and letter campaings against Marvel. I've also heard that their sales decreased enormously because of that huge mistake. What was the real consesus among the fans about the clone buissness?

Hope you can answer these questions for me.

OK, answers coming up:

1) Peter is the real, original Spider-Man. Ben melted. He was a clone.

2) The issues that John Byrne made (Chapter One) were an unfortunate aberration. They were a unprovoked attack on an unprotected Spiderverse. They were a savage abuse of reader trust. They were... quite frankly... really rather pointless and silly.

3) The continuity is... continuous. There is no break, although Chapter One did give it a little twist, it is still one continuity.

4) That's a damn fine question! Why the heck is Aunt May alive? There is no conceivable excuse for it. If you mean 'how is Aunt May alive'... you don't want to know. Read the review for Revelations, but believe me, you don't really want to know. Just acknowledge it and move on.

5) It's hard to determine where to place the blame for the collapse in Marvel sales. Clones are part of it. Aunt May returning. Personally, it's not what you say, it's the way that you say it. Mackie is a poor story teller. Byrne is worse. That's the problem. Period.

Hope that helps.

From Holly


I want to download a spider-man screen saver.Do you know how I could find one?

I have a slide-show screensaver, which I use to animate Spider-Man cover images. I'll post it on the site as soon as I get a chance. I'll also have to see if I can find a real Spidey screensaver one of these days!

From publab

I think that Amazing (VOlume 2) were the worst issues yet of this new SPider-man series. Please! Some gender bending Superman ripoff! MY GOD! THEY MUST CANCEL THIS SERIES!

Nope, it's Webspinners which is being cancelled... the only Spidey title which is currently worth the paper it's printed on. *sigh*

From Marleah

Hey guys,

I am on the permanent Health Education Board for the Cy-Fair ISD. We've been trying to find a good video about child sexual molestation to supplement that section of our sex ed. curriculum. The videos we've found so far are just no good.

I remembered there was a Spiderman special edition dealing with this subject that was included with the Sunday paper several years ago. Are you familiar with this issue. Do you know how I could inquire about perhaps using this in our schools?

Any leads you could give me will be very much appreciated! Thanks.

Here's the comic you're thinking of...

NCPCA - Spider-Man & Power Pack
Year 1984 : NM ($5.00) : SM Title
Writer:  Jim Salicrup
Pencils:  Jim Mooney
Inker:  Mike Esposito
Staff Only

From Marleah (Again)

Thanks, Jonathon! With the NEA endorsement on the cover, I should'nt have too much trouble getting it approved.

From Hidenori (from Japan)

Dear sir

I have been looking for an original spidarman costume which was worn by Nicholas Hammond in the TV show. Do you know who could have it ? I have used up all the resource available and you are the last resort left for me. I would appreciate it if you would send E-mail whit any information at yo-mat@mx.biwa.ne.jp and help me please. (I am crazy about spiderman costume)

Thank you very much

I'm sorry Hidenori, but I can't let you have it. That costume is one of the few reminders I have left of my time as a junior costume-change assistant in that cut-rate studio complex in Los Angeles.

I still remember the tender words Mr Hammond said to me, as he handed the costume to me after shooting the final epsiode. He couldn't even bear to look me in the eyes as he tossed the costume at my head. His deep voice didn't even quaver with the sorrow that I knew his heart must feel, no matter how hard he tried to keep a brave face. I'll never forget the strength in his voice as he barked at me...

"Hey, you there, have this thing burned - it stinks worse than this show did!"

Ahhh... sweet memories!

From NSkatell


Indeed, as abhorrent as the mutation of recent years has been - there is a cure. In fact, it's quite simple. Fire Howard Mackie and John Byrne, and get some fresh talent back on the job.

From Ali

Hi There,

I am writing to you regarding a comic I seem to remember with Spidey. I have no idea what title it was but it involved Spider-Man and Dr. Strange trying to infiltrate or destroy (I can't remember the actual intentions either) a Snake-Men stronghold in New York. Quasar was in it as well I believe and the plot revolved around a Snake-Men crown, which, whenevere it was worn by someone, turned them into folowers of the cult.

I would really appreciate it if you could e-mail me the title and the issue number of this, and I hgope that the info I have supplied is not too vague.

Hmmm... I'm guessing Marvel Team-Up (Vol.1) somewhere between #80 and #120. Anybody have any more detail - my comics are in storage right now, sadly.

Follow-Up: Keith (and others) tracked it down. The comic you're thinking of is Marvel Team-Up Annual #5.