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Date: Apr 1, 1999
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From Wendy and Jorli

Hi - We want to connect with rave producers in Los Angeles. Can you help us out? We have a lucrative business proposition. Thanks Wendy and Jorli

Well, it's funny you should mention that week, because just last week in Hokatika I ran in to James Cameron... and I said... hey James, how's the tractor resale business... and he said, going just fine, but I wish I could find some really lucrative business propositions for my new studio, and I said, you have been taking your pills, haven't you... and he said no, and why is everyone staring at meeeee, and I said, come with me and see the nice doctor...

From Peter

Congratulation for your great "Un-Official" Spider-Man Home Page.

I am a great Spider-Man fan from Germany and read Spider-Man-comics for more than 23 years (I am 32 old)...

After several different Publishers of Spider-Man-Comics in Germany its not easy to follow the Story... So I decide to read more english ones...

Do you know where I can find a guide "How to read Spider-Man-Comics from Amazing to Spectaculare and Peter Parker...etc..in correct order, when there is a right-chronological-order"?

e.g. I read the Amazing-Story... When I HAVE TO read a Spectaculare issue without missing a story???

Greetings from Cologne


Well... this is a good question, and one that used to bother me. I used to keep my Spider-Man comics in "Continuity Order", i.e. in one big mixed-up sequence of Amazing, Spectacular, Web, Annuals, Sensational, Limited Series... in the order which they should be read to make the most sense - very carefully structured.

The problem is, that it makes it very hard to find any particular comic, if you're looking to scan a cover, or write a review of an old story. Since I spend more time writing about comics nowadays, rather than reading them - I rearranged everything to be grouped by issue number within titles.

A canonical Spider-Man reading order would be a great thing to have, but it's a lot of work. I'll pencil it in as a future addition to the comics database - and hope that maybe one day I'll find a keen enough volunteer to undertake the task!

Do Mail Me if you're interested.

From Jamil

You may have come across the rather discomforting news concerning the indefinite stop of the marvel novels project which has apparently left me absolutely dejected. Can you provide an update of the current situation involving this dispute on your next quarter? The sad thing is that the second instalment of Adam Troy Castro's trilogy REVENGE OF THE SINISTER SIX will now be a long, agonizing wait and there are doubts whether this book , along with any more Spidey novels will ever be published.. For me, GATHERING OF THE SINISTER SIX was a wonderful story and REVENGE... just promises so much and as a zealot Spider-phile, I'm gonna end up with severe trauma.

Also, any idea as to when SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED will appear in the UK?

Regarding the books - you are quite correct, Byron Preiss Multimedia is now defuct.

You can read the full details on Keith R.A. DeCandido's Marvel Novels Page, but the heart of the matter is this:

    Marvel novels will continue to be published, however. The assorted legal tangles that caused the program to be cut short in June 1999 have apparently been settled. Berkley Boulevard will finish out the original line that they co-published with the now-all-but-defunct Byron Preiss Multimedia Company.

    This will include seven titles, to be published from April-September 2000, starting with X-Men & The Avengers: Gamma Quest Book 3: Friend or Foe by Greg Cox in April, and also including Spider-Man: Emerald Mystery by Dean Wesley Smith; X-Men Legends, Stan Lee, Editor; Generation X: Genogoths by J. Steven York; Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Empyre by Will Murray; and the paperback reprints of X-Men: Codename Wolverine by Christopher Golden and Spider-Man: Goblin Moon by Kurt Busiek & Nathan Archer. The exact order of when the books will be published is still TBA.

    After that, tentatively starting next fall, BP Books will take over the program. Former Marvel and Topps editor Dwight Jon Zimmerman is slated to take over the editorial chores, and the program should pick up where the Berkley/BPMC program left off.

Thanks to Keith for the update.

As for Unlimited being broadcast in the UK, you may be aware that it's currently on hold in the U.S., so it will be a little longer.

From David


while surfing the web i came across your website and was wondering if you could offer some information. in 1972 marvel comics released a record of spider-man in a radio show type format titled "From Beyond The Grave" it was also billed as a "Rockomic". could you direct me to a site that might have a copy of it on cd or cassette and have a idea what the value of the record(vinyl copy) would be worth.

thank you

I have an LP "Rockomic" and a 45 rpm single entitled "Reflections of a Super-Hero". Problem is, my Mom has them, back home. I'll try and get those scanned in and put some info on the page as soon as I can. It'll be under the Spider-Man Audio section of the site when it's done. Sorry I can't help you right away!

Oh, I paid US $25 for the 45 single (from the late 60's or early 70's). The cover was rather beaten up. If it's in good condition, I'd say that they would be worth a tidy sum on eBay.

From camilla

who did the spider man costume?

Answer me pleace



to whom this concerns

i cant find spiderman anywhere in a video store or on t.v

what can i do

Nope, I asked around, but nobody here is concerned.

From Aspen

Hello, I was just at your website and I have to say, it's one of the best Spider-Man websites I've been to. You seem to know a lot about Spider-Man and I'm hopping you could help me with a question of mine. Below is a picture from the Green Goblin 1(Norman Osborn) villain profile from "Spider-Man Unmasked". I was wondering if you could tell me which comic issue it came from, it doesn't say in the book. I'd really appreciate it if you could help me, and if you can't thank you anyway.

Well... it refers to Harry and Norman, so it must be after ASM #39 and before ASM #122. It doesn't look like Romita. I'm guessing it's from the drug issues - ASM #96-#98.