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Date: Mar 1, 1999
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From Derek

Found your site after surfing around for spidey-related material. It's great! Do you have any suggestions for places on line to find spidey t-shirts? I have been unable to turn up anything. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Well, you could always try one of the big online comic stores, like www.milehighcomics.com. Myself, I picked up a pack of those iron-on transfers you can print on your color printer - so I can make my own!

From Danny

If you are supposed to be a good self proclaimed unnoficcial web site.......... WHY THE FUDGE DO YOU ALLOW THIS WEIRDO JONATHON COUPER TO DO REVIEWS!!!!!????? I mean, you are trying to promote spderman..... not make his stories cheap and simple..... He sounds like he was mocking the great stories in his(I dont know how the hell you could say it's one of these) reviews of Harry Osborns death and carnages entrance.... which could be done with great detail and passion. And I should know as I live in England, I go to college..... AND I AM A STRAIGHT A STUDENT IN ENGLISH LITERATURE AND LANGUAGE!!. I have had to write many reviews in my time... about books and bands etc... and to write something about something I care about in the least bit would be so cool..... and what he did here is not only a big diss on spidey.. but it is also a diss on people like us...

Well Danny, I have to admit that I dropped out of English at the age of 15, having little interest in pursuing it further. I'm not sure exactly where you problem lies with the review of Harry Osborn's Death, since it is a placeholder review which reads "Harry Osborn, the third man to wear the costume of The Green Goblin, dies in Spectacular Spider-Man #200.". This wouldn't appear very controversial to me! Perhaps you might like to exercise those finely-honed skills of yours, and replace it with a more worthy contribution?

From Dr. Zachary

Firstly, after reading your latest reviews of Chapter One, can I just ask have you ever considered becoming a stand-up comedian?

But seriously folks, I just flew in from Chicago... boy are my arms tired! Thank you... thank you... you've been a wonderful audience...

From Teodor

Have you quit the Unofficial Spider-Man homepage? It hasn't been updated in ages.

Well... I guess I do sometimes quit... in the way Peter Parker often quits being Spider-Man! I always seem to get drawn back into it sooner or later.

From Tenchu

I'm trying 2 find out when all of this clone stuff started, and who is the "real" spider man, what's a good website????

Way back. Peter Parker. And... what? What's wrong with this one!?

From Sherry

Hi! I just surfed into your site, and I had to take the time to say thanks for putting it there. My son is only 3, but he already has a collection of Spider-Man characters that would make an adult collector drool! He absolutely LOVES Spidey! I also was a fan when I was a child, but I really knew little about the characters that I can remember. We keep coming across characters in various places that we can't identify; so far the only ones I really know are the ones we have seen on the animated show, which my son watches faithfully. I have tried to find a place where I can find out who they all are and where they came from; a lot of the action figures I see in toy stores I wasn't even sure what story they belonged to. Now that I have found your site, I know who is who. Your profiles were a big help to me. Thanks so much for putting all this info on the web in such well-detailed profiles. Now Mom can help her little man "get with it!"



Thanks for the email. Great to know that there is a new generation of Spidey fans coming through. The animated series and the figures are quite different from the original comic characters - but heck, Spidey's the same, and that's what really counts.

From Tad Peters

Dear Spidey Fan;

We are A. Harlequin Costume. A very well established (since 1969) costume shop that sells costumes and accessories on the web and we ship all over the world everyday, and often to the Australia area. You are in New Zealand right?

I would like to provide you a place that you can send people who ask for webslinger costumes, which I am sure is numerous. This is an awesome costume, one of my favorites, that and Wolverine.

The main page is www.costumemagic.com.

[Ed - Links to specific Spidey products seem to have shifted, you'll have to head to the main page and navigate the site yourself.]

Great, thanks for the info Tad! I'll spread the good word.

From Scott

I saw on your page that Disguise, Inc. made an adult pattern for a costume in 1997. I have looked all over the place and can't find one. Do you have any idea where I can locate one? How did you get the photo of one? If it's yours and you could tell me where you got it perhaps I could look there. My son is having a Spider-Man party and want's him to make an appearance however the rental "Spider-Guys" look pathetic.

Thanks for your help.

Hey, what a coincidence! Don't forget to mention that you saw it on the Unofficial Spider-Man Page.

From Greg

In the Unofficial Spiderman Homepage you have a file in the image gallery for Mary Jane Watson-Parker. The file name is jha911_.jpg. This appears to be a real person and not a comic book character. Was she in one of the movies? What is her connection to Spiderman? Can you tell me her name?

I'd very much appreciate any information you can give me.

Thanks in advance,

The young lady's name is Julia Hayes, and she has no relation to Spider-Man, other than bearing a passing resemblance to his lovely Wife.

[Editor's Note: The image referred to by this email is no longer available on the site - Sorry!]

From T. Hartwig

i got the clear chrome #4 and u ain't gettin it! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Oh, that's just unkind.

From I. Clark

I have real spider webs, captured painted white and mounted on a wood plack by humans if any one is interested. Contact me at...

Spiderwebs, eh? Real ones? On wood - ya say? Well, there's got to be a market for that, right? After all, not everyone has easy access to spiders. There has to be a lot of people living in apartments who would pay for those. Yep, kid, you're onto a winner for sure, this time. Not like that "mouse-droppings in amber" fiasco from last year. This one just has success written all over it.

From Michael P.

I would like to work on a Spider-Man Movie.

I love Spider-Man and have been collecting since I was a kid. My favorites are the Green Goblin and Doc Ock.

I am now a Art Director in advertising.

I have many ideas for making a kick ass Spider-Man movie capturing Spider-Man speed and agility.

Can I please help?

Or can you point me in the right direction.

[Address and Phone Number]

It's about time we had a totally awsome Spider-Man movie. All the Bat-Man movies sucked.

Dear Writer. Thank you very much for your offer. You application to assist has been forwarded to Stan Lee directly (stan_the_man@marvel.com). Your applicant number is #DWEB-0059226. Please quote this number in all future correspondance with Mr. Lee.

This response has been automatically generated. Please do not reply to this address.

From Raymond M.


A friend of man told me he saw at Virgin Records a complete collection of Spiderman comics on CD (6 disks). I haven't been able to confirm this and was wondering if you could shead some light on this for me.


Nope. Can't think of any Spider-Man material which might take up six CD's. I dropped into a couple of Megastores in Europe, but saw nothing like that. The Virgin web page has very little to offer.

Anyone know what this might have been?

From Robert C.

I notice you speak of no-prizes in your site. I've looked all over the web, but can't find a place I can buy a no-prize from someone who got it from Marvel. I checked E-bay, etc. Since I am a comic book collector (but not a dealer) I want a No-prize for my collection. You're my last hope -- any suggestions?


You want to buy a no-prize? That seems a little indecent to me - like an old soldier pawning his Victoria Cross to buy cheap wine. No-prizes should be earned! Write a letter to Stan Lee for his soap-box, and get your no-prize the honorable way!

From Shiatis





I get a lot of this stuff. The joys of running a web page, eh? Anyhow, that's the letters page for another quarter.