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Date: Feb 1, 1999
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From Zvezdan Reljic


I'm a regular visitor of your homepage and I think it's simply fantastic.It's probably the best un-official website I've ever seen.I am very new to Spider-man comics but with the info your website has provided me I can start collecting Spider-Man.Anyway,I just wanted to ask you if you accept all fan art or just choose the best.You said that your comics lag by a week or two.You're the lucky one!Ihave to order comics,and this consignment is taking me three months!!!

P.S:I am a Yugoslav living in Malta.

Well... Zvezdan, you're currently Number Two in my list of culturally diverse Spider-Man fans. That Zimbabwian-born Inuit chap with the Ph.D from Stockholm who sent me an email from the U.S. airforce base in Antarctica is still Number One for now.

From Mr Hinton Jr.


I was just wondering how often you update your page? How often do you get a new issue of "Peter Parker's Pad" on the net? When do you come out with the new reviews? These are just a few questions I wish you could provide the answers for. Thanks!

Spidy fan

Well, when the stores start putting up their Christmas decorations, I start thinking to myself... 'Hey, better update the Spidey page this year'.

From Sudhakar

hello there.

your web pages on spider man are very good. May be you could help find an answer to a question bothering me - Who is the voice for Spider man in 1967 television cartoon series? please help me with an answer.

Nope, that one's to tough for me. Anybody out there know this one?

From Shahin Kyam

I have good news, I won THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN game that you have on your web site.

Hey, great news. I didn't even know about the software raffle. Congratulations. Let me know if you play the game.

From Nick Palazzo

Saw your web page, and thought I ask you the following:

I'm a personal fan of the Spider Man cartoons from the late 60's; and I especially love those groovy organ tunes and other incidental music that used to accompany Spidey's flying through the night skies, or on various adventures.

Would you happen to know how/where I can track down this music, i.e. if it's at all available?

You know, it's incredible how many people I get asking me where they can find music, or video from the 60's cartoon series. I'd love to be able to give them an answer.

If anybody out there happens to know of a source for this stuff, please, please, drop me an email. Spider-Fans everywhere will be indebted to you.

From Eric J. Moreels

Congratulations! This e-mail is to inform you that your "Unofficial Spider-Man" website has been awarded the X-Fan Award for Comic Site Excellence for the month of January 1999!

To claim your award, simply visit my X-Fan site (the URL is in the signature block below), go to the X-Fan Award page, and copy the image for use on your server - please don't link to the image!

Congratulations again, and keep up the great work!

Heh, and the prize for winning is... some free advertising for you! Oh well, just for trying, here's a free link to your X-Fan Site.

From Leon Foust

Hello! You have a great Spider-Man page. I have been going to it for the last few years and always enjoy it. I do have one story question that is old news now, but I have not been current on Spider-Man for almost 2 years. I was really into him and went through the whole clone storyline, and then due to job, etc., we ended up moving and I slowly faded out. I basically dropped out after Peter was found to be the real Spider-Man, Mary Jane had the baby and was told that it had died, but some questions were still unanswered.

So my question is basically this, what happened to their baby? Dead, kidnapped, returned, currently in the storyline or what. If there is a place online that would give me this, just point me in that direction. And please don't worry about typing up a big reply, just give me an idea of that happened to the baby if you have the time.

Yeah, to be honest, it's a good time not to be wasting money on Spidey comics.

The baby? Well, after that whole plot thing about being the baby being kidnapped, Peter got a clue, and went in search of the baby... only to find... Aunt May! Yep, the story goes that the original Aunt May was kidnapped, while a DNA modified actress took her place. The baby, that just died, with no explanation as to what the heck all the fuss in that subplot was about. Amazing 400, Death of Aunt May, is now a fake, and all of the baby subplot was a waste of paper.

Feel cheated? You're not the only one!

From Doewms34

I was wondering, how much you would pay for a limited addition, ultra fleer, masterpiece, #5 of 9, Spiderman card. I was offered $50 by a couple of other card dealers. By one of them I was told the price may double its value in the year 2000! Do you know the value of this card? I'f so, how much would you pay fof it? And what type of masterpiece cards are you looking for? Please reply.

Well that's true. As soon as that clock ticks over into 2000, of of these collectors cards, comics, and everything, are going to be from the last millenium. Think about it! What would a dealer pay right now for a trading card from the last millenium - and you're going to be holding a whole stack of this stuff! Man, we're gonna be richer than Bill Gates! Woo-Hoo!

From ben

hi my name is ben really i would like to talk about spider-man with you. my e-mail addresses are ...

...thank you very much

Your name is ben really? Really? No way. Really ben? That's cool.

Oh, am I being dense here. You were trying to say... your name is ben, and you really want to talk to me. Look, if it's about those library books, that was my evil twin. Anyhow, I don't have them any more, I can't say any more, the Mafia knows where I live. Look, it's not safe for you to be seen talking to me.

From Glenn

I don't think you may remember me, but it was 3 years ago when you actually gave me your password so I could download the Spider-man theme song so I could play it at my wedding. I had not been back to your page as often as I would like to, and I just got on the spider-man list once again and was reminded of your page, so I thought I would send you this note of thanks once again. I now have a 20 month old son, who knows who spider-man is - one of his fav characters.

As far as the wedding, the kook DJ actually had the record or tape already, and my wife had him play it - it was a surprise to me since I deceided to "bag it" and have my wife's choice of song be played - I even invented the "spider-dance" later in the evening with my 2 8 year old nieces.

Heya Glenn. Yep, I remember ya. I seem to recall you weren't sure if you should insist on the song or not. Sounds like things turned out perfectly for you. Congratulations!

From J-Man

I don't really have a question, just a comment. I wish there were more pictures of the characters on the web page. Maybe a more elaborite image section. Most of the ones you have are good, but there should be more of them. (I would especially like more fleshy and provocative pics of the women in the Spider-verse.) That's about all. Nice web site other wise. :o)

Well... I got some bad news for you. Those comic characters... they're not real, ya know? And, well, they're just drawn on paper. So... um, well, they're not really very fleshy. Yep, sad, but true.

From Mr. Harmer

Can you give me a price Amazing Spider-man #101 usually is? And where I can find it.

Look, if you can't learn to put your toys and comics back where they should go, don't ask me to find them for you. Sheesh! Some people.

From Gen13BOBM

who do you think would win a match carnage VS venom. E mail back.

First, ask me if I care who would win a fight...

From Gen13BOBM

your the guy who maid a web sight about this stuff

Hey, people run countries they don't give a damn about. I'm don't really care if Carnage can whip Venom's butt in a no-holds barred fight. I'm just doing this to impress the chicks. Now go away kid, you're not good for my image!

Now, Pamela, what was that you were saying about banana oil vs. baby oil...?