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Date: Jan 1, 1999
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From D. Maynard

Do you have any cheats to Separation Anxiety. Please e-mail me I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

Well, I'm guessing that it was your cheating which lead to your separation in the first place. Sounds like you need a little honesty in your relationship if you really want to stay together.

From T. Spence

I have a spiderman working live in us let me know

OK, OK, staaaay calm. Right... just stay calm. Now, did you see what kind of spider it was. Did it have any markings on it? Where abouts exactly is it lodged. The paramedics are on their way, but any information you can give us will help... Just don't panic.

From Pamela

Okay, I don't know you and you don't know me, but I think you might be able to help me with something. I visited your webpage today (and by the way, it's really "cute" how you "stole" all that stuff from Marvel {please excuse my female word [cute], I'll try to refrain from using it again}) and hoped that you could help me out. I need any information on the word "Anopolura" that you can give me. I have reason to believe it has something to do with Spiderman. Is there a character, a word a character says, a place, anything to do with that word. As far as I'm concerned, your own interpretation would even be of some help. Anything you can offer up is appreciated.

Paramedics, when you're finished with Mister Spence, can you grab a straight-jacket and head over to...

From h4II

what are the ingredients that makes up spider mans's web? Please help me.

Well... let's just think what Peter would have had to work with. Whatever it is made up, I'd say it's a subset of a "Junior Chemist" Chemistry Set (that's model JC-2, if you can still get them) possibly mixed up with whatever Aunt May used to put into her famous wheatcakes.

From T. Reljic

I'd like to comment about your review of ASM vol.2 #1. I think you where too harsh. First of all, I think that you shouldn't criticise it for not having enough content. I mean after all, look at all the stories that are coming "out" of it. For example, the new Scorpion has a mysterious creator, and that could evolve into a great story. And of course, the new Spider man. Plus, I liked the way Mackie portrayed all those different heroes' fellings about Spider-Man quitting. Some of the scenes where really cool, I thought the scenes with DD and the Avengers where very good and to see Peter Parker beat Scorps while the new Spidey was around was cool too. The back story "Rebirth" that showed Scorps getting better was very good. The art was good, better than Bryne's, and the plot, makes the future of Scorps and his creator look very promising. The other one wasn't that good. Very pointless and useful only to someone who never heard of Spidey. Overall I think this issue wasn't that bad and Scorps is looking good. I can't wait to see how the other old villans are gonna get remixed. Oh, and the cover was cool too.

Well, nice to hear a different opinion.

From Jesús

Estimado amigo:

Hemos inaugurado una web titulada "Spider Club (gratis) de Jara" cuya url es:

-- http://www.aracnosoft.com/clubjara/index.html -- y hemos incluido un enlace a su pagina web, dado que nos parece es una web muy interesante la suya. Le felicitamos, por ello.

Tratamos de reunir a todas y cada una de las paginas web que traten de las arañas y la suya está entre ellas. Con todas estas paginas estamos organizando un club. Un club, totalmente gratis. Sin ningún coste para nadie. Nuestro fin no es comercial, si no el puro ocio y entretenimiento.

Así podremos establecer contacto entre todos nosotros, para ayudarnos e intercambiar información, programa, etc. Más adelante elaboraremos un logo que nos sirva de nexo.

Sin más por el momento, se despide atentamente, Jesús Parras de Málaga. Andalucia. España

[Ed - Email address removed in 2004]

Si! Gracias!

From D. Evans


rading the letters page of your (wonderful) "Peter Parker's Pad", I noticed that someone asks if there's a chronological list of all of Spidey's appearances, to which you reply in the negative. Well, there is! Check out "The Marvel Chronology Project" ( http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/7735/mcp.htm) for chronological listings of EVERY appearance by (almost) EVERY Marvel character. It's well worth a look.

Ooops! I have been guilty of a great sin. I have once again let MCP slip my mind! Yes, The Marvel Chronology Project is a great resource, created by a very dedicated individual. Sorry 'bout that.

From Aaron Hoffman

Has anyone seen the new commercial for Universal Studios that has Spider-Man fighting Dr. Octopus on the wing of an airplane?

It's pretty good and hopefully this will inspire Hollywood to clean up the legal mess and finally make the Spider-Man movie.

(Nate Chattaway replies...)


For Universal Studios to make a commercial featuring Spider-Man, I'd say they must have a bunch of legal rights already sorted out. Maybe they're just waiting for the right director to come along?

Leaps into the air as if poleaxed...

Here I am! Yooo Hooo over here!


From D. Archer

Read the review of Howard and thought you might visit the HTD Fan Page.

Hey, that's good.

From Joe Estee

I was wondering if you knew of anyone I could talk to or a web site or anything I could do to either get a pattern of or a Spider-Man Mask.

I was also wondering if anyone knew of the type of material I could use for the eyes. I'm not a big "Cut the holes in the eyes" kind of guy and was wondering if anyone has ever shared their ideas on this subject.

Editor's Note: Mike Fichera managed to track down a pattern for a Spider-Man costume, but with the recent flood of Spidey costumes on the market, we've given up trying to track this kind of info, sorry. You can always send us pictures of yourself in costume for our Fans : Costumes page.

Oh, and the references always say that his eyehole covers are made of the same stuff that sunglasses are made out of.