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Date: Dec 1, 1998
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From Joe B.

my son has many spiderman comics, apparently from many series. is there a list of all the spiderman comic book publications (chronologically) so that he knows which one to search for to fill in the gaps in his collection?

thank you in advance

Nope, but that's a great idea. I've always planned to do one, so that I can see how close I'm doing with my own collection. I'll put that on the list for 1999.

From Jerry Garcia

send art work of aaallll cerectors

(please & thank you.)

Hey man, ya know, I loved the band and all, but I think you did a bit too much acid in the 60's. You ain't making any sense to me at all!

From Gstram221

I also feel the same way about chapter 1 i would like to organize a petition to send to marvel to get all the stuff fixed. Please let me know what you think

Fixed? Well... say you had a car - a nice one, a convertible. Then someone put it in one of those car-crushers, and then melted it down to slag, refined the steel, and used it to build a garden shed.

Now. Fix that.

From Alf H.

Idiot Spider man is good

Umm... Cosmic Spider-Man was good. Six-Armed Spider-Man was good. I don't recall an Idiot Spider-Man.

From Rich D.

I just read yer so called Spider-Man movie update... I didn't laugh... and it wasn't funny... Try putting some real Spider-man Movie updates up instead of that horse crap!... I mean get real!...

Your friend... Rick D.

Hey. No real movie means no real updates. Thanks for the suggestion though.

From Robert McG.

Could you let me know if there is any full length movies featuring the GREATEST SUPER HERO EVER!!!!!!!!

Umm... you mean DeadPool? Not yet, sorry! Oh! Spider-Man. Silly me, yeah, a couple from the 70's. Nothing to e-mail home about though.

From Sanjay

dear sir

i am interested in the hired assassin called "foreigner". he was hired to kill the hobgoblin and use to hang around with the "kingpin". i would appreciate if u could tell me if he has a web page or a site regarding his background and what issues has he appeared on. is he died or does he have any upcoming appearance.

thanks and best regards

Good suggestion. Let's put the foreigner on the 'Villains' list. Nope, I don't think he has a dedicated web page. Want to do one? It's easy!

  1. Get a web page. Try geocities, or anywhere like that.
  2. Put some Foreigner stuff on it.
  3. Spread the news, and bask in the glory!

From The Legend

spider-man rules!! I been a Spider-man fan for only 3 years but I have some back issues of him one of my favarites is amazing spider-man #270. when he fights firelord. you don't have my favarite villain the Black Tranulua, he is probally the strongest villain spider-man ever faced, like spider-man said "he a souped up verson of himself" What do you think of Howard Mackie writing the current Spider-man stories, I think he is the worst writer in comics, he almost destroyed the marvel univirse with the dreaded "clone saga" and the "Final Chapter" was'nt that good. If marvel ever gets around to making a spider-man movie who do you think should be the main villain? my vote is for Dr. octopus. who is your favorite super villian and what do you think howard mackie? well gotta go

The Legend

Howard Mackie, my favourite super-villain? Well, yeah, I guess he would be, now I think about it. Well, I don't know about 'favourite', but most dastardly - definitely!