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Date: Aug 1, 1998
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From Antoanet Pouncheva [nety1@webtv.net]


Your Momma...

...is a good friend of my Mom, and I'm going to tell her you said such nasty things to me. Then my Mom will tell your Mom, and she'll take away your computer, and they you'll be sad, and it serves you right cos you're so MEAN!

From Samurai099

what the spider-girl comic?

the spider-girl comic possible future! peter and maryjane daughter spider powers! maybe! not real future but other future or maybe real who knows! new series!

From ALI

one of your games have an error please fix it.

Thank your for contacting the MykraSoft product support line. This is an automatically generated response. You, our customer, are important to us. Should you experience any difficulty with any of our software products, we promise to resolve the matter promptly, and to your satisfaction.

Please be aware, however, that we can not accept responsibility for any problems which may arise from improper use of our product. Specifically, you, our customer, will be held liable for the failure of our product in any of the following cases:

  1. Third party software. If you have any third party software or data on your computer (including, but not limited to executables, scripts, text, images, multimedia, output from or input to third party software) on your machine before, during, or after the failure of this product, then we can not, quid pro quo, be held liable for the failure of the status quo wherefore you, the customer, are to fully indemnify us, the vendor, ex habeus corpus, a priori, and in dominus ad nauseum.
  2. Non authorised use. If your computer, software, or equipment (including but not limited to applications, data, devices, hard disks, monitors, desks, telephones, chairs, or elevators in proximity to your equipment) has been utilitised previously, currently or posthumeously by a non-authorised Mykrasoft representative, then we, quid pro quo, etc, etc, ad nausem.

Your business is important to us. Your email has been placed in a priority queue and will be dealt with promptly. Bill thanks you.

From SliderX

I have been a fan of SpiderMan for some time, and I'm trying to write a signature file for my Netscape mailbox.

I was hoping you tell me what SpiderMan fans are called

Err... WebHeads. Or, kids with waaay too much pocket-money. I'm guessing you're new to this!

From Vance Hawkins

out of curiosity I ran a 'search' on my name and to my surprise found it on 7 websights. Out of curiosity, I'm looking at them. You threw me out a window!

no problem - ya gotta go when ya gotta go.

best wishes and adios

Hey, sorry 'bout that pal. Thanks for being so reasonable about it!


You know I hate it when peter parker asks felicia hardy on a date and she turns him down and then he dates mary jane . what I want peter parker and felicia hardy to date and become boyfriend and girlfriend instead of mary jane and to tell spider man that she is also the black cat because when there both are wearing the costume they have feelings for each and they like eachother and I think once spider man/peter parker finds out who the black cat is he'll fall in love not only with the black cat but with felicia hardy and the same for the black cat/felicia hardy . you know i think felicia really did like peter but she was just playing hard to get but then when they get close to one anther something always has to happen maybe if he just had told felicia the reason he runs off the way he does is that he is spider man and that if she could except it and probablly they would have been together right now, but the future is still to come after what i said unrevealing their identity. and forget about mary jane letter be lost inthe portals forever. or mary harry osborne im sure her ant anna would love that.and peter parker always did want to date felicia at the begining until he met maryjane watson. but who knows maybe felicia and peter will get together for good and marry one another. i hope so that is my wish.

Hey, you just keep hoping, Pablo. Everyone needs a dream.

From Joey


Sure thing. I'll get right back to it. Sorry 'bout that. You know what it's like, yer' working on a cartoon, when the phone rings, and before ya know it, 30 years have passed! Now, where was that pencil... *snap*... ooops, can anyone lend me a 2B... *ring*... oh, hang on a sec', I think I just heard the phone...

From Jorgen

Hey, I can tell you about the "Amazing Bag Man".

This little incident happend when Reed Richards an John Storm removed the alien black-suit. Boy I feel old telling this, but this was about a year or so before "Web of Spider-Man" came. What happend was, Reed told Spidey during SW I that he wanted to check upon the black suit, Spidey finally got the time, and they found out that it was a parasite, and removed it with a sound canon, also seen in Amazing #300. Now Spidey didn't haw an ekstra suit with him to the Baxter building, so Torch found an old black n' blue FF-suit, but didn't haw a mask. So he found an paper-bag, an as luck wood have it, jumping home(no netcasters) someone got in trouble. There's the story behind "The Amazing Bag Man".

Heh! That brought back memories! Thanks, pal!