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Date: May 1, 1998
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From Chad

I was wondering, do you have the Spider-man Unlimited where the Ben version of Spider-man (the ulitmate spider-man) teams up with the black cat. If so here is my next question. Are you willing to sell it for a reasonable price. Please e-mail me back either way.

Rule #1 of Collecting: The aim is to improve the collection by increasing the number and/or quality of the items contained within it.

Jonathan's Corollory: Selling items from your collection which are unique within that collection will deprecate the aforesaid collection. This is to be avoided.

From David

It's most cool to find a fellow Spidey fan in NZ. I thought I must be the only one! Anyway, very cool page, and I did the good thing and emailed Fox telling them how much I loved the show. I mean, they can't cancel it when Mary Jane still hasn't been found, can they?

Yes! Another New Zealand reader of PPP! That brings the total to... umm... well... that would be one. OK, perhaps 'another' was a bit of an exaggeration. Welcome aboard anyhow, David! And yes, they could cancel the show in NZ before MJ is found. Television executives aren't exactly the pinnacle of human evolution in the Cranial department, yeah?

From William

Hi Spider-fan !

I'm french, my name's William and I'm me too a fan of Spider-man. Your site is very cool, I think it's the best of Spidey's sites. In my country, there's no site on the net about he because Spider-man isn't very popular. I'm very happy to see a great site like yours (Sorry if my english isn't very exact).

Merci beaucoup, je suis tres content que vous aimez bien ma page. Il n'y'a pas beaucoup de types Francais que m'ecrivez. Peut-etre, c'est parce-que ma Francais soit si mal. Ou peut-etre il sont trop occupee. N'import-qui, je suis heureux de vous parlez. J'espere que vous reviennez souvant.

A La Prochaine...

My French is worse than your English - so there!

From KAY759

i know you are an editor already but i am making a website called Database.comics and i need some writers to write certain colomns. wanna help?

Sorry to take 17 months to reply, but I've been a little bit busy with running this darned Spider-Man page. My wife left me, because I was spending too much time on the page and not enough with her - but that's cool, since I now have enough time to keep up with PPP. Of course, I need a new job, since I got fired for not turning up for a week. That was two months ago, when I stayed home finishing the Febuary issue. I'm just back up to date... and I do have a little spare time. I can spare Fridays, between 2:00 pm and 2:30. Drop me an email and I'll give you a hand as much as I can. Thanks!

Well... OK, so it's not that bad! But I still declined the offer... You can have too much of a good thing.

From Kurtis

Everybody and their grandma's clone seems 2 know who Spider-man is.

Who R Desiree,Crow,Jennine Goodbe,and Chakra?Also, do U suppose Kraven the Hunter knew due to his hightened senses?If thay's the case does Calypso know?Do U know of any polls that rate people's top choices 4 favorite Spider-Villian?Have I asked enough questions?

True. Recent characters. Probably. Don't think so. Not yet, but come back next month. You tell me!

From Mad Jack

This is Mad Jack (aka Adam), a frequent poster on the Spider-Man Message Board. I just wanted to say thanks for the new voting system. I had forgotten just how many great Spidey stories there were, so it's good to have them right in front for me to choose from. You have a great page, so keep up the great work!

Hiya Maddy. Mind if I call ya Maddy? Hey, I didn't know you did monthly title reviews too. And a message board poster, and you've tried out the new Voting Form [Removed - March 2001]. Well, I guess that makes you a dedicated fan. Dang, I wish I could hand out No-Prizes! I wonder if Stan the Man could pass on the right to hand out No-Prizes. Ahhh... dreams of glory!

From Frank Rizzo

dear jonathan i was over the moon when i saw that u had put a picture up on your site of the tattoo i had sent u (p.s. i not actually wearing this tattoo although i am debating at the moment whether to get that one or this one i am sending u here it is a tattoo of the green goblin...

what do u think?

Whew... Tough call! I actually think the Goblin is the better tatt of the two... but it would depend so much on who did the work. Then again, maybe a Black Cat would be more retro. Ummm... nope, you're gonna have to make the decision by yourself this time!

Note: These unidentified tattoos have gone from the site, and have been superceded by tattoos that are actually worn by the Spider-Fans who sent their own personal tattoos. But, thanks to Frank for starting off the whole Spidey tattoo collection!

You can find these, and more fun stuff from Dedicated Spidey Fans on the Spidey Fans Page

From Brian

Would you be able to tell me what spiderman's webs are really made of? thank you in advance for considering my information request.

Far more interesting than that, is the question of why a guy who is smart enough to invent that stuff at the age of 17 isn't bright enough to get a better job than a newspaper photographer.

Now, before the newspaper photographers of the world get together a fund to take out a hit on me, let me say that being a journo photog is a perfectly valid career choice - but you would have to say that Peter has extraordinary talents in other areas. Talents which could, quite easily, make a heck of a lot more money than he seems to make. In fact, why DOES he make so little money? I would imagine that the kind of 'one-in-a-million' pics that he so often gets would make him decidedly well off. I don't accept the 'JJJ always rips him off' story. Heck, he's smarter than that!

I guess the reason that he never made it as a scientist, is that every time he steps into the same room as a DNA experiment, or a particle accelerator, the nearest human being gets transformed into a super-being, trashes the place and then heads on a world rampage (although he just really wants only to be understood, and Spidey will figure that out at the last minute). Kind of makes it hard to keep focussed on the old test-tubes when that sort of thing is going on all the time.

From Skuphbuddy

If Marvel ever does complain and want you to shut down, let me know. I have about the same number of Marvels I would want to sell them!

This page rocks and can do nothing BUT promote Spidey! If you charged for the site that would be different...

'Till then make mine webby!

Well, I can't argue with a word of that. Bit of an anti-climax really, ending on a letter which makes perfect sense. (Mental Note, last time, end with a really witty reply, or something deep and philosophical).

Oh well... more letters next month.