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Date: Apr 1, 1998
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From Anthony

Dear sirs,

I I`m after cheats for Maxium Carnage for the Snes, Cheers.


From Peter Eng

I Fought with Spider-Man, by Peter Eng, as sung by Abner Jenkins (MACH 1/The Beetle). Based on a brief filk created by Jurmoon@aol.com.

To the tune of: "I Want to Hold Your Hand " by The Beatles (if you don't know it, shame on you!)

When I, was a villain,
things didn't go as planned.
After I, robbed a bank,
I fought with Spider-Man!
I fought with Spider-Man!
I lost to Spider-Man!

Then I, met Daredevil,
and so away I ran.
But he, caught up to me,
and really kicked my can!
He really kicked my can!
Daredevil kicked my can!

And when I'm fleeing I feel nervous inside.
If a Spider-Tracer's on me then,
I can't hide, I can't hide, I can't hide.

Then off, to the west coast,
hired by some strange man.
You see, he had paid me,
to beat up Iron Man!
Go beat up Iron Man!
I lost to Iron Man!

And when I'm fleeing I feel nervous inside.
If a Spider-Tracer's on me then,
I can't hide, I can't hide, I can't hide.

But now, with a new costume,
I follow Zemo's plan.
And in, this new costume,
I met with Spider-Man!
Then I helped Spider-Man!
I'm friends with Spider-Man!

Heh, heh! Verrryy good!

From Mr. Z

RE: new toys.

you all really need to make a big strong spiderman

You need to learn not to play so roughly!

From Fabio

Hi, my name's Fábio and I leave here in Brasil and I really love the Spiderman. Can you write to me to say the best editions of spidey since 1996 ? What about Maximum Carnage ? Like it ?


A pall

Ahhh... Umm... I... Um, thanks Fabio!

From Joe and Jessa

I enjoyed the long haired Ben too. It would be cool to be able to see more stories like that. I would love to see a series where they bring back Ben and have him go on the road kinda like "Highway to Heaven" or "Incredible Hulk" helping people in towns as he goes along. If Mr. DeMattis wrote it I would definantly be there every month.

Highway to Heaven? Well, let's not go that far... but I know what you mean. There's a bit of potential there I guess.

From Peejay

Okay, for the record (I can't find it anywhere) is Spiderman considered a mutant? Thanks.

No! No! A thousand times No! In fact, Spider-Man had "The Non-Mutant Super-Hero" proudly emblazoned on the cover of his titles for a while.

From Robert

i would like to see what you have

You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!