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Date: Mar 1, 1998
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From MyBranHurt

are there any mature spidey comics or novels?



Well, some of the early Spidey comics are almost 35 years old now. That's pretty mature, wouldn't you say?

From Jon

what is your site addresm ad do you have n e more info on the webshooters, a bunch of my friends and me are going to actulaly attempt to build one, hehe



Well... yep, there's an extract from the Guide to the Marvel Universe on the Spider-Man character page. It is worth noting that the cartridges need to be under 300 psi of pressure. This would mean that, if they were damaged in battle and exploded, you would lose your hand, wrist, and the bottom half of your forearm - leaving you staring dazedly at a bloody pulp for half a minute until you bled to death.

Do check those metal castings carefully, won't you!

From Geoff

My name is Geoff, a college student, and a comics fan. After reading several comics, namely Spider Man, The Thunderbolts, and the Heroes Return sage, I noticed that several things were missing from the comics themselves, namely, the heroes you created several months down the road. I mean where are Lyja, Jack Flag, Free Spirit, Superpro, Kristof, Puma, Moon Knight, Shang-Chi, or even Ultragirl? You guys don't have a lot of team ups so I decided to put some ideas together and send them to you to see what you might think about them.

Several ideas I choose were that of relationships and partnerships that could be possible if Marvel let them happen. Specifically the idea of new super heroine Jolt of the Thunderbolts being friends with, partnering up with, and even falling in love with a young man/mutant with super strength and spider-like powers. His names Street Spider and he looks pretty much like Scarlet Spider aside from his cool red boots, dark blue sweatshirt (with hood, missing sleeves, and black spider symbol), no web-shooters because being a mutant he generates his own webbing, and is five times more powerful than Spider Man is, or was.

Please read over these ideas I have jotted down and give me some feedback. I am also very proficient in resurrections that make sense, new charater creations, original crossovers, and team-ups people have probably thought up but never had the guts to voice their own ideas.

for example:

Rogue Heroes: Crisis of Nations - World leaders are powerless as their families are held hostage in the US by a villain called Eerie, the sovereign of the unnatural. All super teams are powerless to intervene, save for a rogue one: Daredevil, Black Cat, Challenger, Street Spider, Jolt, Iron Fist, Silver Sable, Moon Knight, Lyja, and Prodigy are the only ones who can diffuse the situation.

Rogue Heroes: Showdown - A powerful gang of supervillains attacks and thrashes the Avengers and then targets the Fantastic Four. Their goal, to prove their might and superiority. But there are a team of heroes who aren't pleased with what happened to the Avengers, and interrupt the super gang to dish out their own justice. Ultron, Bullseye, Rhino, Shocker, Scorpion, Absorbing Man, Titania, Vulture, Hydro Man, Sky Maniac, Lady Deathstrike, Mr. Hyde, and Hobgoblin collide with Daredevil, Black Cat, Lyja, Moon Knight, Street Spider, Jolt, Challenger, Puma, Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Jack Bogard, Ultragirl, Ghost Rider, Iron Fist, and Prodigy.

Rogue Heroes: The Wire - The Rogue Heroes are pressed for time to solve an puzzling riddle when a bizarre series of events points to the arrival of an ancient force that had been thought defeated a millennium ago. Challenger, Black Cat, Lyja, Hornet, Jolt, Street Spider, Moon Knight, Rogue, and Dr. Strange must solve the riddle before the evil god Set and his Omega Battalion can lay waste to Earth and the entire galaxy. But the Battalion sends their four greatest warriors ahead to prepare the way for their arrival. But even with the Silver Surfers aid, can the RH beat back the Omega Warriors? They're gonna try.

Rogue Heroes: Artificial Insanity - When the Foundation for Law And Government sends Team Knight Rider to investigate the theft of a powerful new AI (Artificial Intelligence) chip, the team runs across detective Laura Green, who is really Lyja in disguise. They track the chip to La Guardia Airport but are unable to retrieve the chip thanks to a group of super powered mercs. TKR prepares to follow the merces in Sky One, with the assistance of the Rogue Heroes: Challenger, Jolt, Street Spider, Deadpool, Lyja, Hornet, and Electra. But when it's discovered that the AI chip stole itself, it creates a powerful robot body to further create an army of robot warriors to enslave mankind. Now only TKR and the RH can stop it before it can begin it's sinister conquest of mankind.

...and there were plenty more - that's just a sample of the ideas Geoff sent. Well, I hope Marvel is reading this. It's clear that this sort of creativity is just he sort of thing they need to fix up the problems with the Spider-Man universe. Just remember, as Geoff's agent, I get a cut of the profits!

From Mary

We were wondering why this site is banned per "surf watch"? My son was trying to get into this site and he could not, so I checked it out, and I don't know why this site is any worse than any other Spider Man guys. thanks!

Well... after discussing it - we figured it must have been the Hypno-Hustler review. As well as containing the word 'Hustler', it also referred to 'naked agression', the phone being 'tied up', and and Peter's fear of being 'exposed'. Not only that, there's Mary Jane calling Peter a real 'Pussy' cat, and Gwen being described as one of the 'weaker sex'.

The last straw for the SafeSurf auto-grading system must have been that Spider-Man fought with 'gay abandon', and in the final 'analysis' the Hustler was condemned to the mercy of the 'penal' system. I'm just sorry that Mary isn't going to be able to read this response to her letter. SurfWatch will doubtless give this page an R21 rating.

From Geoff

When I heard that there was going to be a Spider Man Movie coming out soon, I was thrilled. Then I heard a rumor that Leonardo DiCaprio was going to be in it as the lead. I thought 'WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING??????' It's not that I have anything against Leo, it's just that he seems too young and too good looking to play Spider Man. And Nicki Cox to play Mary Jane? Are you for real? I'm just not sure she's the type. I could be wrong though. But I'm not about Leo. You'd be better off getting Brendan Fraser, Casper Van Dien, Johnny Depp, or even Ethan Hawke. But Leonardo DiCaprio looks too young and good looking to play the part. Tell James Cameron he shouldn't use him.

Right, I had a chat to Jim this morning - and told him what you said. He apologised, and we've decided to go with someone a little older, and a little less good looking. Jim is still trying to make up his mind between Walter Matthau and Boy George, but we'll confirm with you when we've decided. Thanks for putting us straight - I'm not sure how we got so carried away in the first place!

From Normand

[In regards to your list of disadvantages of being married to a Super-Hero, for Mary Jane...] one advantages is that she likes the exitement. From what i have been reading she knew all along that he was spider-man and for her it's a turn on. Rebember what she said to Peter after having whack the cameleon, she like it. It's was a big trill. Her life is not boring when your husband is spider-man.

Good point. Then again, there is an old Chinese Curse - 'May you live in interesting times'...