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Date: Feb 1, 1998
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From Jonah Weiland

Dear Webmaster,

You are receiving this letter because at some point in 1997 you were awarded "Comic Site O' the Week" by Jonah Weiland's Comic Book Resources, located at http://www.comicbookresources.com/. Now that 1997 is well behind us, it's time to pick the best of those picks, to be awarded Comic Site O' the YEAR! The only difference is this time around web surfers choose who deserves that honor, not me.

Well, if printing this letter isn't a shameless self-plug for me and the PPP review team, then I don't know what is!

From Lef

I really enjoyed surfing through your page. It's an excellent resource and you should be proud of the job that you've done.

Question: Who wrote the lyrics to the song from the 67-69 series? I love the heck out of it and was just wondering. And also, do you know where I might find the recorded version?

Sorry - you're not the first to ask this question - but I've got no idea at all. Maybe someone who has this series on video could fast-forward to the end of an episode and see what it says for the music credits?

From Manikandhan

Just a few comments on your editorial news about the cancellations. Quicksilver, like Deadpool and Alpha Flight are not XBooks. Quicksilver is more of an Avengers book and is slated to be involved in an Avengers crossover (with Avengers, Captain America and Iron Man) in 98. Elektra is not in the XBooks either. It's an 'non-affiliated' kind of book.

Also I'd rather NOT see any of Peter's friends/relatives return to life. Most of them had good deaths (especially Aunt May). I think that the proper solution should be to reduce the number of reincarnated villains.

Ah! Thanks for putting us straight with those details.

From Marcelo Fanchin

Ola pessoal! Quero parabenisar os otimos desenhos de MARK BAGLEY e o artefinalista LARRY. Sao os melhores desenhos do Aranha! Entao ate mais pessoal! Bom trabalho!

Err... You're welcome? (Sorry, Se non habla Espagnol)

From Billy

dear Spiderman, how did u get your amazing powers. please send me a e- mail.how did u defeat hydroman? how did u get the power to shoot web. why did u become a crime fighter? i am your most favorite fan in ga.i watch u every day. please e-mail me soon.your friend billy

spiderbite, dehydration, invented, responsibility (and more than just a little guilt), cool, great, sure

From Joe

One of the quiz questions states that mj had an affair. When did this happen and with whom?

Yep, it's sad but true - MJ did once have a tiny little fling with one of her fellow actors when she was working on the daytime drama 'Secret Hospital'. It was in Spectacular, reaching a climax around Spectacular #167. Nothing serious though, and nothing compared to the troubles looming on the more immediate horizon!

From Sphinx

I would like you to update your villians page because most of the the villians you haven't put on I know nothing about! Please reply.

Hey, that's why I chose them! What's the point of writing about villains you already know about, huh?